Friday, November 14, 2014

Counting Down: Racing, Off-Season and Fresh Starts

I'm a nerd, who likes spreadsheets, lists, numbers, and many other nerdy things. Memphis is in a few weeks- you can bet the spreadsheets have started (fueling plans, pace plans), lists have begun (packing list, travel plans, etc.) and the numbers are certainly being crunched.

While I can honestly say at this point I have no idea what my goal could or should be for the race- I'm feeling confident I have another PR in me this year (Sub 3:11), beyond that who knows. I'm not stressing about it. Looking back I think I was too set on specifics for Rochester and that made me feel like that race was not an accomplishment (Um, PR and 4th place finish- it is an accomplishment and I will remind myself that every day. I'm mad at myself for even thinking it wasn't). I have enough going on outside of training- so minimizing stress IN training is crucial (luckily I have an awesome coach who helps with this).

I focus on my workouts and getting things done without dwelling on a finish line number(yet) and quite frankly it's nice. I'm not doing my normal result stalking, post-its with goal times, etc.etc. Do I have some ideas what I would like to see happen, absolutely- but first and foremost I want to enjoy the hell out of marathon #10 and see what I have in me that day (whatever time that means). Coach and I will talk more about goals as it gets closer. Yes I care about my time, yes I want to do well but right now the focus is on getting the training in first.

The countdown is certainly on though. Well, multiple countdowns.

21 Days until I am wheels up from Rochester with my Pops! A weekend away is going to be just what I need, I do love Rochester(most days) but we ALL need a break from life sometimes. My Dad decided to use some flyer miles and join me on the trip- it has him written all over it....blues, BBQ, bourbon (this is where I get it from). My flights were already booked but he managed to get on the same ones- Memphis, I'm not sure you're ready to handle this father-daughter duo. We create havoc wherever we go. I'm super excited for my friends that will be there to meet this crazy man- I think they'll understand me a lot more after that, I'm not kidding.

22 Days until Marathon #10. WHAT. Where in the hell did I find time to run 10 marathons in 3 1/2 years? Beats me. I'm so excited for this race, more than words can say. I'm excited to be in a new city, running on new streets, and putting a solid last 6+ months of training to good use. I'm excited to run through St. Jude Campus and  see the amazing children who are more inspiring than I could ever be. I'm excited to run with people I know, and people I don't. I'm excited for the start line, the great miles, the hard miles and the finish line. I cannot wait to soak it all in and lay it on the line.

23 Days until off season. Yes, I AM looking forward to this. Yes I wanted Memphis, I wanted more hard training even knowing it meant postponing downtime. BUT, I'm human and I fully admit- training is hard. Training is time consuming, exhausting, overwhelming- but 100% worth it. I'm looking forward to some extra time with family and friends for the holidays. I'm looking forward to working out without a purpose for a few weeks and getting back to the basics.

48 days until the new year, and new training cycle. Just as much as I am looking forward to a few weeks of downtime- of course I am excited for training to start again. I'm excited for 2014 to be over and to attack 2015 with ferocity, courage and confidence in the person 2014 turned me into.

What are you counting down to?
Holidays? A Race? The end of the work day?


  1. It really helps to focus on working hard in training over a finish time. If you work hard every day, then race day usually takes care of itself minus things you can't control like weather. Plus, you get to share this race and trip with your dad, and regardless of what happens in the race, you will have a lot of amazing memories and fun in Memphis.

    I also postponed my 'off season' for a few weeks to train for the Charleston Half Marathon in January, and I think it will be worth it (I was planning to take some time off at Christmas). I also agree with the stress thing, I joined a speedwork program here and it's nice to know that Monday and Wednesday, I just show up and my workouts are planned for me and I don't have to stress or think about that, I can just run :).

  2. Awesome. Cannot wait to hear how #10 goes.
    I am sure you will do awesome. You train so hard.
    Because of the weather here I run through the winter because it is 30-50 in the mornings and great running weather and my off season is the summer when it is 100 degrees and 100% humidity.

  3. I'm so excited for you. You have been training hard for this. Your training has been going well too. I'm just honestly really excited for you. (Living my running life through you).

  4. Love that your dad is going with you - so cool that you are looking forward to a trip with your dad.
    I'm right there with you on being a huge spreadsheet/list nerd. When I worked at my boys elementary school, I was the spreadsheet queen - anyone who needed a spreadsheet created came to me:)

  5. Counting down the cans of Guinness in my fridge...

  6. WOW 10 marathons in 3.5 years?! That is an awesome/crazy accomplishment!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  7. I'm counting down to the holidays - hosting Thanksgiving, Twins birthday, and Christmas...I'm full-on-Mom-mode! But wanted to check in with you. Glad you will be scheduling a break! (Otherwise you would never get it lol.) Enjoy Memphis!!

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