Monday, August 11, 2014

ROC Training: More Running Less Work

The last few weeks of training have been a roller coaster to say the least. Throughout it all though, I have continued adding 'bricks' regardless of everything else going on.

Last week I actually ran more miles than I worked, something that hasn't happened in a while. No I didn't run 70 miles this week, I just actually cut back on work hours and 'only' worked 50. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to do with myself but I knew that I needed a break. So I did what normal people do, went to the pool and laid in the sun for a while, got my hair cut, took naps, watched movies, and spent time with friends. Honestly, there were some things I should/could have done on my to-do list but chose not to. I actually have another 'light' work week this week so I will try and be more productive with my time.

Last Weeks Breakdown--1 Workout, 1 Race, 1 Long Run & 3 'Easy' Runs = 51.8 miles

This week brought me over 500 miles run since starting training for Rochester in June. Aside from being the most miles put in for a training cycle before (with 6 weeks still left to go), there is a consistency in my running that has never been there before. I am also 400+ miles ahead of where I was at this point last year, I don't hate it.

My 'workout' this week was a long tempo/progression (1 mile warm-up, 9 progression, 1 mile cool-down). I managed to hit the paces pretty darn close (finished a few seconds faster) starting with a 7:07 and a 6:39 closing tempo mile. This was a big confidence booster, as I felt strong while pushing the pace but not overwhelmed. Let's see how I feel about that tempo being lengthened by another mile this week.
Because we all know if I try and remember what paces I am supposed to run- I'm going to forget before I get 3 steps in.
Saturday's race wasn't the race I wanted or what I am capable of, but I'm not letting this one eat away at me. We will chat about that a little later this week. I thoroughly enjoyed being pretty damn lazy the rest of the day after the race. Saturday off, "what is this magic?!".
Lazy day by the pool, I didn't hate it. Don't knock my dollar shades, yo.
On Sunday I completed my third 20 miler of this training cycle. I laughed a few times this weekend, when I realized I look forward to 20 milers much more than 5k's. Who have I become? Anyways, it was a 'time on feet' run which meant no pace plan and take it 'easy'. I ran the first 13 bouncing around between different friends as we took to the Oak Tree 1/2 course (dirt back roads, hills etc.) which helped pass the time. After that I convinced Ben to tack on a few more with me and then finished my last 3 solo. Oddly enough, even with the hills and heat(and no pace plan) this was almost identical speed to my last 20 a few weeks ago(which was much better weather, and less hilly). Apparently not being a raging bitch and keeping your heart rate down helps you run better, who knew.  Then again, my fastest 20 miler (not in a race) was done the morning after a Whiskey/Red Wine bender so I guess there aren't exactly rules for running best 20.

Overall I am feeling more confident with training, and ready for the next 6 weeks. My focus has remained strong and has only gotten better thanks to my kick ass support team who I feel are with me every step. Holy crap, 41 days.

As for this week, more miles more workouts and...more time off. WHAT? Yes, another true 'weekend' coming up. Really excited to get away for the weekend and get a run in with Heather. Girl time at the cabin, swimming, bonfire, beer, food, running, beer, Swedish Fish, beer. Yeah, all that and more. I'm pretty sure it will be an incredibly therapeutic weekend up on the lake.

20 Milers- Love or Hate?

What do you do when you get time off of work? 
Be productive or Lazy?


  1. I ran one marathon and decided not to do any more, so I guess you now my thoughts on 20 milers, haha. I actually liked my very long marathon training runs, because I did them with a group and we all became great friends and supported each other. There's some sort of kinship in training for a marathon with a group of 4-5 others, I guess. It was more fun than the marathon.

    I'm glad you had a great 20 and ran so many miles this week! You are so awesome to keep up with that kind of training schedule and hold down 2 jobs and I'm sure it felt weird to have free time to do normal people activities like go to the pool, but I'm glad you took advantage of it because you deserve a little mental break too. I hope you have fun at the lake/cabin too.

  2. I think it's great that you took time to laze around. :) Have a good time at the lake.

  3. look at you soaking up those weekends! enjoy all the beer--i will have a guinness with you ;)

    youre killing this training cycle!

  4. That sounds like such an enjoyable weekend coming up. I'm super jealous of you guys!

    I'm glad this week was a lot better with running and life. It's funny what a cut back week (workout wise or working wise).

  5. Great job Laura...on the relaxation AND the training!!! :-) Have a fun weekend!

  6. So excited for this weekend. Honestly, it is the perfect thing right now - I think we both need it!

    You already know how I feel about the longer runs. Even though our 16 this weekend is going to be a mild-moderately difficult run for me given the prescribed paces, I would still rather do that than short speed work or a 5K. :-P

  7. I too prefer long runs to 5Ks.

  8. HooRayGun, girl! I'm proud of you. Imagine what it'll be like in Seventh-Heaven: thousands of miles, never gittin' tired, mountain biking upNdown 55 degrees, and last of all, PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!!! (with Bolthouse Farms, Mocha Cappuccino, five bottles each). Yummmm!!! Can't wait. I'll be waiting. Love you. God bless you.


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