Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Letter to my 26 year old self

Dear 26 Year Old Laura,

Today you turn 27, and that means that 26 is now officially behind you{insert huge sigh of relief here}. You have also survived much harder years than this past one, please remember that while you sit there beating yourself up (Because I know you are).

Let's peek at the last 365 days.

You had a kick ass fall racing season, a 10k PR and then back to back marathon PR's? Remember how amazing that felt, especially when you break that PR again in a few weeks at Rochester.

You also had some really fun adventures last fall, remember drinking a Guinness with your best friend at a rooftop pub in times square? What about running through Central park, and watching your other best friend finish her first marathon? Then there was that time you took a leap of faith and flew across the country and truly let yourself go and raced your heart out.

Winter, quite honestly was a bitch. It was colder and snowier than ever but you still got out there and did work. I am really proud of you for pushing through it when in the past you would have used it as an excuse. You ran more consistently, trained smarter and you started making better decisions with training and life in general. Just try and stay on your feet and not fall down the stairs this year, okay?
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Spring is where things got tricky, but you handled it with grace (most days). While training for Boston you had to back off for a bit to deal with injury, but you did it smart and managed to bounce back strong. You then made some very hard life decisions which forced a lot of changes all at once, and all only a few weeks before the biggest race of the year. Leaving a 'home', calling off a wedding, moving on your own, and essentially starting over was brave, and sometimes I think you forget that. You asked for help when needed, leaned on friends and family and eventually came back stronger and happier. Happiness looks good on you, smile more please.
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You ran 26.2 miles through Boston while you were 26 years old. Don't ever forget that day. While you didn't run a PR, that race was about so much more than that...Boston Strong. You worked so hard to get there, and I can't wait to see you go back next year with a clear head and a happy heart.
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Your late spring and summer were pretty crazy and had their share of ups and downs. Trip to Jersey shore to escape life and spend time with friends. A night in Buffalo followed by a huge half marathon PR and first time going sub-90. After that, the dust settled leaving you feeling pretty off. Despite some not-so-awesome days and situations, you managed to find the bright side and pull positives or lessons out of everything. Midwest trip gone crappy = Amazing support and rallying from friends/family to make sure you were safe, comfortable, and "drunk on a plane". A few lackluster summer races and a running rut = the final straw leading to you hiring a running coach, which now has you running stronger than ever. Finding the silver lining wherever you can, take pride in that.
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In general this year taught you a lot. You learned some ways to make yourself a better runner (with what works for  YOU and not necessarily everyone else), and you have seen the consistency pay off. You learned a lot about yourself, what you need and want and what you are not  willing to stand for in your life. You learned a lot about who really cares about you, and who simply doesn't. Remember to hold on to those that do, and don't settle for anyone treating you poorly. You've made a lot of mistakes in your life, but you have learned from them and I hope you never ever forget those lessons.

You spent a chunk of this year being 'alone', allowing yourself to work the days(and nights) away and focus on nothing but yourself. I truly think you needed that more than you realized, regardless of how much those 70-80 hour weeks took out of you. But later in the summer you started to come out of your shell. More time with friends, more time allowing yourself to be social and open up again. That wall you built started slowly coming down, not so low that anyone could get in, but high enough so that those who want to be in your life earn that right. You are surrounded by the right people instead of just people who happen to be in that place at that time.

Your last few weeks as a 26 year old have pretty much been devoted to finding balance. Balance with training, working, friendships, new relationship, family and also making time for yourself. This will be a lifelong process to find that balance, so don't get discouraged because you cannot do everything no matter how hard you try.

We could sit here and dissect what this week was 'supposed to be' or was originally planned to be....or we could sit here and focus on what it is. This week you turn over to a new chapter, 26 is a thing of the past. We can mark it as one of those chapters in a book that we just would love to never read again (right behind the 2008-2009 chapter). This week you will be surrounded by friends and family, count those blessings please and don't take it for granted. All these people support you, and you have so many chances in the next few weeks alone to support in return and many more in the future.

On this day last year you sat there thinking about how much things have changed, and all you went through to get there. Things have changed even more, and you have hurdled even more obstacles over the last 365 days. You know what though? You're going to continue hurdling things, and sometimes you will stumble and fall on your face. Laugh, shake it off and remember that you've got a lot to be grateful for.

Cheers to the next 365 days.
The good.
The bad.
The adventures.
The lessons.
The life.

If you could write a letter to your previous self, what would you say?


  1. Happy birthday!!!

    I was say BE PATIENT. Everything you want will happen in time. :)

  2. I'm so proud of you Laura and everything you have accomplished this year. You have done great things at age 26 and I know you will even do greater things at 27. I could not be happier and truly grateful to have you in my life.

  3. You have had a busy, but amazing and brave year.

  4. Hope you had a great Bday!! What a year and now you get to start a new one crushing Rochester!! Can't wait to hear all about it....once I wake up from Ragnar daze LOL :)

  5. Happy birthday! I'd say you have a really great year to look back on and move forward from. Well done!

  6. hope your day was amazing, you deserve it! this letter to yourself is outstanding; you have went through so much and look how victorious you've been; you came out right on top!!

    my biggest advice to myself: you get what you work for and it could always be worse.

  7. Yep, I love this! You are one wise lady. I know this is a bit late, but happy birthday and you're going to rock this new year!


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