Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Month Out, Welcome to the Grind

Somehow we are already a month out from Rochester Marathon, this year is absolutely flying by. When I first decided on my fall marathon it was below-zero out while I was plodding away on the treadmill training for Boston. Little did I know what this year was actually going to turn out to be, probably better that way.

I had planned on doing a post in July, you know...a half-way through training post. But July, quite frankly just sucked. It's hard to sit down and think about a marathon post when you are struggling to even run a 5k or 10k time that you {personally}deem acceptable. Luckily, I'm in a better frame of mind at this point in time, and am actually excited about what the next month will bring{this very well could be because I haven't seen my taper plan yet}.

Up to this point, I have covered a little over 578 miles since starting 'officially' training back in June. I have averaged a little over 50 miles a week, peaking at a little over 60 and including 3 cutback weeks (42, 35, 41) mixed in as well. This has been a good balance of quality vs. quantity and allowing my to maintain my busy schedule (and start to add more personal time to the schedule too).

Things that have changed...
This is the most I have averaged mileage wise for a marathon training cycle. While it may not seem like a lot to some of you mileage monsters, this consistency and slight increase has really helped me. I feel like I have had a good balance with quality and quantity going.

Hiring of a coach. Time wasn't on our side from the get-go. Starting with a new coach when there was only 2 months until race day wasn't ideal. BUT, it was the best move I made.

Trading intervals for tempo's. I've always loved intervals, but tempo's are really important in building strength during marathon training. I've not been good in the past about doing them, as I opted for my 'more comfortable{to me}' track workouts. Having a coach has a) made me do more tempo runs and b) made me start to like said tempo runs.

Running easy runs...easier. Granted this is a newer change as I have been held more accountable with it the last few weeks. But I do notice a difference, although there are times I struggle more than others controlling paces.

I feel much better now than I did a few weeks ago, that much I can say for sure. I am grateful for friends who scrape my deflated ego off of the ground after a hard workout or bad race, but also keep my head from blowing up after a good one. I am grateful for a coach who encourages me, pushes me and also listens to me.

Physically I feel strong. I don't feel as lean as I would like right now, but a) I will be feeling like a heffalump all week, and b) I still have a month to really "clean up" (and I have been working on this)

I'm seeing and feeling the changes in myself that consistency in my running/training has brought. This however, has not affected my goals for the marathon in a month. Yes it has improved my confidence in reaching those goals though. I believe that breaking my PR of 3:13 is not only possible, but highly probable. I am not ruling out a time that begins with 3:0X, not in the least. My goals (and coaches) could very well change in the next few weeks.

One month from today
I'll be running my 9th Marathon
One month from today I will be seeking revenge on a race that once destroyed me.
One month from today I will be drinking all the Guinness in the land while celebrating one kick ass training cycle (no matter the outcome of the race).
Displaying IMG_20140821_121951.jpg
So yeah, with a month to go my confidence level is building. If you told me a few months ago (hell, even a few weeks ago) that last night I would have knocked out a 14 mile run, with 12 tempo miles (breaking my 10k and 15k PR's in the process, and running my 4th fastest half time....all in a workout) I would have told you that you were on crack. [And yes I was legit sitting against my car after that damn workout]
What does the next month hold?
Well, a lot of fine tuning. Time to nail down fueling plans, race day gear, pacing plans and logistics. Time to focus on all those little things I CAN control. Time to start thinking about outfit options based on all the weather possibilities (it's Rochester, it very well could snow, rain, get hot, or all of the above). Time to get those last few hard workouts in, long runs and whatever else I can do to be prepared. The work isn't done, yet. I can't control the weather or who shows up on the line that day- but you can bet your ass I will be as prepared as I can for whatever comes my way.

Welcome to the grind.


  1. girl you're on FIRE with your training! big things are happening for you at rochester and i can't wait to hear all about it!!
    (and have a guinness to help you celebrate that day!)

  2. Sounds like training is going great!! Keep it up and you'll definitely PR ;)

  3. I can't wait for you to rock this marathon!! I am living vicariously through you while I "spring clean" my current situation :)

  4. So excited for you to see how this hard work as paid off on race day. I'd love to hire a coach, that gave me specific workouts and paces, but I have no clue if anyone like that exists in my area.

  5. This post makes me so excited for you. I know you are going to rock your marathon and I cannot wait to hear of the good things to come from it. You have more than made up for July in August and your training has been so above par.

  6. A 3 hour marathon... that would be crazy!! You can totally do that tho! I hope this last month of training goes well, and I may see you at the finish line :) (still debating on racing)

  7. Awesome!!!! I am so excited for your marathon! It is so funny how when your start training it seems like the race is far away and then time flies!!!!
    Can I ask who you use for a coach? I have thought about getting a coach and would love one...just not sure I am ready to commit!!!

  8. Wow, that went fast! Awesome job on getting your mileage up there. This cycle will probably be one of my lower mileage training cycles to get me to the finish line safely, but we'll see how I feel as we go. I want to get it high enough to feel strong and prepared without overdoing it. Excited for you!

  9. Wow Laura! I love the confidence coming out of this post. I believe you CAN do it. Set those goals high. You are capable.

  10. so excited for you! Can't wait to see this month leading up to the race.

  11. Sounds like the new coach was an awesome decision. You are killing it.

  12. LOVE love love to hear more about the coach. I think folks are still trying to figure out how it actually helps them, but I'm going to guess that's part of what is giving you the confidence to do easy runs easier!


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