Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rochester: Post-Race

Slacking, again.

Anyways, I pretty much said most of what I needed to about the race in the recap. If you don't want to read the novel length recap- the short of it is.... I ran, I ran faster, it rained, I ran a little slower and then faster, and I finished with a 3:11. BUT, some of the best parts actually came after the race.

Obviously stoked about my PR and 4th place finish, can't complain about putting a little $$ back in my pocket. Roughly made $7.63 per mile, or less than $0.25/mile if we count the training miles too. This race also marked the second marathon I have placed top 5 in (took 5th at Marshall University in 2012). While they are small races, I'm still proud of that accomplishment.

Getting hugs from family and friends (sorry, I was sweaty and rain soaked...thanks for the hugs anyways guys!) and seeing so many other awesome Rochester people out there cheering. A lot of friends who ran the half hung around to cheer for the full marathon and that meant a lot to myself and other runners. People make a difference, can't deny that.

I also really enjoyed cheering for my sister and running her in for approximately 100 feet before Heather yelled at me (you know, I may have just run a marathon...that kind of thing) and took over for me. But I still got to run and cheer for my sister none the less- she ran a 2 minute PR and just barely missed a BQ. We had worked together on her training this summer and it was so great to see that effort pay off.

My sister on the right hauling ass to the final turn like a boss. Note my dad in the background jumping up on the curb to run to finish to meet us.
I also got to run in others, even in flip flops. I didn't care, supporting those who have supported me is incredibly important. Finish line hugs will always be some of the best, good race or bad- having someone there is really special.

Of course a photo of me, my sister and my nephew/godson.  

Of course I have to give a shout to these two ladies. Britt and Heather were amazing race crew for the weekend. Fueling with me, making sure I hydrated, wardrobe decisions, sleeping in my tiny apartment, early wake up call, driving around and cheering, dancing like a boss, keeping my coach updated on my progress via text, carrying my bag around for me after, running with my sister, ALL of it. They even went to the post-race party at the bar with me after and watched football- although I didn't really have to twist their arms for that. Runners, they're good people.

There are a million and one people I need to thank for this race, this training cycle and everything that went into it. I can't possibly name them all here, but please know how grateful I am. Whether it was going out on runs with me, holding me accountable during training, sending me encouraging messages, making sure I had everything I needed, making me meals, just all of it. I didn't do this thing alone, not in the least.

If I get my blogging act together, I'll fill you in on recovering with a bridesmaids dress/champagne and the usual question of....what's next (because we all know I'm a running junkie and can't get enough).


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment once again... a PR *and* prize money *and* placing overall is just really awesome. I love the picture of you, your sister, and your nephew too, and that you ran in with other runners and cheered people on.

  2. Congrats on getting a PR and coming in 4th! Winning enough money for a pair or two of running shoes isn't bad either!

  3. I'm really proud of this race. I know it is not exactly where you wanted to be but such a huge accomplishment. Overall money, overall placing and a PR in the rain? I wish I had been there to support you and I cannot wait to see you soon.

  4. Congrats again girl! I'm so glad you have so many people in your life that support you!

  5. Congrats Laura! A PR is still a PR :) I think as runners we always think we can do better, and it is part of what makes us so great, but it is good you are able to reflect and see it as a good experience. I love that you calculated money per mile haha, I have done that before, my best was $17 per minute hahah! Its wonderful you are so supported, and it can make SUCH a big difference, the time you want will come, be patient :)

  6. Slacking post marathon is exactly what you SHOULD be doing, so good for you! And I agree, getting tto the start/finish line always involves other people. Enjoy this time!

  7. Sp awesome that you were able to run your sister in and that she Pr'ed too.

  8. Congratulations, what a great performance. Looks like you had fun!!


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