Monday, July 1, 2013

Good, Bad & Yummy 6/28-6/30 & June Favs

Business as usual here in my life: going a million miles an hour. This week is going to be super busy but it will be a good one for sure with lots of positive things happening.

Going to do a little mix here and some usual Good, Bad, and Yummy moments from the weekend as well as some highlights from the month of June (seriously, did this past month fly as fast for everyone else as it did for me?)

As for the weekend....
The Good:
John's sister had her baby Thursday night, adorable little Charlie John! Yay for another nephew!

Saturday I got my longest ride to date in...61 miles, I was really happy with it especially considering the elements were not in my favor for most of it!

I'm feeling really comfortable clipping in now, and am starting to utilize the power of it more (when clipped in you get power on the upstroke as well, which can make you more efficient of a rider). I do have to remind myself not to pull up too hard though, it can create lower back pain and tightness in the hip.

I managed to take off my shoes while still riding (thank goodness for fabulous Bontrager Triathlon Cycling Shoes). If I can practice this more, it will make me more efficient in T2 on race day, and get my running shoes on me quicker. BUT I won't do it race day unless I feel 100% ready (it could turn bad quickly).

Dress rehearsal run yesterday went great! I wore my +Saucony Triathlon top and shorts, as well as my Kinvara's (these are the only things that might NOT be with me on race day, I ordered Saucony Flats, but they are not in yet). I even started the run after 11 AM in the heat of the day because that is when I will be running on race day, gotta practice these things!

I was so hot after said long run in the heat, that I didn't even have to be forced into the ice bath. I jumped in without even thinking, and remained there for 25 minutes! My legs feel great today!

Got to spend a little time with John, his sister and her man and the baby last night:)

The Bad:
It was torrential downpour the first half of my long ride Saturday, but in all honesty it really wasn't all bad because it was good prep in case it rains on race day.

The new baby had some respiratory issues over the weekend and had to stay a few extra days giving us a worry(but all is good now, as I said they left hospital yesterday happy and healthy).

Friday night I was worked up about doing my long ride on Saturday. I was tired and cranky and letting the anxiousness of upcoming 70.3 get to me. A good long chat with my man definitely made me feel better.

My Garmin is definitely fading, and quickly. Battery power is lasting less and less and the strap (which partially broke last weekend) is getting even more worn now that it has added strain on one side. I really need to decide what I want to do. Looking at the Garmin 310XT, 910XT and the Timex run trainer 1.0 GPS watch....any thoughts?

The Yummy
After my long ride on Saturday I treated myself to my 2 favorite things from Panera.

All day Sunday John was cooking up a storm in the kitchen. We wanted to make food for his sister since she just had the baby and also has a 4 year old (she's gonna have her hands full!). He made a ton of super yummy (and healthy) recipes, the majority of which were vegan from Scott Jurek's Book Eat & Run. I wish I had taken photos of all of it, it was seriously fabulous and I couldn't even tell that most of them were Vegan!

My contribution was definitely NOT vegan, but it was what his sister wanted: my homemade baked raspberry cheesecake....I love making it, super yummy!

5 Things about the month of June
1. 413 miles between running/biking/swimming! Should actually be a little more but I am really happy with this. I've been consistently training smarter and that has made me able to do more.

2. I tackled my first triathlon this month, and feel really good about that!

3. Although I definitely had my days where it was a struggle to get out the door, I feel like my confidence and motivation is getting back to where I want and NEED it to be.

4. Favorite fitness related moment of the month: there are a few that stick out, but honestly I think it was 2 weeks ago I had a really good long swim where things just "clicked" and it seriously just gave me a big confidence booster.

5. Least favorite fitness related moment of the month: my 40 mile ride where I had a million meltdowns and just mentally felt down and defeated (this made this past weekends 60 miler that much sweeter though).

How was your weekend?

Have you read Eat & Run by Scott Jurek?

Garmin vs. Timex GPS watch thoughts?

What were your favorite/least favorite moments from June?


  1. I love Eat and Run, such a great book. Scott always seems so private, so it was nice to read about his life.
    Sorry, I can't help you, I have a Garmin 610 (which I LOVE).

    1. I agree, definitely cool to see a little more into the life of such an incredible runner.

      I LOVE my 405 and toyed with the idea of going with the 610 (updated 405) but I figure if I am going to stick with doing tri's as well I should look into something with a little more functionality towards that.

  2. Great month Laura!!! You always amaze me! Congrats on the new please! ;-) As for your Garmin...mine is an OLD Forerunner 205 but it's on it's last leg too. So I'm anxious to hear everyone's thoughts. I LOVE the book Eat & Run!!!

    1. Thanks Mindy! Im sure there will be plenty of pics to come! I remember reading your recap of Eat and Run, such a great book you should try some of the recipes! I'm not vegan but I really liked some of them!

  3. Sounds like a good month of training!!! Congrats on your new nephew babies are so much fun (even more fun when you spoil then and send them home).
    Haven't read the book but I may put it on my list of books I would like to order and read.

  4. I read Eat and Run awhile back, it was so fascinating to read about Scott's life and his journey into being a vegan, even though I'm not one. Plus the recipes did sound good and obviously meat eaters can eat them too! Another book I liked was The New Rules of Marathon and Half Marathon Nutrition, it's pretty technical though.

    Congrats on your mock tri, it seems like you did a great job with it and good that you practiced the transitions!

  5. I literally feel like we sitting in Syracuse and that over a month ago...where is time going seriously. I'm glad that the 60 mile bikeride went so smoothly as well as your dress rehersal for the tri. That has got to be so motivating.

    I'm craving some Panera much for packing my lunch for work.

  6. 61 miles! Impressive! Sounds like you're well trained for 70.3. I've never owned a Garmin. I run with MOTOACTV, which I love, but my husband just got a Timex GPS and loves it.

  7. I've heard the 910x is great if you are really Tri Crazy but otherwise it is very bulky...howver it would be so nice to have a watch to do both biking and running. I love my Garmin Forerunner 10 BUT the only thing I would change would be having a bike mode. Oh well however. I wish I had a long bike ride buddy! I did 15 miles by myself the other day but if I had a friend I know I could go further. Good for you for getting out there at doing 61! and raspberry cheesecake! YUMMMMM ~Katie

  8. I have the Garmin 110, and it's definitely frustrating sometimes. Takes a million attempts to upload or to charge it. but it's awesome when it works. Mines only 6 months old though... :-/. Im jealous of your ice bucket! Nice job on 61 miles - you'll do awesome in the 70.3!

  9. Awesome month!

    I took me about a month (I think) to get used to clipping and unclipping! I got many scrapes and bruises in the process!

  10. I've had the 910xt for a year now, it's great! I especially love that it counts your laps when lap swimming or the distance when you're on open water. It lets you choose, swim/bike/run/other and set up to 4 details on the screen. Speed, pace, total time etc... The battery life is still good after a year. The 910xt has a multisport mode too that let's you press the lap button when you finish each part of a tri including transition. I've run marathons with it as well with no problems. Highly recommend it! :) good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!


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