Friday, November 7, 2014

East Avenue Grocery Run

While this is a race recap, the nice part about it was mentally I didn't treat it as such. When discussing my November plans with coach, I said I could race again before Memphis but wasn't a MUST. So when I got my schedule for the month, I saw he added a 5k on Saturday the 1st but had it listed as a second workout of the week. There was no bold fonts, no highlighted fields or time goals like normal when a race is on the plan. Plain and simple, I was not to stress about this or do anything except go into it as a workout with a few hundred friends tagging along.

There was no race week plan, I did 3x2 mile repeats a few days before this so I had no idea what Saturday would bring. Halloween was the night before, I worked both jobs but luckily was out at a decent time. Home, relax and probably asleep by midnight- not too shabby. The morning came quick and it was cold but the short commute to the race took away any concerns about timing. 

I didn't even register until race morning (I always register ahead to decrease stress and/or things I have to do in the morning), this helped keep my brain in check regarding the goals for the morning. So I registered, jogged around for a warm-up while debating on calf sleeves vs. no calf sleeves (#runnprobs). In the end I went without, luckily my calves loosened up after some strides. 

I lined up near the front, and figured we would see what happens. At first the temperature wasn't too bad, made through the first few turns (quite a few for a 5k if you ask me) and then the wind came. But I just kept telling myself it was a workout, not that I didn't want to do well but I wanted to focus on the goal. The goal was not to kill myself the day before a long run. Stay loose, stay warm, keep form in check and run fast. GOT IT.
Roughly a tenth of a mile into the race, stellar.
My first mile was my fastest and then it just faded. I won't blame the wind (we all had it), but I did keep steady effort throughout the race. I went back and forth with this one girl a few times, and then the last time I pulled ahead I just wanted to be done (Helllooooo Coffee).

I think I have a bunch of race photos with me and this girl near each other in various races. We pace off each other well.
I finished in 19:49 as 6th female and first in my age group. Not too shabby for a "non-race" race. While yes I worked hard and I wouldn't say I 'slacked' with it not being a goal race- I know that I didn't go for broke. Mentally I needed that, low stress but a good time and to feel strong. 

Channeling positive thoughts is so important for Memphis for me right now. Having the killer half marathon PR/W under my belt, and a solid unforced 5k are certainly helpful. The next few weeks are some busy weeks of life and training but I feel like I have a good grip on how things are going. Less than one month till go time!


  1. That's an excellent 5K time for a workout! Great job and congrats on the age group award with it. I love that your coach didn't put pressure on it or a time goal or anything, sometimes I think that helps. Don't blame you to push a little harder at the end to be done and warm up though!

  2. I'm really happy for you Laura. I know I've said it multiple times but your training is progressing so well with your coach. I know you have a serious marathon PR you are going to break.

  3. Great speed work! It's good to have a race to get the legs going but not have to worry about the stress of it.

  4. Nice job Laura! That is a great time for not really going for it! I used to always think you had to go "eyeballs out" for every race, but I am learning that its often better not to, especially when you are training for the longer stuff. All of this is building up for a great future for you! Cant wait to see :)

  5. I remember when you texted me about this race and the weather that day was no joke. Sure, everyone had to face it - but you pulled out a sub-20 without 100% effort in poor conditions. So solid! I am so excited for you to out-beast this beastly month of training and then go kick some booty in Memphis :D

  6. Not too shabby at all! I'm impressed you raced again so soon- you are on fire!

  7. WOW!!! Amazing job!!! I need you to pace me in my next 5k :)


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