Wednesday, May 13, 2015

These are my people, This is my life.

Back in December, while travelling to Memphis with my Dad for the marathon- we had lots of conversations about the upcoming weekend.

"So Dad, YOU can go out late Friday- but I cannot. Just don't be loud when you come back, I'm running a marathon in the morning I need my sleep" {this is the more PG version of this conversation, for those of you who know my father...}

"So I have never met this guy in real life yet, but he is picking us up from the airport and chauffeuring us around"

"Don't mind me eating a bag of cold pasta on the plane"

"I'll be up really early, like really really early before the race"

Just a few of the things said over the course of the trip. My Dad was thrown head first into 'my world', a world of running and also friends through social media. He's been to some of my races before, but travelling and being right there for the 'process' that marathon weekend can be, is a different experience. As I have said before we had an amazing weekend as father-daughter, and also as friends.
Father Daughter Duo, Post marathon celebrations in Memphis!
My Award from Memphis came a few weeks ago, of course we had bourbon to celebrate!
When it came time to plan more for Boston, my Mom decided this race was hers to experience (Dad isn't the biggest fan of cities and people, Memphis was easy to get him there with talk of BBQ and Bourbon--Mom was the better bet for the crowds of Boston though). The plans were set, I would be driving and staying in Boston with my Mom, as well as my good friend Carrie.

Carrie is my friend Joe's sister. Joe and I went to Boston together last year, so it was great to be able to have her there this year at her first Boston the way her brother did for me. I met Joe through running, and his sister through him. Funny how those things work. I can't tell you how many times I answer the question "how did you meet so and so" with---"Running/races/dailymile/etc." These are my people.
Joe and I, Boston 2014
Carrie and I, Boston 2015
My Mom and Carrie hit it off right away, which made for a very fun and entertaining trip to Boston. Once we got into town on Saturday we decided to hit the expo first. It's a process, you get your bib and your bags, you pa rouse the expo (where I was lucky enough to meet up with one of the companies I am proud to represent {Zensah!}). The whole marathon weekend is a process, what/when you eat, when/how much you drink, what nights sleep is most important. You know how it goes.

Then, the meetups began (and the subsequent "how do you know this person?"). I had planned to see Norman at the expo, FINALLY getting to meet after following each other/talking for a long time virtually. He then reminded me of the Dailymile meetup that was happening that afternoon, not far from the expo. All I had to say to Mom and Carrie was--Food and beer. So we finished the expo and wandered over to the restaurant.
We spent a few hours there, talking and meeting with people that I have "known" in some way shape or form for a while- but finally meeting in person. Also, didn't recognize half the people because they were in "real people" clothes and not running gear.

Then it was time to meet up with "the girl you sent the feather to". Krista is such an awesome person, and happens to love Hawks. So as a pre-Boston present, I sent her a Red Tail hawk feather with a note. Boston would be the first time we met in real life. I think by this point my Mom was done being shocked seeing me run up and hug someone I had never met before.
Sole Sister.
The day before the race, I got to do something I never really thought would mean as much as it did. I got to run, along the Charles with my mom the day before running The Boston Marathon. Sharing another piece of 'my world' with the woman who has always supported me, but more recently understands the running thing I love so much. I was incredibly grateful to have her in Boston with me. Supporting me, seeing me in 'my element', and we even shared some bourbon. 27 or not, I'm still Mama's girl.

So between Memphis and Boston, I was able to let my parents into my worlds a little bit more. The world of running, and the world of knowing people without having met them before. Both of these worlds have been important to me for so long, and I LOVE that I feel like they understand it more. I may be 27, but having your parents "get" you is a cool feeling. Both of those worlds have brought some of the best friends, and experiences a person could ask for into my life.

Sometimes I think the task of explaining the running world to people, is impossible. There are no words to describe the grind, every gritty detail of training, that feeling of "this is happening"(good, and bad). I can't put into words what this 'running thing' does to me, and more importantly...what it does for me. I may never be able to explain it all to those in my life who don't run- but I know that with each time I share it with them, they gain a little more appreciation for it. I can't explain those start line emotions, the fear and excitement wrapped in one. I can't explain the mile 20+ hazy mental feeling, or how hard simple math can be when on the go. I can't tell them how AMAZING that finish line looks and how it feels to step over it. But I can show them that it's important to me.

I can show my parents that I have taken the amazing skills they shown me over the years, and put them to use in my career and in my running. Hard work, dedication, persistence, and also the passion and commitment I see in their lives. They have seen me at bad races and good, but I am so grateful they both were there for two pretty incredible races. They've seen me at my worst (not just in running), and I want them to experience me at my best as well (in running, and life). P.S. I love you guys.
A VERY old photo from College, but one of my favorite of the 3 of us.
How lucky am I to also be able to share running and life with my sister? 
Or how about the fact that I have a bunch of extended family that runs? (This isn't even all of them) 
I have met some incredible people over the years through running, and social media. Some people mock that kind of thing- without really understanding. Yes, a LOT of social media interactions are superficial. Liking or favoring something isn't the same as actually having a conversation, but it can START one. In all reality, I have people I have never 'met' before who actually know me better than a good chunk of people I see in my day to day life. But, I also have some people in my every day life whom I met through running/SM who know me and support me like family.

Yes, I'm short. Yes, he's tall. Yes, he's one of the best friends ever
All runners. All met on SM. Some of the BEST friends a girl could ask for.
Britt, Loo, Hollie, Heather, Me, Theresa (& daughter Elizabeth)
More Runners, more SM friends.
Danielle, Heather, Me, Amelia
Oh hey, another runner and best friend originally from SM.
Ellen and I in Cali, saw her again in Boston (mid race!)
Regardless of what it is (running or not), or who the people are in someones life(or how they met). Don't judge. Take a minute to learn something, or appreciate the relationships someone has in their life. Isn't the goal of life to have something to do that makes you happy, and people to share that with? Who are we to judge how each person chooses to go about that.

Nothing but a reminder not to take this life and the people in it for granted.


  1. Aww lovely read Laura, really enjoyed seeing this insight into your life, and of course I definitely understand what you are saying here. It can be hard for non bloggers to understand, but seems like showing your family and friends helped :) You are so loved, and I can totally see why! Hope we get to meet someday!

  2. Love this! Good people flock together and we're all so lucky to have wonderful, supportive people in our lives (and super bonus when they "get us" and our running shenanigans) :D

  3. It is great that your parents got to experience that. So funny trying to explain this world to people who may not be a part of it.

    Yes, I am staying in a hotel and running a marathon with a girl I have never met. No dad, I promise she won't kill me. I know because we are friends. We talk online all the time. - parents think I am CRAZY!

  4. Great post! Look forward to hopefully meeting up with you again in real life in four months at the place we met in passing the first time....Erie! :) I enjoy following your training and your journey! You've come so far and still have even more to go! Keep up the good work and enjoying the journey along the way!

  5. This is SO TRUE. So true. Some of my closest friends in the world today are people I met through running/social media -- typically Dailymile, or runners on Twitter. It's been an incredible way to learn new things and experience amazing adventures. I once flew to Orlando to be picked up by the SISTER of a Dailymile friend I'd never met in real life, then delivered to his home (where he and his girlfriend -- another Dailymile pal -- would be vacant from for two days) where I'd been invited to stay for Disney Marathon weekend. WITH THE KEYS TO HIS CAR so I could get around. They had been -- and still are (in real life) fantastic friends. Runners are a special breed. I love us. And I'm so happy we crossed paths, as well. XO


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