Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This isn't a typical race recap, it's also a few weeks behind- sorry about that. I assume the embarrassing photos of myself dressed as a troll will more than make up for the delay though.

This was my 6th year running this race (last years post has a photo recap of first 5). It's a fun local race, for a great cause (Youth sports, and the Breast Cancer Foundation). I was really excited to have my sister back this year for it, more fun when we dress like idiots together!

Meg and I went back and forth on costume ideas, and finally settled on trolls.  Why you ask? Because, again we really like dressing like idiots.

I had gone to a concert the night before, indulged in a little whiskey and dark beer- but was up and at it (and texting my sister "BRING COFFEE". She came over and we got to work. Let me tell you, you never realize how long your hair is, and how much you have- until you try and make it stand up. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking, ENJOY.

There was a lot of upside down.

A pop bottle hidden in all of my hair.

A LOT of hairspray.

A lot of fumes in a small room. Great, let's get high on paint and hairspray before running a 5k, SOLID.

But the end product, totally worth it.

We got so many looks, as most people thought we were naked. Fun times. 

We met up with my sisters hubby, and some of our friends before the race.

We run this for fun and not for time when we do this together- so we set out chatting and enjoying the miles and everyone else's costumes. I even took some running selfies as I ran with my phone (which I never do in a race). My friend Bill (aka Clark Kent) ran with us and we had a blast!

Sister Shenanagins for the win.
I do believe out of all the times we have done this one together, this was our best costume. What on earth will we come up with next year?!

Please tell me you remember troll dolls?!?!
(some people had no idea!?)


  1. I definitely remember troll dolls and I think you guys look so cute! I bet it took a lot of hairspray to get your hair to stand up though, and I'm not surprised people thought you were naked because it kinda looks like it in the pics. This is probably one of the better costume ideas I've seen out there, maybe I will have to try this next year (I do a costume run with my run club every Halloween)

  2. LOVE the costumes and especially the super tall troll hair!! Troll dolls are awesome (in a creepy sort of way) and y'all are super cute trolls!!

  3. I love that you even remembered the jeweled bellied!

  4. I did this to my hair in high school for a Dr. Seuss play! My hair was to my WAIST so I need a two liter bottle of soda hahah! It was ridiculous. These costumes are TOO cute and if I ever run with someone I may or may not steal this idea! ;) LOVE IT!

  5. OH man this is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister had a collection of trolls! :)...she had tons!

  6. Ahhh! Those are awesome costumes!!!!

  7. oh yes I remember troll dolls very well have to admit I owned several when I was younger. Looked like a super fun race and an awesome costume idea!


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