Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm asking for YOUR help :)

This week has been a roller coaster for sure, but the weekend is almost here! I have some things to look forward to which makes it even better. (a solo long run to clear my head, dinner with J's family, and a day just the 2 of us Sunday that he is planning....) 
This will be me leaving work later today....

Anyways, moving on.

Today's post is going to be a little different than normal...
I'm asking for YOUR help in 2 different ways--
Answering some questions, and donating to a charity for a family member-

I am working on a few posts and have a few questions for you...
you can leave your responses in comments, or email them to me at

1. What is your favorite bar (protein bar, granola bar, etc.)?
(Specific brand or flavor if you have one)

2. If you could have a dream house made for you, 
as an athlete what would a few of your 'features' be? 
(I.e. no stairs, because we all know they suck after leg workouts)

3. What are a few of your "Bucket List" Races (any distance)?

4. Thoughts on Women's only gyms? races?

5. Something you fear? (rational or irrational)
This can be related to life in general, running, triathlons, whatever--

6. If someone were to walk in your house- how would they know a runner/triathlete/athlete lived there?

I love helping charities by volunteering or donating, but this one is especially close to my heart. My brother in law (sisters hubby) has Cystic Fibrosis, it's a genetic respiratory disease (specifically of the secretory glands). He was diagnosed later in life than most (it's typically found in kids), but still faces the same issues. Not only does this disease affect quality of life, it affects length of life-- too many leaving us way too soon.

This disease will affect him as well as many others for the rest of their lives. A 'side effect' of the disease is fertility issues. You know my adorable nephew I love to brag about? He's our miracle baby. They had to go through genetic testing, and 4 rounds of IVF before they finally got this precious little man...

 My brother in law took up cycling a few years ago, because it was a way for him to get active, which essentially helps keep him healthier and the disease easier to manage. Each year he participates in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundations 'Cycle for Life', a charity bike ride that raises money for CF research. 

I'd like to take a moment and pass this link on- if you are able to spare a few dollars for a great cause, I promise you it's going to a good place. The annual ride is this weekend and Justin is geared up and ready for it, you can support him but using this link here:
(If you do donate please leave a note saying "Laura's Blog" or something of the sort so he knows how you found the page- this way we know how to get in touch to thank people)


If you want another great cause to help out: Katie is raising money for Chron's & Colitis, a cause dear to her as her fiance battles this disease. Katie is an absolute sweetheart and I was glad to donate to her cause, if you would like to as well -you can find her fundraising page here:


Thanks for your help! Have a great weekend!

okay, one last question for you...
What are YOU looking forward to this weekend?


  1. What a great cause! I am actually running the Louisiana Half as a part of the LA CF team.

    I would definitely love going to a women's only gym. I always want to use the equipment at the gym, but anything other than cardio is always dominated by men, and I feel uncomfortable working out in that area.

  2. Here are my answers :).

    1. What is your favorite bar (protein bar, granola bar, etc.)? Clif bars, I like the white chocolate ones.

    2. If you could have a dream house made for you,
    as an athlete what would a few of your 'features' be? A treadmill with a special very very cool temperature controlled room for it. Also a hot tub.

    3. What are a few of your "Bucket List" Races (any distance)? Marine Corps Marathon, Disney races, would love to do a race in the Caribbean, maybe Key West too.

    4. Thoughts on Women's only gyms? races? It's not really for me, but I think it's a good thing for ladies who are beginners or just don't want to work out around men in the gym.

    5. Something you fear? (rational or irrational)
    This can be related to life in general, running, triathlons, whatever-- Oversleeping and missing a race.

    6. If someone were to walk in your house- how would they know a runner/triathlete/athlete lived there? Big box of various running shoes, lots of protein powders and shakers, lots of water bottles just lying around.

  3. So sorry about your brother in law!

    1. Granola
    2. Pool
    3. A half but nothing specific
    4. Don't like em.
    5. Turtles
    6. By the magazines all over my living room floor!

  4. Such a great cause. I'm so glad they got their miracle baby!!
    Hmm, favorite bars- Larabar or Kind bars. If someone walked into my house, they'd know I was a runner by the sneakers piling up at the door, the spibelt hanging from the hook, the water bottles in the dishwasher, the endless piles of workout gear in the laundry baskets, and probably more that I'm so used to I don't even notice anymore... :)

  5. Ooo lots of fun questions!
    1.) Power Crunch bars in Vanilla. They are wafer protein bars.
    2.) I'm not sure if this counts as an athlete house question but I have always wanted a slide inside the house to get from one floor to the other. Or a loft area at the very top of the house for reading.
    3.) Boston again, Eugene, Goofy Challenge, Maui, Big Sur and something International London, Paris, China. That's a long bucket list lol
    4.) Not a fan of women's only races. I don't really get the point. If it is so women aren't embarrassed, I think a women's only race would make women criticize each other. Men there would make a distraction and provide greater competition.
    5.) Squirrels. Especially while running. I am so afraid that I am going to startle them and instead of running up a tree they run up my leg. I always imagine their claws digging into my legs as they crawl up. (You are probably laughing at me at this point. It's ok, I know how ridiculous I sound)
    6.) Multiple pairs of running shoes as you walk in the door. Make your way to the kitchen and magnets and race results on the fridge and make your way to the living room where garmins are charging.

