Monday, October 26, 2015

Scare Brain Cancer Away 5k 2015

This past weekend, I ran yet another 5k. This would be my third this month (on top of Chicago Marathon), not my usual racing style, but it has been fun and stress-free which is what I am going for right now. I decided to run the Scare Brain Cancer Away 5k, located in East Rochester.

I had never done this race before, because it always fell on the same day as Pumpkins in the park which is a race I have done for 6 years now (2014, 2013 & earlier). This year however, PITP is on Halloween  which meant I could actually try out another race without missing the other.

Course has a lot of turns for a 3.1 mile race!
I figured this was a good opportunity for another fun race, no stress and just see what happens (as with the others I have done this fall since Erie). B came with me, and brought one of the dogs to walk around while I ran. It was nice having the support, and gave me something to look forward to at the finish.

After a shorter warm-up, and a mad dash back to the car to change into my flats- I lined up far left shortly before go time. Once I got through the initial mad dash of the crowd I just tried to settle into a comfortably hard pace and find some people to try and stick with. I went back and forth with a girl for the first mile, finally I was able to pull ahead and stay there. I also bobbled back and forth with one guy, and would continue to do so for the remainder of the race.

I felt like I was holding a good pace and not fading too hard but I wouldn't look at my watch because I didn't need to know. Once I hit the second mile though, I decided to see where I was at. 6:14 for mile 2, and I was feeling good- oh shit I should probably speed up. Basically a slap in the face to wake up, bad habit to fall asleep in the middle of 5k's pace wise.
Apparently all that box lifting from moving left me jacked up top. Also don't mind my little Elivs meets Snookie Poof on top of my head- I was lazy.
I cruised in the last mile, saw B and Pepper around 2.5 which was good a good pick me up and made the final turn to the finish. I was really happy to see the clock and that I was under 19 again, which is the second time that has happened since August (well, and ever). So close to a PR, and I do think I would have had it had I not gotten complacent in the middle mile. Oh well, I'm not mad about it in any sense. In fact, I'm happy with the times I have been able to run lately coming off my own big race, as well as another marathon thrown in the middle.

My data for the race
Official time for the race was 18:55, which put me at 4th female and an age group win. 

So another weekend down and another 5k under my belt. Happy with the progress and enjoying the way running is going right now while having the time to give other things in life some priority. Next weekend I will be doing Pumpkins in the park costume 5k, and I roped Heather into joining me (stay tuned for costumes, because we don't even know yet). 


  1. That's awesome and I'm happy for you to have another solid 5k. That is seriously amazing you are able to bring home a 5k in 5:55!

  2. I agree with Hollie- that last mile is amazing!! I'm so impressed that you're running so strong after the marathon, too. Your progress over the last few years is so inspiring!

  3. Girl!!!! WOW!!!! What an amazing 5K time!!!! Congrats on coming in 4th and your age group win!!! So inspiring!!!

  4. There are three things I love about this:
    1. Your attitude about stress-free running is wonderful. I love that you didn't put any pressure on yourself to hit a certain time.
    2. Nevertheless, you are amazingly fast.
    3. You use the RunningAhead log! I love that tool. I've been using it since 2008.


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