Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ROC: Training & Living {up}

Training update on a Tuesday? Apparently I'm a little pre-occupied lately. Life off the internet happens, who knew.

Where do I even begin with last week? I did a lot of running and a lot of living. Three cheers for not only being more social but actually being open and excited about it all. More on that another time though.

As for training, it was another solid 50+ mile week. Four easy runs, a long ass tempo run, and a long run. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but I feel 'different' with my running the last few weeks (in a good way). I'd like to think that's a good sign seeing as, I'm legit toeing the line in less than 35 days.

I've been better the last few weeks about keeping my easy runs, well...easy. Having a coach now really helps me, that accountability works wonders. Taking it easier on non-workout days also allows me to hit workouts harder without feeling drained(who knew!?). Wednesday I nailed another long tempo run, 12 miles with 10 progressing between 7:13-6:37(including torrential downpour for the last few miles). I had some things going on and questioned how well I could pull it off, but some happy thoughts and encouragement go a long way.
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Pre- tempo run, with the sky all nice and sunny...that changed. Risky Business Shades because my running glasses were at home (that made the rain fun), That tank top didn't make it back from the run with me (Had taken it off and tucked in back of my shorts when I got hot, and wind during storm blew it out without me knowing), and my pre-run fuel in my 'motivational' bottle. 
Cross training has been pretty minimal lately as I have been focusing more on my running, and having more of a life. Enjoying my life outside training makes me enjoy training even more, so finding balance the last few weeks has been really good for me(working less has also helped). I did swim and do some core workouts last week, but I also missed a strength training workout. Getting called into work last minute and having an unplanned double on Thursday helped that happen, c'est la vie.

This past weekend was much needed time away for a night. Although I had a great week and was feeling better about things than I had in a long time---Quality time with a best friend NEVER hurts. Heather and I drove up to my families cabin in the 1000 Islands for Saturday/Sunday. We drank beer and ate lunch at a pub in town, hit the grocery store and stocked up on supplies...and then holed up in the cabin while it stormed all night. Girl talk, funny movies, food and beer. I'm pretty sure that all equals a successful relaxing night. Also makes for some funny stories (and both of us imitating Borat). This suit is black. Not.
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Uhhh, yep.
Sunday morning we got up up relaxed a little before our long run. If you are looking for new ways to spice up your morning cup-o-joe, ask Heather... she might have some suggestions for you. Can't complain about this view, this place is my slice of heaven.

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We did a 16 mile run up to the lighthouse then into town and back. The first 5 miles and last 5 miles are all rolling hills with the middle 6 being relatively flat along the water. Temperature wise we really lucked out, we did deal with some wind and humidity though. Reminder- even if the temperature is lower, you still need to hydrate. We both were reminded of this fact on Sunday. We followed the run up with an 'ice bath' in the lake, and of course refueled properly(well, our version of proper refueling).

Overall it was a really good week which left me even more excited for the next few weeks of training. I even used the words "excited" and "ready" in the same sentence as "hard 20 miler" when communicating with my coach. I'm so weird (not fancy).

For the first time in, well... a really long time, I feel like training and life are both headed in the same direction. Up. Get ready, this is gonna be good.

Vague blogging, for the win.


  1. YAYYYY! So much happiness all wrapped into one post. Can't wait to see what you're eluding too. Keep rocking the training, and LIVING <3

  2. I'm so happy for you. I can sense how happy. You are.

  3. YAY!! i love your joy! keep the goof training up friend. <3

  4. Awesome Laura! I'm so glad you're happy! And yay for feeling good about your training! :-)

  5. What a positive & inspiring post. Proud of you. Stay Strong

  6. Oh so happy for the great week if training and fun!! Have a great rest if this week!!

  7. Booyah, love to hear happy training recaps. I am so glad things are starting to click for you, and it will say again how much fun I had this past weekend. I'm so happy we were able to get away and take a break from life for a couple days!


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