Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wineglass Training Week 5 (with a side of RICE).

Quick Run-Down

Monday: Unplanned Rest Day
Tuesday: Track workout [8.25 miles total]
Wednesday: 4 mile easy run
Thursday: 12.2 miles
Friday: 4 mile easy run
Saturday: RICE
Sunday: 20.25 mile long run, 

Total Run Miles: 49
Total Cross Training Time: 0 (yes.0)

I said after last week that I wanted to try and push myself more. This was the week for it, it was a more aggressive week than I have been doing lately. Track workout, mid-week long run, and a 20 miler on the weekend...3 key workouts (in addition to 2 recovery runs).

At some point in marathon training you hit a wall, not a brick wall and not even the wall that you may feel between miles 20-26.2. You hit a wall that you are just plain old tired, that you want to nap every second you are awake. That was this week for me. It may have something to do with the fact that I have been getting up earlier much more regularly or it could just be the training. Either way, I have been sucking down caffeine like its my job this week, and catching up on my sleep this weekend.

I have an "issue" (not to be confused with an injury) right now. Friday I was planning on cross training after work, instead opted for a 4 mile easy run. I came back to a swollen and painful ankle. I was immediately a drama queen about it but then snapped out of it and told myself to start RICE. [no, not Chinese food....Rest.Ice.Compression.Elevation]

 I kept my feet up the rest of the night Friday (even at the baseball game, no one was sitting in front of us), and slept in compression socks.

Saturday morning I cheered my man on at the Rochester Tri (his first tri of the year after having 2 knee surgeries(3rd surgery this fall), I was one proud fiance cheering him on). After getting home around 12:30.....I put my damn feet up, wrapped my ankle in ice pack and proceeded to be lazy as all hell (a few episodes of burn notice, and a long nap) for the rest of the afternoon. At first I was bummed about needing to take a day off (I had a bike ride and some cross training planned), but slowly I realized my body needed the sleep and rest.

After taking it super easy Friday night and Saturday, I told myself not to make any definitive decisions on my 20 miler until I got up and saw how I felt this morning. I slept in which was great for my body, crappy for the temperature outside. I put the wrap on my ankle and decided to try the run, and bail if I needed. I didn't start until 10 AM so I knew it was going to get hot, and quick. I changed my route to hit less pavement. About half of the 20 miles was on grass, flat trail, and crushed stone. It forced me to run in places I don't like (the canal path is my nemesis) but I know that a little less pounding was key for getting the miles in. First 20 miler of the training cycle done, I swear the first always feels like the hardest. Longest run since Cleveland, and I definitely felt it. Good news, the ankle held up pretty well and didn't hurt more than any other part of my body (my legs were shot at the end). I was a good girl and did 2, yes 2 ice baths after my long run.
I got off the pavement for at least half of the run, which got me a little dirty--oh well! 

It was a hard week running, but I got all my workouts in and I'm happy for that.

I got 0, yes 0 minutes of cross training in this week. After a boatload of it last week it was weird to go to nothing- but it just didn't happen. Monday I took an unplanned rest day from cross training because I was just plain old tired, and the rest of the week it just didn't work and obviously didn't cross train this weekend with my foot, it needed rest (and despite what some think, cross training is NOT rest).

Am I concerned about my ankle? Yes. I'd be lying if I said it was nothing. But I am trying to be smart about it: anti-inflammatory, ice, compression, elevating it, and resting. Was it smart to still do my 20 miler today? Maybe, maybe not. I promised myself I would stop if I felt any pain, and I didn't...therefore I didn't stop. I had to make a decision and I'm sure some will criticize whether I should have ran or not, but I did what I could and we will see how it plays out. I plan on playing this week by year and doing what I need to do to get to the start line as healthy as possible.

Next week
Supposed to be another higher mileage week, with some active cross training. Again, going to play it by year and see how I am feeling.

Leave Friday for vacation, and supposed to do RNR Virginia Beach Half-Marathon on Sunday.

Do you believe in RICE?

Rest versus Cross training....are you like me and believe there IS a difference?

While training for a race (any distance) do you tend to see a week or 2 in middle of training where you have significant fatigue? 


  1. I really like your post today and relate to it. I feel like I have hit that mental/emotional/physical training wall myself sometimes. Last Wednesday, I was just wiped to the out. I didn't want to run or work out, but really... I didn't want to do much of anything (it's not one of those times where you don't want to work out bc you want to be with friends or do something- i just wanted to sleep sleep sleep!). I'm glad that's kinda normal :).

    Kudos to you for resting your ankle even if you didn't get the cross training in (and yes, it is not rest. It is training!). I love how you even kept it up at the game- marathoner problems ;). But glad you made it through your 20 and listened to your body too!

  2. I hope you're ankle is ok!!

    Ever since my stress fracture, I take my rest days really serious. 1-2 days of rest is a lot better than 12 weeks of no running.

