Friday, August 1, 2014

5 Things to Start August

Five quick things to start the weekend/month off for you...

1. I can't begin to tell you how ready and excited I am for August. Fresh month, fresh start. I spent most of July feeling like I was in a rut {physically and emotionally}, and lord am I ready to put that behind me. I think a lot of 'life' caught up to me in June and July and it's time to start moving forward.

2. June and July were awesome training months, relatively higher consistent miles{224,225}. I'm really proud of the hard work I have been putting in but I am also ready to start changing things up a little bit and finding more of a balance on the Quality vs. quantity thing. I've always been Quality over quantity but I really want to try and find more of a balance, as I know that adding some of those miles the last few months really did help.

3. On the racing front, July.... not so awesome {Yes, I am considering the obvious correlation to the above mentioned training}. I've decided that the 2 {awful} races from this month shall be like "He-who-must-not-be-named" we just don't speak of it. Actually I will speak of them in a combined post at some point titled "How to run your worst 5k/10k times in years!"... Half Kidding...I'll come up with a better title.

4. I have a lot more things to look forward to in the coming months, and I think that will really help. I was serious the other day when I said I am really trying to have more of a life outside of running/working. While yes most of my friends fall into one or both of those categories, we are capable of other things as well. I think a part of me didn't WANT to be social for a while, understandable considering how this year has gone so far. But I also know that opening up and allowing myself to be 'out there' again isn't a bad thing.

5. I hired a coach. This is something I have gone back and forth about for a while now but finally decided it was time. I'm excited to be working with someone who has experience and can really help me, while taking into account my own experiences and training preferences. This is only the first week so I really can't say a ton about it all yet, once I get a better grasp on it all I will open up a bit more on things (reasons behind hiring, goals, plans, etc.)

I know I am not the only one ready for a fresh month, believe me I wasn't alone in that dream I had last night. You know the one where the month of July was burning in a bonfire while I drank whiskey and danced around it? Yeah, that dream. Anyways, tell me why you were celebrating with me last night....?

Tell me 5 random things, or 3...or one...



  1. Exciting stuff Laura, especially the coach part. That will make an incredible difference, and you will learn so much more about running too. It is so much better for someone with an outside perspective to help you write your training. I really hope training continues to go well for you, all the consistency will pay off!

    I was meant to be racing tomorrow, but have decided to withdrawal as I am having trouble with my hamstring, hoping August is a healthy month for my body to be ready for Chicago!

  2. I'm happy for you in all these fronts. July was not pleasant..I'm glad you are putting it behind you and I know you are going to have a great fall marathon.

    A random fact about my best friend lives in Rochester and I'm sad because I live in NJ. I'm the worst story teller ever.

  3. A coach! How cool! I've debated about doing that for the last year. You are going to have an awesome August and the coach will help to get you there. Don't worry about July's races. We need those bad races to put us on track for better things. You're are one determined lady and are going to be able to use those races to fuel a fast fall.

  4. July was a celebration month for me & the Boy Dog is having a birthday MONTH of August. July was more about time ( literally & fugitively ) than miles and I also have a coach. Its been a great relationship w/another point of view. My random input is that I am so flipping over meowing & weed in my spare time. Goods News: Picked up 2 new clients already this month and I am less than 43 days away from the Lead King 25K. Cheers

  5. the start of a new month is my favorite. for selfish reasons it means I'm another month closer to having him home safely. but i just also feel refreshed. july was pure chaos for me and i'm ready to finally have some social engagements myself this month! <3


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