Monday, July 14, 2014

ROC Week 6 with Mileage to Match

Phew, that week is DONE. This was just one of those weeks that I am glad is done, even though it wasn't all bad. In fact, running wise it was a really solid week, finally a week with my mileage starting with 6.

I slacked pretty bad with my core/strength training this week. Could I give some excuses, sure...but I won't. I could have made time or put the effort in. But the workouts and runs I did this week, I know I certainly wasn't being lazy by any means. Monday was a good non-running day, some easy time at the gym. Tuesday was double # 1 of the week for workouts, some easy miles in the morning followed by a great track workout at night.
Roadkill on the track after a hot speedy 4x800, 4x400, 4x200 workout
 The rest of the week was really spent running when I had the time. Some morning runs, some night runs and a second double that took place Saturday. Kind of a do what you have to do when you can do it kind of thing.

Sunday was  a great day spent at Musselman, I knew it was going to be a mixed-feelings day but it went really well actually. I had fun helping athletes out of the water, and then spending the rest of the day cheering with Michelle for Mike and the many other athletes out there. A little more on all of this tomorrow :)

30 Minute Spin after work
45 Minutes Core/Stability Training
5 Easy Treadmill miles before work (8:17 pace)
6.75 miles total at the track after work w/ 4x800, 4x400,4x200 
5.1 Easy/Recovery miles before work (8:17 pace)
8.19 Night time miles (7:54 pace)
6.4 Miles between jobs (7:33 pace)
6.4 Miles before work (8:03 pace)
7 Miles after work (7:44 pace)
16 Sunset Miles (7:51 pace)

Total Running Miles: 60.9 Miles
Running ROC Training Miles: 324.4

While I may have slacked on my core/strength training this week, I was much better about foam rolling/stretching and PT stuff. I know that I need it and I was better about making time for it, although I still have a long ways to go. I also invested in a few new things to help me in this area. Some new fabulous lingere for bedtime (aka some new compression things), as well as an electric pulse massager. I just got a small hendheld version, but it has 4 leads on it and it works really well so far. I bought it pretty cheap on Amazon, once I really start using it consistently and see if I notice any differences I will write more about it.

As for this coming week, I NEED to get back my core/strength routines and I want to continue with the extra attention to stretching/rolling. I have a massage scheduled for tonight, and I can't wait. I know that my legs have been working hard and could use some good old fashioned TLC :)  As for mileage this week, definitely be an increase but nothing drastic- I feel like the slow consistent increases in miles have really helped me stay healthier and where I want to be with training.

I'm going to mix things up a bit this week to help snap myself out of whatever funk this is. Maybe some new routes, or new workouts...and a possible race this coming weekend. I took a few weeks away from races because the last 2 just didn't go well and some time off was necessary. But I have a little fire burning right now that's leaving me ready to let loose a bit. So we will see what this coming weekend brings :)

How was your week?

Training "Funks", what is your go-to trick to get out of it?


  1. A nice solid week. My week was pretty good. I really need to get back into strength training but it's so hard to find the time. Maybe I'll start working out during my lunch, not ideal but a way to fit it all in.
    Let me know how you like the TENS thingy. I am thinking about getting one.

  2. That looks like a great week of training. It seems like you prioritized where you needed to, and you got in a ton of great runs. Super impressed! I need to be better at stretching/foam rolling myself. Any suggestions for routines?

  3. Your week was solid. I'm happy for you Laura and I hope you had a great night last night.

  4. I re-vamp of my running playlist or some new running gear :-)


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