Monday, October 27, 2014

Striking While The Iron is Hot

My last few posts have been race recaps, and the one after this will be as well (albeit a slightly different kind of one, hello trolls). So I'll throw in some training talk for a little filler this week, and because I'm kind of running another marathon in less than 6 weeks....NBD. 

After Rochester, recovery went pretty damn good. A full week off really did wonders, and then truly easing back into things for a few weeks. Deep down I knew the iron was still hot though, I knew Rochester wasn't it... Don't get me wrong, my PR at Rochester was really solid but I truly feel like I was just warming up. A decent 5k, and then a half-marathon PR/win kind of back up that feeling in case anyone (myself included) was questioning it. That's not to say the last few weeks have been perfect, because that certainly isn't the case. But feeling the 'heat' is a really good feeling heading into Memphis- I cannot wait to drill out one last 26.2 mile race this year.

The few 'low mileage' weeks were nice after Rochester, I had some more time on my hands which I can say for certain that I didn't do a ton with(Unless you count a few seasons of Gilmore girls as productive). Recovery and easing back into training were nice- but I craved more of the routine that I thrive off of (life of a busy body).

This last week of October and the first few weeks of November are the 'meat' of this short training cycle though. By meat I mean prime rib, fillets and throw in some crab legs to make it a surf and turf--QUALITY meat. The intensity of the workouts and long runs I will be doing, are quality that will prepare me for a helluva race come December 6th. While looking over the schedule coach sent me, I certainly winced a few times "I can't do that!" but then pushed those thoughts away. I asked for this. I asked for the race, this plan and this chance to nail down the things I wish I did at Rochester

Saw someone post this on Facebook and thought it was incredibly fitting.
Physically I've been making big strides the last few months. Training hard, but staying healthy and on track. My mental game has seen more strides in the last few weeks though. Eliminating unnecessary stress, unnecessary drama and unhealthy aspects of my life as much as possible. Mentally getting back in MY game and not trying to play everyone else's games too. 

This past weekend was the mid point between Rochester and Memphis. I celebrated the mid point- by focusing on life a little more. It was a fun and necessary weekend, I even ditched my run on Friday. First one in MONTHS. Timing was hard (but not impossible), and I generally just needed a day off....So, I didn't run and the world kept spinning. Then the weekend involved a costume 5k, a lot of work, and finished with football and great company of friends throughout the day. It really was just what I needed.

This week is a step towards the bigger weeks, some more workouts and one more race[5k] (last race until Memphis). Starting next week the long runs get LONG again (22 miles) and back into long mid-week tempos with killer weekend mileage to boot. 6 weeks, 4.5 more of serious work and then taper.



  1. You are a machine!! It sounds like your mind is in a great place right now, too which is a huge part as you know very well!!!

  2. Sounds like you are ready - you are confident, you have you head wrapped around it, you know what needs to be done - BOOM!

  3. I know we've been burned before...too many times to count...and neither one of us want to say anything to jinx it...but how about those Bills!!

  4. You are completely right. I have no doubt you are absolutely going to crush your goals in Memphis and I cannot wait to hear how it goes!

  5. I think it's great that you are taking advantage of where you are right not and parlaying it into even better things! Go get it.

  6. You are so amazing... I'd be ready for a month off after all you've done. Excited for you!


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