Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday recap and facts

I can't believe it is Friday already....
As I talked about yesterday though, at some point we must carry on.
As a part of the running community we run on and never forget what happened,
but honor it by moving forward and standing together in support.

Quick recap of the week so far

Work both Jobs all day
Night time run (4 mi)[7:56,7:41,7:25,7:25]

Morning run (4 mi)[8:12,7:56,7:41,7:35]
Work all day
Afternoon run (4 mi)[8:20,7:58,7:47,7:47]
Studied/relaxed all night

Work all day
40 minute ride outside (11.38 mi)[17.1 mph]
Play date with a 4 year old (J's nephew)
Studied for Series 7
Wednesday's post-ride
Work all day
Afternoon run (5 mi)[8:05,7:42,7:37,7:23,6:56]
Studied all night for my Series 7
Sweaty Thursday! 78 and sunny!

Today marks 1 month until marathon #5 , I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am not going to be prepared as I should for this. The last few weeks have been off and I know that will affect it.  I am not going into the race with a PR goal (but that was always the plan for this race), it's another marathon and another long run. After lots of thinking, and bouncing ideas off some people... my plan for the next few weeks is to just be consistently running. I do NOT plan on tapering much for the race, maybe a few days (with the exception of biking, I most likely will not bike the week of the race, need fresh quads). Cleveland is not my goal race...Musselman 70.3 is(July), therefore killing myself  for a better time in Cleveland next month wont do my any good.

As for the duathlon I am doing next weekend, let's just say it won't be pretty. I'll make it happen, but I am very ill-prepared for it. I won't make excuses like some people will do, I will simply say I haven't been dedicating enough time for it lately and that is at the fault of no one but myself. My goal is to finish, and hopefully not fall on the bike or during transition.  If I can do that, I'll be a happy girl.

Weekend plans:
Work all day
Afternoon run planned (3-5 mi)
Afternoon ride planned (30-45 minutes)
Spending night playing games with J and his friends 

Morning run planned (maybe 10 mi) with Hollie and Jen
Baking some yummy stuff for tomorrow
12:30 meeting with a possible wedding venue on Keuka Lake(eek!)
2pm Seneca 7 pre-race meeting/packet pickup
Spending the night on Seneca lake with the rest of our Seneca 7 relay team!

Seneca 7 relay! (my first road relay!)
I am runner #7, so I run legs 7,14 and finish it off with 21.
I will be running a total of 10.9 miles 
(each person runs 3 times, with a total of 9.4-12.1 miles)
My first leg is 4.1, 2nd is 3.1 and my final leg is 3.7
Cheer for team "Sloppy Sevenths!" :):):)

Some Friday Facts:
  • 1 month until Cleveland Marathon
  • 86 days until my first Half-Ironman 
  • 505 days until our wedding (tentatively!)
  • Fact: I heard a girl last night at Barnes & Noble telling her friend that she went to go for a run, and collapsed at 1 mile and had to call for a ride. Then she said how she 'googled' it and found out it was because she ate a salad before she ran, and that its a common problem among runners and that it happens to elites all the time when they eat salads before they run....I kid you not, I smacked my forehead and wanted to pull her hair for this. Seriously ladies, don't make yourself sound like an idiot, I highly doubt you read that on the internet, and if so, you need to learn to judge quality of info! [my assessment: she got tired at mile 1 and called for a ride, due to the fact that she is overweight & out of shape and it was extremely hot yesterday...keep running, it will get easier and you will get healthier and not have to make up stupid excuses why you can't run more than a mile. I am not trying to be insensitive or mean, I'm simply stating that it won't get easier until you keep working at it, and making stupid excuses isn't fooling anyone]
  • Less than a week until I get to see my baby nephew again! Isn't he just the cutest thing EVER! ( No, I am not biased...he really is the cutest)

Boston Tribute Updates: I am loving all of the planned tribute runs around the country, makes me proud to be a runner. I am implementing my own small little tribute...I am going to be making some blue/yellow ribbon pins to wear at races over my heart.... something little but sentimental. Let me know if you want one or have any ideas (I'll post a picture when I get one made up)!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Have you ever done a road relay (Ragnar, etc.) before?
Whats the lamest excuse you have heard before regarding someone's workouts?


  1. UGH that girl. I'm really excited for the impromptu run. It has certainly made my weekend and I'm really excited for it. I would wear one of the ribbons. Also before I leave, I want to steal some of your brothers peanut butter mixture (I think you said it was your bothers..I don't know why I just thought of that...apparently stealing your things...).

    I think you will still do well at your marathon...not tapering will help your goal race even more. I'm really excited to see how Seneca goes and also the duathalon in a couple of weeks (and obviously the half).

    Random but I really enjoy this post is tagged with babies.

  2. This last minute run plan has me very happy, much needed!~
    I'll get you a jar of runnerbutter to take home with you!!!

    I had to make babies a tag, because I have a feeling I will be sharing lots of pictures showing off my nephew...he really is a cute little thing.

  3. your nephew is adorable!! can't wait to hear about your upcoming races :)

    I would definitely wear a pin. What a simple, thoughtful, and heartfelt gesture

  4. I think Cleveland will still be a good race- and each one teaches you a little more. Who knows what can happen on race day- PRs happen!

    There's a road relay I was supposed to do this weekend, but i withdrew from the team. Thankfully they had a replacement. One of these years I will do it! I hope you have a great time!!

    Funny story about the salad and the runner who could run no more. ha. It happens, but not usually at mile 1 :)

  5. Seriously? It never ceases to amaze me the things that come out of people's mouths. I think I want to google eating salads before running just to see what comes up!

  6. ahh I'm doing a duathlon tomorrow! lemme know if you have any questions! :) this is my 6th or 7th to date (my favorite racing event definitely!) I've been through most of the what do i do transition crazies before! It's intimidating ...


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