Monday, July 7, 2014

ROC Week 5: Training & Family Time

Another week come and gone already? I'm sure the holiday had something to do with making it fly by, but I'm ready for routine again. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time this past week and on vacation a few weeks ago.....but I'm ready for a return to some normalcy after the last few weeks of chaos. Give me back my routine of sleep/work/train{repeat} for a few weeks, and then I'll be begging for a change. Cue the "I can't get no, satisfaction" ....

So training this week, well it didn't go quite as originally planned but it worked out for the best. I was really good about getting some strength training in early on, as I knew I wouldn't once I got to my family's cabin later in the week (Unless you count lifting my peanut 15 month old nephew up and down).

Wednesday was the day I realized...I didn't want a rest day, I NEEDED one. I was sore and tired and generally knew it was the only thing that would give me a little help. So Thursday, I worked in the morning and then drove to the 1000 Islands to spend time with family...and didn't run or workout when I got there. *GASP*. It really wasn't that dramatic, it was more like... I got there and my sister and I were laughing and drinking a beer in the water within about 15 minutes. We ate a ton of food, drank red wine and Jameson, and laughed a LOT- Quality family time.

Our slice of heaven.
I had decided ahead of time I wanted to do my 20 on Friday since I wouldn't be racing like the rest of the world. I loved the thought of getting the miles in up near the cabin and with some fresh roads and scenery(and being able to jump in the lake after). That 20 miler ended up being the best one I have had, which is obviously a great feeling with it being the first one of this cycle. It wasn't perfect (Fueled by s'mores and whiskey the night before), but it wasn't forced and the pace came naturally as each mile passed.
Post-20 miler....Not too shabby having mom there when I was done, waiting with water and fresh fruit :) Spent some time in the ice bath (the lake) after the run, my legs are grateful for that!
Sunday, well....Sunday was incredibly productive- and by that I mean I laid around and read most of the day. I was kind of 'in a funk' for the day and really needed to unwind. I had a friend comment that I "hide it well" (referring to any struggles I have regarding the last few months). It's not that I'm hiding, its that I'm simply trying to move forward. I don't want to feel sad, or angry, or bitter...but yes there are days that happens. I'm human, I have a heart and yes I feel things regardless of how strong I try and be. So Sunday night I set out for a run to clear my head....16 miles later I felt 23590723x better. It happens.

3 Recovery Treadmill miles (8:17 pace)
55 Minutes Strength Training (Stabilizers & Core)

6 Mile run with a friend after work (7:41 pace)
35 Minutes Strength Training (Upper Body & Core)

Morning Track workout (5 miles total) [4x800, 1x400]
4 miles after work on treadmill (8:19 pace)
20 Minutes (Core/Stability)


20.25 mile Long run (7:37 pace)

3 mile Recovery run (8:09 pace)

16 Mile Sunset run (7:37 pace)

Total Running Miles: 57.3
Running ROC Training Miles: 263.6

Overall it was a good week, and also made me realize I need to adjust a few things with my training(more on this in another post).  Sure, things got changed around and some workouts shortened while some extended but ended only a few miles short of last week (not bad considering there was a rest day in there). The time spent with family, and at the cabin was also really good for me. A great way to unwind and step away for a few days while still getting training in. 
A few days with family to remind you what's important :)
As for this week, I'm looking forward to more routine. Goal is to continue with the strength training and consistent mileage. I'm rearranging things a bit for many reasons (mainly because I need to be sure I am getting adequate work AND rest).

How was your 4th?

Anyone else ready to get back into routine?


  1. every week your training looks better and better! i finally have committed to start running again, so i am signing up for a half in november. gotta start somewhere!
    i know the feeling of 'hiding it well' but really just trying to accept it/move on. i admire your stregnth :
    i was a bitter little beyotch on the 3rd and 4th because all I wanted for my birthday was a skype call from J. never happened. but such is life.

  2. I am struggling to get this comment, so sorry if it's sent through a bunch of times!

    Sounds like a great, productive, relaxing week overall. I'm loving following you on this training cycle. It seems like you are going to crush this race!

    And I'm glad that 16 miler could be a refuge for you. I'm hoping whatever was bothering you is feeling a little lighter today!

    I just started blogging myself, and I'm so excited to be a part of this community. I'm cheering for you over in my corner!

  3. Solid week as always Laura. I dig what you say about routine, it is nice to have "normal". The real question I have is when you cue up Satisfaction in your head, do play the standard Stones' version or are you quirky like me and go with Devo??

  4. Great week and I loved all the pics!! I often get the "hide it well" comment too, so I know how you feel. Some days are good and others are downright crappy but moving forward is key!

  5. I'm glad you had such a solid week of training and I could not be happier for you. Your mileage is climbing! I also cannot wait to hear what you have planned.

  6. Wow. Running around the lake and your family's cabin would be amazing. It looks beautiful.


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