Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend on the move!

Whew! Now that the weekend is over hopefully I can settle down a little bit. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining and saying it was a bad weekend, just saying it was a very active weekend. My life is hectic with 2 jobs and everything else. Now that the move is over and I can check that off of my to-do list, maybe I can get some more wedding planning taken care of.

Friday: 6AM workout, worked at office all day, worked at restaurant all night, finally home around midnight.
Saturday: Breakfast in bed, then packing and cleaning at the apartment ALL DAY, finally got some food and  saw 'A Good Day to Die Hard' in the evening to take my mind off of moving.
Sunday: Early Wake up, worked on packing all morning, then parents and H2B came to help move everything. Lots of heavy lifting of furniture, boxes and totes (Does this count as cross training??) A few trips back and forth from apartment to house, and we were just about done with all of the big heavy stuff. Got some lunch and then dove into unpacking. Finally got to the gym at 5:30 for my 16 miler.

Finally moved in!!
For the last few months I have been living between my apartment and J's house, finally the days of packing bags for overnight, and rushing around between places in the morning is over!!!! (-Insert huge sigh of relief here-) I still have a few things to take care of at the apartment (Cleaning, and move a few last things), before my lease is up Thursday. Now that the move is over it's a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders, it is going to make a lot of things much easier. BUT there is one life is going to be very cramped for the next 2 months. We have 5 people living in the house, 1 bathroom. Let's just say I will be happy when May 1st rolls around and we are down to 4 people in the house, and then I will also finally have a place to have all of my things (Currently 90% of my things are in the garage). But overall this move is great, finally living with the H2B and not having to deal with things in 2 different homes. Obviously most excited about finally being with the man a lot more...being able to come home to him :) There are other great perks about this move, ones that affect my running and training. #youknowyourearunnnerwhen you think about each decision as it pertains to training.....
  1. The house is in a lot better area than my apartment was. My apartment was at a main intersection and the roads were NOT suitable for running. The house is in Cobb's hill, so now I can step out the door and have wonderful places to run. I run these streets all the time but now I don't have to drive to get there :)
  2. Gym in the basement! Growing up we had a good amount of fitness equipment in the basement and I loved it. In college I had to walk to the fitness center, and all 3 of the apartments I have lived in I didn't have any cardio equipment( I do have some weights and such). Now I finally have a mini-gym in the house again!!! Treadmill and a bike and weights in the basement! This probably makes me sound lazy, and makes it sound like I am wasting my 2 gym memberships I have; but the fact is, it's a lot easier to work around a crazy schedule when you have the option of anytime workouts at home.  It is harder to make excuses like the gym is closed when I get out of work, or things like that. I fully plan on using my gym memberships, but having the equipment so easily accessible is going to really help my training.
  3. Less time commuting between places, means more time to work out! When scheduling workouts for the week I have to take into account time to get to the gym, and my apartment to get ready for work and things like that. Cutting commute time and time running around packing bags is going to give me more time to spend at the gym or outside running.
1st 'Longer' Run of this Training Cycle
83 days from today I will be running marathon number 5, granted I am not shooting for a PR, I'm still trying to take training seriously (um, yeah 26.2 miles is a long way, and it does require training). Yesterday was my first longer run of the cycle, 16 miles done (next week 18 with Hollie!). I wasn't sure how this run was going to go, for a few reasons. First of all this is the longest run I have done since the marathon in November, and 2nd moving heavy things all day before running 16 isn't ideal. All that said, it went awesome. I originally was going to run outside in the afternoon, but the move took a while, then lunch needed to settle in my stomach (Dim sum is not the best run fuel), and I wanted to get some unpacking done. I decided to hit the gym for my run. Finally got on the treadmill around 5:30....without my headphones! They were packed somewhere and couldn't find them, I was very nervous about 2+ hours on the mill without listening to TV or music, thankfully I only had to last an hour. My wonderful H2B came to the rescue and joined me at the gym bringing me headphones, and also filled my water bottle so I didn't have to get off the mill (He's a keeper!). 

  • 1st hour 7.51 miles (Starting pace 6.8 mph finished at 8.1 mph)
  • Quick reset the mill (Shuts off after an hour)
  • 2nd hour 7.8 miles (Starting pace 7.3 mph finished at 9.0 mph)
    • [had a younger fella get on the treadmill next to me during 2nd hour, he tried racing was funny...he kept checking me out too...until John came and brought me my headphones and water...too bad he was on my right, it was harder to flash my ring at the dude....when he got off the mill finally he acted like he won because he finished before me...ummm dude I was in hour 2 of a 16 mile run and you just ran like 5 miles...Kiss my ass]
  • After the 2nd hour I still had 0.69 miles to hit 16, I thought about skipping it, but then said screw it and restarted the treadmill for round 3, 5 minutes later I was done with 16 miles whew!
WHEW!! 16 sweaty miles on the treadmill...DONE

Overall the run felt great, very sweaty being in the gym on the treadmill (they really need more fans in the Cardio room at the JCC)...mentally I needed that run to boost my confidence for this training cycle. My body has not been put through this in a while so I'm pretty sore and tired today. Slept in a little instead of working out this morning, I just needed the rest. No injuries or anything to complain about, just a little twinge in my left calf that I have been fighting for a few weeks. I really love getting back into training and longer runs. The feeling of pushing your body and feeling so exhausted when bedtime rolls around. I know who else loves me being back into calf sleeves and compression socks..we spend so much more time together in training :) [for instance, compression socks, with dressy work shoes, under my black work pants...]

Welcome back to the world of training, where calf sleeves are normal, running laundry increases, food gets inhaled, and you fall asleep faster than Forest Gump after running across the country.


  1. Congrats on getting all moved in! Your racing story is hilarious- you obviously won. :)

  2. I'm so glad you are moved in. I can't even imagine running a long run at that pace...I am glad you said you wanted to go slow. I don't even know how to fuel for longer runs (something I'll probably beg you to teach me the ways during our run). I am also so excited to run with you this weekend.


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