Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ROC Training: Bye bye August

I think I am still struggling to wrap my head around how fast this training cycle has gone so far. June was "Yay, I'm training!", July was "Eff Everything", August was "getting shit done" and now here we are face to face with September. September is a jam packed month, and I couldn't be more excited.

September is my birthday month... few more days to get me those presents, just kidding. September is also birthday month for some other great people in my life. September is the month I get to support and cheer for my best friend at Lehigh Marathon. September is the month I have final hard training week. September I get to look forward to a taper after months of hard work. September is the month I finally return after a few years to demolish the Rochester Marathon. September is the month I get to stand beside a long time friend as she gets married. I could go on and on, and on.

But August. Oh, August you were a pretty darn good month.

In August I ran 231.5 miles. A solid month of training (86.4 were long run miles, 50.1 were tempo miles, 91.9 were easy miles and 3.1 racing miles) and a new monthly mileage PR to boot.

I think one of the best things that came out of August though, was my confidence. I have a level of confidence and steadiness with training and life that I haven't had before. Or in Heather's words to me... a "Calm happy", and that makes 100% sense to me & I'm happy others see it as much as I feel it.

As for training this last week of August. It was a good week, a 51 mile week and a relatively 'easy' week so to speak. I had one tempo run and the rest of my miles were to be done at easy pace, including my long run. While I know those easy miles help me aerobically, I know the biggest benefit is being fresh and ready for upcoming monster week (Final hard week of training, including another long tempo and a 23 mile long hard run).

I was a nerd when I realized that my tempo was 13 miles on Wednesday, I decided to do that run along the Rochester Half marathon course. The first few miles and the last few miles of the course are the same as the marathon course so I figured it would be good training. I have run this half before, in 2012 I finished in 1:31:46. Wednesday's tempo run included a 1 mile warm-up, 10 mile Tempo run and a 2 mile cool down. I completed this workout in 1:30:58. A new unofficial course PR, in a workout...my how things have changed in the last few years. I don't believe in going out and trying to best your time on every single run but in doing the workout as planned...it worked out to be that way. Once Rochester is over, I think coach and I need to find a half for me to race- all of these long tempos have me itching to take that 1:29 from Buffalo and smash it.

Besides the tempo run, my focus was on EASY miles and active recovery. I even got my butt in the pool a few times this week, imagine that. I know it helps to loosen things up without adding pounding on the joints. In addition to some core work/strength training I also did some easy miles on my bike while returning the favor of 'the 20 mile bike escort':) I also tried to get more sleep, hydrated well...and got a massage (it had been way too long).

Displaying IMG_20140830_074801046.jpg
Being bike escort on the canal path for 20 miles :)
The weekends strength training involved some 22oz. curls. This is active recovery people, it's real. Particularly when those are Rogue Chocolate Stout Curls chased with cookies/brownies while staring at the stars listening to the sounds of people talking while the waves are crashing.
Displaying IMG_20140831_200940643.jpg
This view from our family cabin in 1000 Islands...NEVER gets old.
Now onto my last full hard week of training. The good news is, all the hard runs this week will be well fueled with Birthday lunches and dinners:) Should be a busy but great week, then onto taper!

Am I the only one who has a crazy busy September?
(I'm sure those of you who are parents are busy with kiddos back in school!)

What did you curl this labor day weekend? Weights or beer?


  1. You are rocking this training girl! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I'm seriously so happy for you. I cannot believe how fast this training cycle has gone. I feel like you were just running Boston. Actually scratch that I feel like you were just running Ohio hahaha.

    I was just thinking about that your birthday is in a couple of days. My September wasn't busy at all but now that I'm working so much, it's going to fly by. Which isn't a bad thing.

  3. Sounds like you had a great month of training. Congrats on your mileage, working with your coach, and that your birthday is coming up :). I hope you have a great September and love reading about your training for wineglass, all those birthday lunches and dinners, and your "curls"!

  4. I absolutely cannot wait to see you throw it the eff down at Rochester. I also cannot believe it is already September and I'm really excited to be only a few days away from another adventure. This is OUR month, let's live it up!!

  5. Happy Happy Kid!!! And what makes me smile is the simple fact that your confidence grew. How radicle was that?!?!? Excellent numbers during August & positive vibes during the next few weeks of training, weddings, & supporting your friends. Cheers

  6. I can't believe the first week of September is already here! Where did summer go! :P

  7. So awesome, can't wait for you to rock your marathon!


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