    This weekend I am relaxing (kind of) for the first time since we got back from the honeymoon. Going to hang out with our new pup, clean and organize the house, catch up on the DVR and who knows what else. Really looking forward to staying in this weekend.

  6. I love KIND bars and the Carrot Cake Luna Bar.
    Dream house: A workout room that has a rockin' treadmill WITH a tv built into it, a stereo system with surround sound, a boxing bag, a spin bike, a hot tub, and a full set of weights. <-- wow, I really AM dreaming.
    My bucket list distances: I eventually want to do an ultra- 50 miler, and I MAY have the idea of a full ironman in my mind for the future.
    I fear the swimming part of a triathlon.

  7. 1) I'm not a big bar person but I guess my favorite would be the protein bars by Designer Whey. 2) In my dream house I would have an indoor air conditioned track for running. And my own gym! 3) Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare, New York Marathon, Disney World Dopey Challenge 4)Women's only gyms and races don't bother me. For some women it's less intimidating to not have men around. For others, women are more critical of them. So there are pros and cons! 5)I have a fear of my house burning down. I also fear cockroaches and snakes. 6)You'd know a runner lives in my house because of all the running shoes laying around as well as running magazines, rollers, all the medals on my medal rack, and running clothes drying on the side of the bathtub and hung up around the house to dry after washing (because you know you can't put those running skirts in the dryer)!

  8. 1. My favorite are Luna Bars.
    2. I'd love to have my own home gym. Also a separate tub (for ice baths) and a huge walk-in shower.
    3. New York, Boston, and the Dopey Challenge.
    4. I don't like women's only races that are too girly, but I like the special touches like shirts that fit, chocolate and champagne at the finish instead of beer. I've never been to a women's only gym, but I've been to a gym that had a special women's room that was nice because the strength machines were better sized. I can't use the machines at my current gym because they're all too big. Not in terms of weight, but I'm just really petite.
    5. Honestly I can't really think of anything I fear.
    6. The foam roller and stick lying around, and all the running shoes.

  9. People know a runner lives in my house because they are immediately greeted by a few pairs of running shoes and a foam roller... continuing on into the bedroom all you see are more running shoes, compressions socks... yeah. :)

    I am so obsessed with KIND bars. I love the taste of them and the fact that they aren't overly filling. Otherwise I like to eat Luna bars too!

  10. What a great cause! And I'm so happy that they got their miracle baby. He's a cutie!

    Here's my answers:
    Favorite bars - Picky Bars
    Dream house - Home gym with Woodway treadmill, swimming pool and top notch weights
    Dream race - Boston, an ultra, London or Paris marathon, Eugene
    Women's only - Not really into it.
    Fear - I'd love to do a Tri but fear the swimming!

  11. What a great cause and I love how your BIL dealt with it in a healthy way.
    Fun questions!
    1. Clif Z Bars
    2. A kick butt surround sound, an ice cold A/C and lot's of bright, fun colors.
    3. My collection of race bibs & bling and running shoes.
    4. Disney
    5. Don't have a preference.
    6. Snakes and yacking. I may have shuddered just typing those.

  12. MY favorite protein bar - really!? haha all kidding aside, I am a LARABAR Ambassador so I do really really love them but those are more fruit and nut (even though they have the ALT - protein from peas, but not the same as whey, egg whites, soy etc) If you are looking for more mainstream, high quality protein go with Clif Original or Builders since they use soy and maybe (I think at least) whey. When I can find them I love PureFit and Quest!

    As for a women's gym - I honestly wish I had one! I am only 4'11 with a baby face so I always feel like I am being judged in the weight room. If I see its crowded I just skip weights.

  13. 1. Nature's Bakery Fig Bar- Whole Wheat Blueberry
    2. A kick ass gym, and a nice sized, flat, fenced in yard.
    3. Dublin Marathon, Pike's Peak Marathon
    4. I used to go to a women's only gym, I prefer them to be honest with you.
    I do not like women only races though. I would be pissed if there was men only races, which is how it used to be! All races should be for everybody.
    5. I fear I will travel far for a race, and end up sleeping in!
    6. You wouldn't know unless you walked into my closet, and saw all of my awards and/or running clothes and shoes.

  14. I love Quest bars - cookie dough and cinnamon roll.
    Would love to try a woman's race and my bucket list is ridiculous.

  15. CF is devastating. Awesome that your brother in law is doing a CF ride!

    Now for answers:

    1. My favorite granola bar is Flaxjax from a little cafe in Bristol, RI called The Beehive Cafe. But since that's not commercially available everywhere, I'll go with Luna Bars. They taste like Candy! I also like Balance Bars and Kind bars.

    2. I'd have an at-home gym, a hot tub, and a massage room with a personal masseuse.

    3. SO many bucket list races. Berlin Marathon, Disneyland Half Marathon, Marathon du Medoc, Rome Marathon, the list goes on and on :)

    4. I've never been to a women's only gym, so don't know. I've really enjoyed the women's only races I've done.

    5. I hate bugs, snakes, afraid of sharks, all sorts of silliness.

    6. If someone walked into my house, they'd know a runner lives there from the parade of sneakers at the front door!


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