Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pumpkins in the Park 2015: Lumberladies!

Every year, on the Saturday closest to Halloween (or this year, on Halloween!) I run the Pumpkins in the Park 5k here in Rochester. This race in 2009 was one of my first 5k's ever! My sister and I ran it together, and it became a tradition. She has run 3 of the last 6 years with me, and this year was year 7. I did the other 3 years solo, but this year had Heather with me! Basically I told her to come dress up like an idiot with me and spend a night in Rochester, she obliged :)

We tossed around a few ideas but settled on Lumberjacks, we actually had most of the things we needed without going to the store. When she got into town on Friday we hit up Party City for the remaining few things (beards and suspenders).

After that it was time to get out and unwind (both had hectic weeks), which involved good people at a friends Halloween party (and beer). After the party we headed to a bar where my boyfriends friends band was playing, which turned into a fun filled evening of drinks and dancing and putting stress behind us.

Saturday morning was standard, coffee and bumming around the house trimming our beards. Wait, okay not so standard. But it was amusing, and we got a huge kick out of it.

We got to the race at Cobb's hill a bit early and did about a mile and a half warm-up. Even though we weren't racing the actual race, we wanted a little more daily mileage. Running in jorts and suspenders was oddly not as uncomfortable as expected, although we did have compression shorts underneath. No time for chaffing.

Honestly I don't have a ton to say about the race. We laughed a ton. We made others laugh. We pretended to chop wood. We commented on everyone's costumes. Most importantly, I got to spend a night and  a fun morning with Heather (which hasn't happened since AUGUST). We naturally went for coffee and breakfast after the race....still in costume. 

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. 

Photo courtesy Fleet Feet Rochester
Photo courtesy Fleet Feet Rochester

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  1. Ahaha!!!! Those are THE best costumes, Laura!!
    So totally worth wearing, regardless of any race pace. I can't even imagine running 5k pace in jean cutoffs. I might have to try it next year though. :)

  2. Oh mo goodness, those are literally the best costumes ever

  3. This is fantastic! You guys did an amazing job with the costumes. I also love the idea of traditional holiday races. I have a July 4th, Thanksgiving, and New Years race I always run and it's really cool to have those traditions each year.

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