Monday, August 4, 2014

ROC Training: The Turning Point

For each marathon I have trained for, I can look back and put my finger on a week and say 'that was the turning point'.  The point where everything changed, maybe little things and maybe something big. But all of the sudden I look around and things are different. Mentally and physically I have a ways to go before feeling like myself again, but there is a plan in place at this point and I have to trust it...and I do.

This week was full of good and bad, but choosing to focus more on the good (with help from friends) really got me through and helped in many ways. I can sit here and complain about how Wednesday was uber stressful (thank goodness for AAA) or that Thursday nights 10k left me defeated and frustrated, or I can look at all the good things that happened.

Tuesday I did a track workout, while it didn't feel amazing...I was consistently hitting paces that I certainly couldn't have a year or 2 ago. Progress.

Saturday I had a 'rest' day, and didn't feel bad about it...not one bit. I worked during the day and spent the evening with friends, had a beer watched a band play and went to bed relatively early (for a Saturday) so I could run in the morning (and no I don't feel guilty about this).

Sunday's 'Long run' was a progression 14 miler with the last 4 at 7:06,7:07,6:55,6:48. Those last 4 miles felt better than just about any other ones from the entire week, I started to feel like me again.

I enjoyed a lot of things about this week, I liked being told what to do and not stressing about 'figuring it out'. I enjoyed taking some runs easier, I enjoyed getting feed back regarding my running and having accountability that I have been 'lacking' with my training. I've been working hard the last few months, no doubt about that. It's time to really work smarter though, and the next 48 days are going to be work but I am ready for it.

While it wasn't a huge week training wise (41 miles), it was an important week for me. A fresh start with a new coach, and a new perspective on things. Turning point week, it always happens just not always at the same time. 7 weeks until race day, BRING.IT.ON.

As for this coming week,  I'm looking forward to continuing to work on feeling 'like me' but also trying new things with training. I WILL be racing this week. Bergen Road Race has been on my calendar all year, this will be my fourth year running it. Last year I ran my 5k PR there, I don't have any set goal in mind (right now) for the race, other than to find the fierce racing mentality that I used to have {but has been hiding lately}.

How has training been going for you?

Racing 'Funks'...have you been in one? How did you get out?
I feel like my training funk is going away but this racing one needs to leave, NOW.


  1. Yay for turning points! I've totally been in running funks before. I usually just force myself to snap out of it by running, but changing it up. New route, new workout, new shoes, new something to help my mind make a mentral break. Glad you're getting after it!

  2. I'm really happy for you. You deserve this week of change and I know you are going to have a kickbutt rest of training.

  3. There's really nothing like knowing you hit a turning point, both for long training plans and for long projects in life. It's just like a stress lifted off your shoulders because even though there's a lot of hard work in front of you, you just know you can do it. So so happy you hit yours! You are so speedy!!

  4. Racing funks happen. Keep on sassin' on. ;) I think your tops.

  5. Great job reaching the turning point Laura! Racing funks are no fun...hope it turns around this weekend!

  6. Good for you for taking it easy without the guilt. I really struggle with that myself. But you definitely deserve it! When I'm in a funk, sometimes what helps most is to push through until things feel right again or sometimes just taking a break altogether to restart yourself.

  7. Wow, your times are awesome! :) I just started running again. I've been doing a lot of interval runs and some sprint workouts. I wish we had a track nearby the house, that would certainly help! I'm definitely seeing a difference in my endurance though after doing intervals and sprints

  8. So happy you're enjoying training!


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