Monday, August 12, 2013

Three's a party: Wineglass Training

This week was all about mixing things up and having some fun. So I partied every night and drank myself into oblivion. Okay- not really. BUT-- I did have a fun week running 2 races, and running with partners a few times as well. When all is said and done, I'm pretty happy with this week. 

Quick Rundown
Monday: 3.3 mile trail race (recap)
Tuesday: 10.04 mile run
Wednesday: 45 minutes elliptical
Thursday: 7 mile run with a friend
Friday:  Rest
Saturday: 3.6 mile w/u-c/d run, 3.1 mile race, 40 minutes bike
Sunday: 18 mile run with Heather

Total Running Miles: 45
Total Cross Training: 85 minutes

Seeing as my goal was fun this week, I can safely say that I met that goal. Between the trail race Monday with John and friends, running with my friend Ben on Thursday, Racing a 5k Saturday (recap to come soon!), Working out with John, and doing my long with Heather to end the week---there was a whole lot of fun going on (and that doesn't even include the other fun that was non-workout related)

I don't normally run with people that often, running is my "me"time. BUT this week was exactly what I needed--less stress! It's weird looking at my week and seeing I only ran solo once (definitely not the norm!)

I only got about half of my planned cross training time in this week- I'm not going to stress about it because I had some awesome runs, and that is more important. BUT I want to focus on sticking to my goals this week for running AND cross training/core work.

John and I got to workout together twice this week- Monday's trail race, and Saturday he ran on treadmill while I biked next to him. I'm really happy his knees are on the road to recovery from surgeries, definitely nice to be able to do more active things together again.

3 weeks until Hollie, Heather and I are all together and get to meet up with Kristy and co. as well....let us know if you are running Rock and Roll Virginia Beach! :) This is one of my really happy thoughts!

Some Scenes:
Our group at the mud run

Kicking my feet up after my 10 mile run on Tuesday

Celebratory Guinness Saturday night- if you follow me on twitter/IG you know why I was.
..if not you'll find out in a few days :)

After 18 miles relaxed by the lake, and apparently turned into a lobster without realizing until I got home.
What's Next:
This coming weeks mileage will most likely end up being the same as this weeks- which is good...steady!

In order to make sure I get my core workouts in and cross training as's SCHEDULED in the calendar at set times. Making it like a meeting I can't miss!

I may or may not do my first 20 of this training cycle this week- it's supposed to be the following week, but based on schedules and such it might be smarter to do it this week. We will see!

I had my fun week---time to get to business this week. Focus on what I NEED to do, and focus on the basics to make sure this foundation I have built stays strong.

How was your week?

Best run/Worst Run?

How often do you run with others?


  1. I run with others at least twice a week (long run & group speedwork session). For awhile there, I was going to run club 3x a week and running with others at almost EVERY run, but with moving and living further away, I decided to stop. Sometimes I push myself harder when I run alone too, but then it really depends on who you run with, I guess.

    It looks like you had a great week! Good job on both the races and managing to put in that many miles while racing and getting in the cross training. I have been cross training a lot lately too and it really helps.

  2. I like that you schedule your core workouts. That's a great idea. I took an amazing Pilates class on Saturday that I am STILL sore from. But it's that good kind of sore that you're happy about when it's over.

    1. Putting them in my schedule at a set times makes me more likely to do it and holds me accountable!

  3. I fell during my long run on Sat! Uneven pavement meant skinned knees, elbows & hands :-( cant complain though, my husband is way worse off after a cycling accident. We are quite the pair!

    1. Oh no!!! Hope you are okay, I have definitely been there before! You both had accidents this weekend? OMG, *hugs!!*

  4. I like your blog's new look!

    I ran 15 yesterday, so VA Beach is a go! :)

    I'm with you, I prefer to run alone usually.

  5. This actually is exactly what I needed to hear. I'm starting to fall into a serious running rut right now...I don't know why...I think I'm just stressed and confused with training and hearing about running with others makes me want to run a lot more with others. (and you of course). Looks like a nice productive (unstressful week to me).

  6. Loving the new look of your blog.

    What a great week!!

    I hardly ever run with someone. Once in a while I will run with my husband but with kids it can be tough.

  7. Love the facelift to the blog!
    For my long runs I enjoy running with others - it helps keep me focused and stay motivated

  8. Love the new look!

    Great week in running you had! 18 miles...wowza!

    I love running with friends although I've been running solo as of late (I forgot how to for a while if that makes any sense). Anyway, I've been running more than ever and I'm loving it :)

    Have a great evening!

    1. Thanks Kierston! Love seeing you running more, you're awesome!

  9. i am so so so glad we got to run together this weekend! And lake time was excellent as well. I didn't quite turn into a lobster, but I did notice this morning that I got more sun than I had realized - I guess all those clouds were a little misleading! Anyway, I'm really happy we got to hang out and now I'm even more excited for VA and the most epic reunion of all reunions :D

    1. EPIC. REUINION. YESSSSSS.... wtf is our #hashtag gonna beeeeee

  10. You had a great week! I'm glad you had fun running with friends! Sometimes you need that! so deserved that Guinness!!! ;-)

    1. Thanks Mindy! Fun was definitely what I got and needed!

  11. Ran all weekend with a friend in a race, it was great fun... ended up here because of the wine glasses....

    1. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend!

      Yum wine.'s distracting isn't it.

  12. I've only just started running with others in the last year - and every time I do it seems so much easier!! And yet, I really like my 'me' time, too. I'm a total chatty nut during races - find that if I can cheer on others it will cheer me further, too. Nice training week! Damn! Gimme somma that!


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