Thursday, August 1, 2013

Helllloooooooo August

So after my sappy emotional post yesterday where I basically informed y'all I am the most impatient person and yadda yadda yadda--- I figured I'd hit on some good things today!

I'm REALLY happy that July is over, it's not that it was a really bad month or even a bad month in general. I'm just ready for NEW, new month, new workouts, new perspective....

*Really getting into training for the next big thing on my agenda--Wineglass marathon. Week 2 is officially underway and it's going well--week 1 was pretty darn good too.

*On Monday night I am doing a trail/mud run. It's a small race south of Buffalo that a few of our friends are going so John and I decided to go out for it. I've said before I am not a good trail runner, I'm too much of a clutz. This won't be a race for me, just some good FUN muddy miles and time with my man and some friends :) [say a little prayer that I don't face plant please!]

*5k on the 10th, on the course where my current PR is-hoping to bust that 2 year old record!

*I also get to do a long run with Heather same weekend of said 5k- so excited, we will get to catch up (it's been way too long), and start planning shenanagins for Labor Day Weekend!

*As I said in my Summer Goals, I really want to strengthen my core. I've already been doing better the last few weeks, but after chatting with Hollie yesterday, I decided to do the August Core Focus Challenge (there is even a handy App for it!), so expect to see updates on that....will you join me? Hopefully this will give me a little more motivation to stick with regular core work!

*I also FINALLY bit the bullet and signed up for Foodie Pen pals through Lean Green Bean Blog. I've read everyone's recaps at the end of each month and always think "I really should do that, a great way to try new things", so I finally signed up. Can't wait to put something together for someone else, AND see what they put together for me :)

*The last day of this month will most likely be my favorite. You might have seen the tweets/facebook/instagramming between myself and a few other girls. Picture the screaming little girls at Beiberfest only...BETTER. On August 30th I fly out to spend a few days in Virginia Beach with Hollie and Heather! We will be running the Rock N' Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon (Sunday 9/1), as well as raising hell throughout the town....Join us? We already know Kristy is going to catch up with us and hopefully some others---Blogger beach day? It's going to be the perfect way to send Hollie off to Texas with a bang, kick off my birthday week, and just literally have a great time with awesome company! (This also crosses "Visit Hollie" off my summer goals/to-do list...Winning!)

Like I said---July wasn't bad,
some highlights include:
I got to spend time with my family for 4th of July, which doesn't happen often
I completed my first 70.3
I got some fabulous new racing shoes+Saucony of course!)
I did have the allergy issues, which did put a damper on some things- good news is it has finally been getting better! (bad news--still don't know what caused it in first place)

What do you have going on in August? Races? Vacations?

What was the best/worst about July for you?


  1. Best of July was being done with the broken ankle and getting back to workouts and my EMT job which I missed.

    Worst is realizing how much I lost in 5 weeks of not being able to walk/run.

    August I have a race this Saturday and hope to find at least one more to do. Plus spend time with the kids and do more fun things with them.

  2. I wish I could go to Virginia Beach with you ladies!!! And I'm glad you decided to sign up for Foodie Penpals! I hope you get partnered with someone great! :D It's just nice to get goodie packages in the mail... Christmas every month lol The best thing about July was being able to RUN. Even a little. So excited and so worth it.

  3. Yay for newness!!! In August I start my new job!!! I'm super excited! Good luck at the trail run and the 5K! You're gonna do great as always with both! :-)

  4. August I make my first trip to Disneyland and earn lots of bling with the Dubmo Double Dare and the Coast to Coast challenge! I look forward to hearing about your racecation to Virginia Beach!

  5. Best part of July, I logged 119 miles which is great for me!

    August will be full of marathon training and not much else. I am also doing the Core Focus challenge. I'm hoping to stick with it and tone up the core.

    I'm only 3 hours from VA Beach....just sayin' :)

  6. Best part of July...I decided to get serious again about my fitness and clean eats, and making it more consistent in my life...and in doing so it has made me feel better about me!

  7. Love THIS and the fresh start of a new month. It sounds like you have a lot of great things coming up this month too! :)

  8. Yay! I'm so excited it's August too! Very excited for VA Beach, but I hope August goes slow, I don't want summer to end.
    Glad your rash is getting better!

    Good luck at your races!

  9. Have fun in Virginia Beach! One of my friends is doing that half, he had a shirt from it on last night at the bowling alley and is super excited. I have a race that next weekend but I bet Va. Beach is a fun place to visit and run :). I'm glad your rash is getting better and remember your posts about the allergies, that's definitely a downer for the month of July, but hopefully you won't have to deal with it in August.

  10. Hmm...maybe a trip to Seattle next month? Not sure about that. I love traveling and visiting friends, especially during the summer, but I need to stop spending so much money!

    I feel like July came and went before I even knew it was here. I can't believe summer is almost over.

  11. I'm really glad you signed up for all that other stuff like the core challenge and the Foodie pen pals cuz I didn't think you had enough to do.

  12. New to your blog!! I love your posts and Yayy for the #AugustCoreFocus challenge with Sneakers & Fingerpaints {im doing it also} : )

    I have been wanting to sign up for the foodie pen pals for awhile and have not done so yet! Can't wait to read about your experience with it.. may ill sign up soon!

  13. Sounds like you have a full month this month! The core challenge sounds really cool but I'm teaching Zumba this month for the first time and I'm kind of focused on not making a but of myself. Good luck with all your runs!

  14. Doing a colour run in a couple of weeks! August already?! oh my!


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