    I think last week was my fatigue week. I just wanted to sleep as much as possible.

  3. I hope your ankle is okay! I would maybe take it easy during the weekdays, since you are racing this weekend.

    That's awesome that your man is back to racing, congrats to him, I'm sure he was so ready!

    I definitely believe in RICE, and TOTAL rest days are always better than XT!

  4. I'm glad you were able to get good workouts in despite everything. It honestly sounds like just an issue with your ankle that with rest and elevation will be taken care of soon. I hope so at least and I know you are going to do awesome this weekend! Thanks for your all your support and see you soon!

  5. There was definitely a week wear I was just tired (probably one of my 20 mile weeks...). Nice job on the 20 miler, I'm planning on doing mine this Wednesday. You definitely need days off every once in a while. Probably not as often as I take them.. ha. But your training like crazy! Hope the ankle is nothing serious and gets better soon!

  6. I hope your ankle is OK! I totally get that way with marathon training... and am hitting it right about now. :)

  7. We runners are stubborn and do everything we can not to miss that long run! I hope the ankle is ok girl! You're doing the right thing with RICE. I definitely believe that helps!

  8. I am a big believer in RICE! When I was playing basketball I always injured my ankles, fingers, hands, shoulders, you name it. RICE is what always got it better... emphasis on the R.

  9. I often say that cross training = rest, but you're right, it really doesn't. I think it's important to have at least one real REST day where you don't do anything else. Sometimes it's mentally difficult for me to rest, but being off for as long as I have been due to injury has made me really understand the importance of not pushing too hard. I hope that ankle gets better soon!

  10. I am ALL about RICE especially the compression part of it. I swear Compression Socks heal most lower legs issues! I think cross training is considered an active recovery day while rest is a complete recovery day. The only cross training I would consider rest would be yoga... Depending on the type. I hope your ankle isn't anything too serious, but you're right, the only thing you can do is play it by ear. Fingers crossed for it feeling better!

  11. Sorry to hear about your ankle. I'm hoping it is just a fluke and you will be fine. I saw you were starting your run later in the morning and thought maybe it wasn't as hot where you live but sounds like it was hot by you too. I usually run early, I hate starting my runs after 7:30am (I'm an early bird).
    But interesting ice bath so I have some questions. 1.) do you have a special tub outside? 2.) if yes, what do you do in the winter?

    I take regular ice baths when marathon training and running long runs of 12 or more miles. However, I do it in the tub, in the house, sitting down. In the winter I like it because I can have coffee to keep warm while I am sitting there.

  12. Oh man! I'm guilty of saying one thing and doing the complete opposite. Definitely keep up the RICE. Fingers crossed it's nothing and you'll be back to good asap.

  13. Oh, I'll be thinking of you as you try to decide how to move forward- it's such a fine line between injury and getting stronger, and I've crossed it too many times in the past. :(

  14. It is so hard to balance rest and training. I hope it gets better quickly. Think long term - what is your long term goal? You are in super shape and won't loose fitness that quickly. If you're early enough in your training you might as well take the rest you need now so that it doesn't get worse later (I say this with my hamstring injury and don't listen to my advice). You still got in some great miles for the week!

  15. I had an injury that left me without running for 4 months. I had something that was bothering me a little but not enough to think that I needed to recover from it. (Like, not at all..just slight discomfort). Anyway, 11k run had gone super well and, 10 minutes after walking through the door, I couldn't walk without extreme pain.

    I learned my lesson!

  16. That's how I treat a run while dealing with an "issue"...go easy and be prepared to cut it short if there is any pain that you know shouldn't be there. We know our bodies the best and can tell when things aren't right. Good job getting the 20 in!

  17. My athletic trainer fiancé would say HECK YES to RICE. any time I have an issue this is what he says. What a doll he is. I really hope it's nothing serious! and some days you just need that heck yes I'm doing nothing and I'm going to be better for it tomorrow. :)

  18. In my experience with being very, very injury prone, I find sometimes these random aches and pains can come and go very quickly, depending on how you deal with them. Sounds like you're dealing with it well, being cautious, icing, etc. You'll be fine!

  19. Way to get those miles in! I have a friend who did Wineglass and LOVED it. I hope your ankle is ok. Keep doing what you're doing. ;)

  20. Absolutely believe in R.I.C.E. if you don't you risk doing a lot of harm to your body and could sideline you for even longer. You're doing an amazing job with your training :)

  21. 1) do you have a bucket on your patio specifically for dunking?
    2) lmao, yes, of course I have significant fatigue, duh; when was that now?
    3) i believe in YOGA - which is technically the act of listening to your body - so RICE or cross-training, your body will tell you, I believe.
    4) sleeping in the compression sox - duh - should def try that. good idea!


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