Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Head up: Eyes Forward

Sometimes we need a reminder to keep our heads held high

Physically, keep your head up
Cycling, running, walking, everything...
so you can see what's coming,
be aware of your surroundings,
be safe and be prepared for what could happen.
Side effect: keeping your head up you get to see all the amazing things around you.
If your looking forward, you will move forward.

On my run yesterday afternoon, I tried to focus on keeping my head up.
Watching the things around me, not staring at my feet or the ground around them.
I ended up having a fabulous run, I started looking up and forward and my body followed suit.
1st official training run for Wineglass Marathon Done! 8.11 miles @ 7:24 pace

Mentally, keep your head up
As I begin training for another "goal race", I think about things I want to focus on.
One of the biggest things is keeping my head up[physically & emotionally]-
"where the mind goes, the body will follow"
We can't dwell on whats behind us: the past is the past.
Time to focus on what's right in front of us.
There are so many things to be happy about right now, 
I feel beyond grateful for all of the amazing things I have.
Life is to short to stress about things that don't deserve to be an issue in my life in the first place.
Time to focus on continuing to study and learn and grow with my job.
Time to focus on marathon training and going after my big goals.
Time to focus on planning John & I's wedding- We're ready for the next chapter in our lives.
Time to focus on being grateful for the friends and family that are by my side.

Can you tell I'm a little sappy today? :):)

Where are you looking right now--the past or the future?

How do you "focus" when starting something new?

Pay attention on your next run/walk/ride...where do you find yourself looking most?

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  1. Love this post! Sometimes I like to look at my feet while I run but for the most part I love looking at how beautiful things are around me, especially when I'm riding. Good mentality to have heading into marathon training!

  2. I'm always looking around, I think that's why I fall a lot!

    Good start to your WG training cycle.

  3. Great post! Sometimes I look around other times I just look at the ground in front of me. I need to look around more often though... Woohoo on the start of your training for the wineglass!!!

  4. I really enjoy looking around in my runs - I think that's why I like travelling and having "new" places to go and explore

  5. I love this post, truly. I need to focus more on keeping my head up - both literally and figuratively.

    I am going to look at my calendar tonight and pick out some good weekends where I'd be free to meet up for a long run - hopefully you won't mind slowing down to my snail's pace too much ;) We definitely need to run and chat.

  6. I really enjoy this post a lot. I feel like I often need to keep my head up and realize that it is all about the process too.

  7. Love. I was staring at my legs all day, so yes, would love to look up...

  8. I keep my head up, but I don't look around apparently... Kyle and I go on runs and he's always like - did you see that!?... I never do, haha. And during the Disney Marathon I apparently didn't notice some cool characters. Anyway - Nice first training run! Hope the rest of your training goes well!

  9. Great post. I have trouble focusing on the future and not worrying about the past. It's actually one of the reasons that I took up running - it's always helped me to keep my eyes forward, at least for an hour or so. It sounds like you have some wonderful things on the horizon! Enjoy them all!

  10. I definitely have a hard time dwelling on the past for multiple reasons. I've found lately I definitely think about each step and worry way too much because of all the surgeries I've been through. I need to learn to let go and take each surgery as a NEW start. It's hard to put into action, but I really need to do it. When I start something new, I always focus on what I really want to get out of the entire process and what I can do to better myself. I have the WORST habit of looking at the ground when I walk all.of.the.time.


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