Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Running Day: EVERY day.

If you're on social media in any aspect, you're well aware that today is a BIG day! National Running Day takes place the first Wednesday in June each year (according to my quick Bing search). {Side note, Monday was National Heimlich Maneuver day- so we celebrate by choking and hoping someone knows what day it is??}

In case you didn't know- today is also Chocolate Macaroon day, and repeat day- don't forget to celebrate those too. Maybe eat a chocolate macaroon between your mile repeats today, celebrate all 3 things at once.

Now don't get me wrong, I love running. I love celebrating running. I love thinking about all the amazing things that running has done for me and brought into my life- that list is endless. But I don't need a special day to do that (much like I don't need a holiday to feel love, Valentines- I'm looking at you). Similar to my thoughts on New Years Resolutions- I feel like any day is a good day to appreciate things or change something.

I'm not saying National Running Day is a bad thing- not in the least. I'm always down for good sales on running gear, talking about running things, and going to a special event which happens to involve something I am incredibly passionate about. In fact, I fully plan on doing all of these things today. I fully plan on celebrating June 3rd, but I don't love running any more today than I do other days of the year. Just as, Friday is National Doughnut Day- I certainly celebrate that more than once a year.

National Running Day- a day to celebrate this thing that we love, give our sport some attention, and pat ourselves on the back for putting one foot in front of the other. Please tell me what we are doing every time we race, post a photo of our running stuff on the internet, or log a workout on a public site? Let's be honest, we celebrate running almost daily :)

I guess my point is, don't wait for a special day to tell you what to do. Don't wait for a special day to appreciate things you have, or had in life. If you want to have a doughnut on January 5th, I promise it doesn't make it taste any less amazing. If you want to listen to Christmas music in July, just do it. Look for the positive things, and reasons to be grateful every day and not just because something is on the calendar.

These are my people, this is my life.

But, in honor of National Running Day- I love this community. I love this sport. I love this life. I love everything it has done for me, I even love the callouses and chaffing scars in some weird way. I love the people I've met, the places I've gone and the goals I have chased. I will thank my runner friends, I will go for a run, and I will probably indulge in some NRD deal (which will most likely still be there tomorrow). Any excuse to celebrate this crazy love even more- why the hell not :)

Happy official National Running Day today,
Happy unofficial National Running Day tomorrow
...and the next day...and the next.


  1. I agree with your post! In fact, I may not even run today because I have a race tomorrow and it's raining pretty bad out (will probably opt for the gym instead). In the end, the days are just days and there is a holiday or celebration for everything now... why not just celebrate every single day for what it is :)

  2. It is so funny that you and I wrote almost the same thing today about our feelings on this national holiday. Of course I didn't think about eating macaroons while running today, but maybe I should try that tonight. Happy running today and every day. xoxo

  3. Amen.

    But what about national red velvet cake day and national diner day...

  4. Woohoo. Happy to be a runner each and every day!


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