Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wineglass: 1 Glass Full of Training

Welcome to this weeks version of...
So you want to run a marathon: Wineglass Edition

Week 1 of 11 is done training... sheesh.

Before Y'all go "lady, shouldn't you train for more than 11 weeks?" on me-- I had a pretty good base before this from training for my first 70.3. But yes, only 11 actual weeks of training for this specific race.

I was pretty open about my goals for this race, and I plan to be pretty open about my training. Some runs are going to suck and some I am going to be bouncing off the walls for days from the runner's high. C'est La Vie.

Quick Rundown (pun intended)

Monday: 10 minutes ab-work
Tuesday: 8.11 mile run, 45 minutes Elliptical
Wednesday: 5.11 mile run
Thursday: 8.11 mile Tempo run, 45 minutes Elliptical
Friday: 30 minutes Elliptical, 30 minutes bike, 15 minutes core and pipe cleaners (arms)
Saturday: 5.25 mile run,
Sunday: 1.1 mile w/u, 5k race, 1 mile c/d

Total Running Miles: 32
Total Cross Training: 2:40 minutes

~I have a good base right now, I feel like this week added to the base more than it added to actual marathon training.

~There are a few miles missing from this week, but that's life. No point in stressing over missing 4 total miles from the week (2 from Tuesday and 2 from Sunday)

~My calves are the only "complaint" I have from the week. I couldn't get them to loosen up at all this week, no matter how much stretching and TLC I gave them. After a few nights of rolling, and sleeping in Zensah's I finally feel them starting to cooperate. About damn time.

What's next?
~Things are definitely going to crank up quickly the next few weeks, I'm ready for it though.

~This coming week is a few easier paced runs during the week with a longer run on the weekend (with some of the miles at Marathon pace). I think it will be a good week to really focus on form and getting my body into the condition that it needs to be in. I might change up one of the mid-week runs to add a little speed training, after the 5k today I have a big desire to bust my 5k PR in 2 weeks.

A few Scenes from the training week:
1st official training run done for this cycle!

Roadkill on the back deck after my first Tempo run in months

Final stretch of the 5k I did today (recap to come this week)

How was your week of workouts?
What are you training for right now?
Favorite run this week?


  1. Nice way to kick off marathon training!! You are too adorable in your pics. My long run was my best run this past week, I can't believe I actually said that, haha. MCM will be here before I know it!!

  2. Nice start to your WG training! I NEVER do 16 week training programs. I think 4 months is way too long, unless you are starting from scratch.

    Do you run on the outside of your foot too? It kind of looks like it in your 5K picture. I never did this until I started wearing minimal shoes, and now I can't run without doing it! My ankles do not allow me to pronate at all anymore.

  3. I think you are going to do kickass at Wineglass and honestly I don't think you really need more then 11 weeks. You know how marathons work, you already have a good base, why would you need more time? I can't wait to see how training and the race goes for you...and of course Rock and Roll!

  4. You look so strong at the end of your 5K! Can't wait to read your recap.

    I agree you don't need more than 11 weeks of training. Heck, you just did a half marathon at the *Ironman 70.3*. And you've done a marathon before so you know how to train for it for your body and not just an out of box plan or winging it (like me!). You definitely had a good base of overall fitness and I like that your week of workouts incorporates lots of them and not just running because that's what I do as well.

    You will totally rock out the Wineglass marathon (and I love the "glass full of training" analogy!)

  5. My favorite run this week was up and down my road because I was able to DO IT! And I'm glad you realize 4 miles won't make a huge difference, because it definitely won't and I think you can have a good solid 11 weeks of training for Wine Glass. You DO have a good base from your 70.3 and probably have a better base than normal because you conditioned your body in a lot of different ways!

  6. Great week of workouts Laura! You really got back into it this week! Look forward to reading your 5K recap!!! :-)

  7. Favorite run of the week was Tuesday when I was outside trying to beat the rain, but the weather was perfectly cool and the wind was blowing since it was about to storm.

    GREAT job with all of the cross training. You'll definitely be glad you did that while doing your runs also.

  8. I am training for a 10miler in October

  9. Girl I am loving your Wineglass themed graphics! So cute.

    I really hope nobody would give you crap about an 11 week plan ... and if they would/did, that's pretty dumb. You clearly have a great base. And you're clearly going to kick major butt at Wineglass.

    I am so excited about all of our upcoming shenanigans, by the way. Seriously a bit giddy just thinking about it!

  10. Nice week in workouts! I'm still trying to determine what my next big race will be. Seeing everyone's marathon training logs makes me wish for a big fall race. Hmmmmm...


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