Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ROC Training 5 Weeks Out

I'd mentioned last week that I was feeling good and something felt different about my training. Maybe it was the fact that I had been doing really well with workouts, not feeling overly tired (easy days, recovery and refueling help this). Of course this week, that was not quite the case. I was much more tired this past week, part being a girl and part just being life. But, another week in the books and now less than 4 weeks to go. This is the grind.

This was a 58 mile week, including 3 easy runs as well as a long tempo and a long progression run. Even though I felt tired and heavy all week, most every run went as planned (or better).

Wednesday's workout was 14 miles total with 12 tempo miles. It was one of those runs that scared me but I was glad to dig deep and make it happen. The longer tempos the last few weeks have really helped build my strength and confidence{and my appetite}.

Friday's run was one of those runs you just try and forget and move on. Didn't feel great from start to finish, and managed to get stung by a bee on my inner thigh. Yeah, that was fun. But, miles in the bank and was only a little short from schedule (cut out strides at end).

The weekends miles were some of my favorite in a long time. While I have really loved that runners high from the tempo's each week, sharing miles with others can be really fun too. Saturday I did a few miles solo and then met up for the last few miles of the man's long run. 18 miles and he totally kicked my ass at the end, and I only ran 8.

Sunday was my fourth 20 miler of this training cycle, and I was lucky enough to have a bike escort for it. I ran the last 20 of the marathon course, and started around the time I would be hitting that point in the race (yes, I am OCD and really like to simulate race day during certain runs). I tried some gear I might use, practiced fueling, some of which worked and some of which didn't. It was fun to have company (except when he told me not to get any ideas when I ran by Tom Horton's....he could probably see the wheels turning about running through the drive through for a donut). It was a long progression run, which of course meant that the pace got faster as the temperature went up- we will file that under prep work in case it's hot on race day. Overall it was a good run, with fast finish. While overall pace wise not my fastest(which wasn't the point), still a great long training run and race prep.

"What's that clicking noise?"......"Nothing, just keep running babe".
This coming week and next, are my final full weeks of hard work before taper. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with the workouts and runs coach has given me. I'm also looking forward to this coming long weekend for Labor day, time spent with the best people up at our family cabin in 1000 Islands. Last year I was only able to get up there once in the summer, this will be my fourth time so far this summer. Priorities have been changing, and I certainly think it's for the better. Consistency and balance are very good things people, in case you were wondering.

All in all....Training is good, life is good.

Anyone else have fun plans for the long weekend?


  1. WooHoo - glad that your training is going well. I'm always amazed how great I can feel running hard one day and then how crummy I can feel at a slow pace other days!!!

  2. It is the grind isn't it? That definitely sums up my training pretty well right now. My 21 miler this morning was rooouugggh and I felt exhausted the rest of the day! Humidity sucks! I am sure you will be ready. It is amazing how much of a difference a biking buddy has on your enjoyment! Glad you had one :)

  3. You rock! Glad to hear that training is going well and yay for a long weekend enjoying what life is all about!!

  4. It's great to hear that things are rocking and rolling for you! Sounds to me like you could have a heck of a race in the near future! Great work.

  5. Very impressive numbers and all the best before taper time starts. As for the weekend, yes, Off Road Endurance Race in Grand Junction Colorado, which includes ( dress up in costumes & loads of photo ops ) a Klunker Krit Race on Friday before the Pro Crit Race. Cheers

  6. You're awesome. I have loved following along!!!

    I am running a 5k this weekend (another with the stroller)! At the same race last year I placed in my age group and then got engaged so I am excited to do it again (with Jennie)!!!

  7. i say this everytime but i love seeing how happy you are!! so genuine.
    you're going to killll the marathon, your training has been on point!

  8. You're training is going awesome Laura! I love hearing how happy and more relaxed you are! Have a great time this weekend!!!

  9. And how did the Labor Day Weekend of training treat you???


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