Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ROC Training: Working My Way Back

This past week was all about changing things up and forcing myself out of this godforsaken rut I've been in. At the end of the day, while people can support you...you have to be the one to pick yourself up. So I grabbed my boot straps and did just that this past week. While I am not out of this thing yet, I am much closer than I was before.

Monday: 30 Minutes on Octane Cross Trainer, 40 Minutes of Core/Hips/Stretching & Rolling

Tuesday: 7.5 Hot easy night miles (still 85+ at almost 8 pm!) (7:58 pace)

Wednesday: Post work Track session, 10.25 miles total (4.25 of 'work')
[Warm-up, form/cadence drills on turf, workout, barefoot turf strides, cool down]
20 minutes core/stretch/roll at gym after

Thursday: 10 Miles between jobs on the canal path (7:41 pace) 

Friday: 5.15 Miles between jobs (7:48 pace) 
[Ran to the track, did form/cadence drills on turf, run a few easy laps and then ran home]

Saturday: 20.4 Mile Long run (14 of the miles on the actual marathon course) (8:03 pace)

Sunday: OFF

Total Running Miles: 53.3
ROC Training Miles: 413.3

I tried to mix things up a bit this week, and keep my body guessing what was coming and doing anything to keep my mind from getting 'bored'. Wednesday's track workout was such a mishmash of intervals but I loved it. Some intervals were at 5k pace, then threw in a random tempo paced mile, and then back down to 5k paced intervals. I really just needed to change things up and switching gears back and forth felt really good for my mind and my legs. I also extended my cool-down a bit on the track because the softer surface felt amazing. I need to try and get some softer surface runs in more often, my cranky calf really liked it.
View of Rochester from the top of Cobb's Hill...The start and finish point of Saturday's 20 miler
Thursday and Saturday were mental runs more than anything. We all know I love negative splits, it's my natural progression and I don't even have to think about it. I turned auto-pilot off this week, I forced some incredibly consistent runs. Thursday's 10 miler was a 5 mile out/back and I made my goal to run each half in as close of a time as I could. I ended up with 38:40/38:18, not too shabby for a girl who typically can't be consistent to save her life. Saturday's 20 miler was another consistent run, with each mile being in ~10 second range. I tell you what, those runs took some serious self control....mentally challenging more than anything.

Sunday was a complete 'rest day', although I feel like I can count putting on a bridal shower as workout. Lord, that was a long day but was so glad to be able to be there and help put on an important event for a good friend. Did I have moments of being a tad emotional...absolutely. But I am thrilled for my friend and cannot wait for her wedding come September. It happens to be the weekend after the marathon, which means I will probably celebrate even harder. Just a guess.
Love this girl, Sunday was perfect day for her Bridal Shower

I've also been working on 'the little things' trying to help myself...
1. Using my TENS machine in conjunction with a heating pad. This has made my calves feel a ton better after workouts, and I have also been using it on other areas as well. Everything is connected so just because one area is a bother doesn't mean that is the only thing to treat. In my head I'm singing the skeleton song they teach kids...the_____ connected to the __________. Well as runners we have to remember this too, it's all connected therefore if one thing isn't working properly...well you get the idea.

2. Ice baths, while this isn't new at all for me (I love them, I know I know...weird) I made sure to get in one quickly on Saturday after my 20 miler (and then followed it up with the TENS machine and heating pad)

3. Shoe rotation. This is something relatively newer for ME. The last few months I have rotated in some other shoes (Mirage, and Ride most notably) and having more supportive shoes on some days has really helped my recovery (and helps prolong the life of each pair of shoes). If you are interested in my current rotation just let me know, lord knows I can talk about running shoes for days :)

4. Taking time for non-running things. I'm filing this with these above things, because it is just as important for your health and running sanity. I've been taking time to unwind more, read a book, spend time with friends, meeting new people etc. I work a lot (understatement), add in training...and I don't have a lot of free time. So making the most of it is really important to me and I am trying to be better about it.

Overall, I'm on the upswing with things and very happy about it. I'm actively working on improving my quality of life instead of just letting things 'be' so to speak. I'm done saying 'it is what it is' about things that I can actually change. Some things deserve that phrase, but I have said it way too many times in the last 6 months about things that I absolutely have the power to do something about.

How many different types of shoes do you have in rotation? 

 What's been going on OUTSIDE of running lately?


  1. First, nice week of training.

    Second this post really speaks to me. One because I do need to do things like getting out more and enjoying life. Two because I also need to do things the smaller things to keep me injury free.

  2. I don't rotate my shoes. I'd love to read more about how/why you do it! I've seen other bloggers talk about it before, but I haven't been able to pull the trigger on buying 2 pairs of shoes at the same time. Glad you're finding ways to get yourself out of a rut. It looks like a great week of workouts to me!!

  3. looks like a good week of training to me!

    i've made it a point to do things outside the gym too lately. my thursday-sunday are slammed with social engagements for the first time in forever. no more being a hermit and a gym rat. life is about balance!

  4. I don't rotate shoes either basically because I only have one pair of "good" shoes and then a pair that I can play softball in or go to park with kids but not wear for a hard workout.
    Sounds like you had a good week of training. I had been on vacation and super busy before that so I need to go catch up on all the blogs.

  5. Great week of training. I'm glad you're starting to get feel better about running again. That lower week two weeks ago must have helped your body get back into it! It's hard to balance personal and running lives, but ultimately you have to enjoy what you're doing. You're doing an awesome job figuring that out!

  6. I have two pairs of shoes that I flip flop between- I don't know if I'm doing it "correctly" but they are both so different and seem to work different muscles. I have a pair of minimalist shoes that I used for shorter distances, sometimes speedwork, and then a pair with more cushion for long runs. I'm broke and can't afford more- otherwise I'd have a pair for every day of the week :)


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