Friday, July 19, 2013

MM 70.3 Blooper Reel

As promised in yesterday's Musselman 70.3 recap
a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Most of these are bloopers 
but I did throw in a few decent ones as well.

I don't really have any swim bloopers, at least ones that were documented on film. 

Onto the bike.

Trying to wave, not fall, and prepare for 56 miles.

And this was coming in after almost 56 miles...
with the last few riding on flat tire. Epic Fail.

& then there was the run.

At least my nephew looked cute.
As mentioned in the recap, I stopped and kissed him on the run.
That is my hand holding his on the right.

About 12 miles later...
I remembered to get rid of the sponges I was hoarding

Oh the finish chute...
at least I managed one good one.

Here's a good one of my sister and myself.
Note that I had ice cream in my hand within 5 minutes of finish.
Would have been less, but I spent that 5 minutes sitting in a kiddie pool full of cold water.
Worth the wait.

And of course, my #1 Fan :) Rocking his volunteer stuff :)

 Not only did I get a fabulous medal, 
but permanent tan lines
and a knot that took me as much time to get untangled
 as it did to navigate the 70.3 miles.

Some random blooper moments not caught on film:
Getting tangled in seaweed and spazzing for 10 seconds trying to get it off.

Slipping and almost falling hard getting out of the water.
 (again, thank you to the young man volunteer who caught me)

Getting caught eating PB&J on the bike, and trying to figure out how I was gonna get the sticky PB&J off my hands while riding.

Getting caught singing on the bike, multiple times (one dude started singing along though! Folks I was singing T.Swift, he held a tune better than I!)

in T2 I unscrewed my water bottle top to dump the remaining little bit on my head...unscrewed but forgot to remove the top...dumping water and the lid on my head. DOH!

Do you have any race bloopers?

What is you "tired running" quirk? 
T-rex arm? tilted head? Bow legged?


  1. YIKES! That is quite the tan line! Love your photos and that sweet looking medal! I don't know about you, but I always think I look decent for photos but then I get them back and whoaaaa! Somehow I turn into a close-eyed weirdo ;) No matter how photos turn out, it's great to have them to look back on. I'm still impressed with how well you did out there!

    1. Thanks Dani! Race photos are always hit or miss--theres usually 1 or 2 good ones but ALWAYS some awkward ones. I try and laugh at them though :)

  2. LOL love this. I always get knots in my hair and then wonder why my hair is so fine. Probably because I rip out a chunk of it every day. The little comments make me laugh, especially the TREX hahaha!

    1. Glad to know I am not the only one who rips out my hair everyday!

  3. LOL! These are hilarious! I love that you have humor mixed in with your awesome accomplishment!

    1. Someone once told me: In order to have success you need 3 things...a wishbone, a back bone and a funny bone..... take it all in stride gotta be able to laugh at yourself!

  4. This made me laugh so much. I always enjoy your sense of humor obviously. I am about to have a huge knot in my hair I feel after tomorrow's run swim run. I've been getting large ones with just running LOL.

  5. Gotta love runner's tan lines! It looks like you had a lot of fun and my race pictures come out looking like crazy bloopers too. But you also had some good ones.

    I love that you can look back at your race and be proud, but also look back and laugh at things :). You have the right attitude about running and triathlons and that's hard to find in the blog world :).

  6. Holy tan lines! Glad you got your ice cream STAT afterwards! ;)

    1. The only thing that would have been better was ice cream IN the kiddie pool of ice water. :):)

  7. Yes! Hilarious. We're you singing without headphones I assume? Nice...gotta pass the time somehow...
    My running hands, especially by the end of a race, are always like tied up like I'm making a butterfly shadow puppet. I think I'm either always stretching my carpel tunnel or giving the thumbs up to someone who doesn't want it so I'm trying to slide it back down immediately. Awkward.
    Congrats again!! Bottle lid on the head- seaweed- you're in.

  8. Sweet Pics! and congrats again! Im sure doing 6 hours of anything is hard to enjoy after a while - but it looks like you had fun with every second! Awesome!

  9. These bloopers aren't too bloopery at all! At worst, you look like you're working hard :) In my blooper pics my mouth is usually wide open like I'm drooling because I try to keep my jaw loose. It's REALLY unattractive!


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