Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mental Inventory Day

I think some of you might be realizing why I titled my blog "Catching my breath"
My life is busy and hectic (and I love it), and constantly on the go.
With Seneca 7 relay this past weekend (recap here!),
Race season has officially started!

With that said, now more than ever am I going to be 
"catching my breath".
Between life, work, studying, wedding planning, training and racing....
whew, I need to catch my breath.

Heading into such a busy time, is kind of scary for me.
I don't handle stress well (At least I admit it)
I am getting better about it, but it takes work.
I wanted to take a little time to do an "inventory" 
this will be mental inventory,
tomorrow I plan on doing a gear inventory!

 Things that I am happy/excited about right now
Race season starting makes me happy, and overly excited.
I love the rush of racing.
I love the adrenaline pumping and the heart pounding with every step I take.
I am even more excited for race season this year, 
because last year I was on the sidelines and missed a bunch of my favorite races.

I am excited about the fact that we have most likely found our wedding reception venue!
Finding a place we love, 
that has the things we were looking for,
and a place we can afford,
now that's a win!

I am excited to have a renewed sense of motivation with my running.
Everything about Boston this year gave me motivation to run strong again.
Saturday I ran with Hollie and Jen which gave me new found inspiration,
these 2 women are amazing, and I could only hope to be half as fast as they are.
Sunday doing the relay (and we kicked ass) with an amazing team, 
reminded me why I LOVE running so much.
I don't know what the trigger was, 
but I am happy to be a loving runner again.

Things I am nervous about
My first Duathlon is this weekend. (5k run, 20 mile bike, 5k run).
I'm lacking experience on the bike, 
I've never done a transition,
if I get a flat, I'M SCREWED.
I really don't want to fall.

Cleveland is 24 days away.
Although this is #5, 
and I don't need a BQ (already have it),
this race is getting me worked up.

Studying for my Series 7 Exam has me anxious.
There is massive amounts of material, 
and I want to (need to) make sure I know it forward and back.

My hamstring is really bothering me. 
I got a massage last night and she spent 35 of the 55 minutes 
working on a racquetball size knot on the back of my leg. 
"sometimes you have to put the elbow into it"
if that describes how 'relaxing' it was.
I can't get injured, I can't get injured.
Good news, it's not an injury it's a problem (there's a difference)
and I won't let this be an excuse for anything.

List of some Irrational fears I have right now
(I know they're irrational, so tell me to snap out of it.)
My foot is still damaged 
(I had phantom pain in my left foot last week, same foot that I broke this time last year)
[I know it's not, it's just my mind playing games]
Saturday is going to be my first DNF
(That's how unconfident I am going into my first duathlon)
[I'll finish, even if it takes me forever]

Cleveland is going to be my worst marathon time
(This training cycle has been crap, good thing I already have my BQ)
[1. I'm still in better shape than I was for my first, 2. who cares if it's my worst?]

I don't have it in me to be a real triathlete
(I'm bad at sticking to plans, I love running more than the other 2 disciplines, biking and swimming don't come as easy to me therefore I will suck at them)
[stupidest irrational fear EVER. I know I need to work hard, but I will get there!]

10 things I am grateful for right now
1. My fiance: I'm a very lucky girl to have him. 
2. I have 2 jobs, this is a blessing (and a curse).
3. I have the ability to run, I must use it.
4. I can pay my bills, and put food on the table.
5. As much as Series 7 studying stresses me out,
 I am grateful for the opportunity to make this a career
6. Real friends that I have. 
They support me, don't control me, encourage me 
and make me want to be a better person.
7. My family. Great role models for parents, 
& overjoyed for my sister and her husband with their new baby.
8. My health, I feel I take my body for granted far too much, I need to be grateful for it and appreciate all it allows me to do.
9. Caffeine: for without it I wouldn't be able to accomplish all that I do 
10. Making mistakes and second and learn and do everything you can to better yourself, admit when you are wrong, and stand up for yourself when you're right. No one is perfect, nor will anyone ever be, the only thing you can control is YOURSELF.

What I can do to help myself?
Stick to my to-do lists to make sure I get things done that need to be
Stretch more: hard worked bodies need it
Make time for myself: no phone, no computer, no studying, just ME.
Forgive myself: for mistakes, missed workouts, things like's not worth holding on to.
Stand up for myself: I AM IN CONTROL
Stay committed to my goals: It's going to take work but it will be worth it in the end
Support myself & not belittle myself: I need to stop being my own worst critic
Ask for help: I can't do it all alone, this much I know!

true story.

Have you taken a mental inventory lately?

What are you excited about?

What are you nervous about?

Any irrational fears you have ? -->>

What are ways you help yourself?


  1. Great post. And its something I have never really done... I am bad with stress to usually I let it bug me and say nothing until it gets way bad and then I have a meltdown.

    1. I tend to be that way too, I am trying to work on it!

  2. A mental inventory of me would be a disaster right now. My mind is everywhere it SHOULDN'T be. =/

    1. yes but no dear...writing it down (even if you're the only one who sees it) can help you gauge where you are at and such. Seeing some things written down make me realize I am stressing about silly things and worry about things I have no control over.

  3. "Make time for myself: no phone, no computer, no studying, just ME." Amen. I need to do that too. My training is my me time and it's been suffering under the weight of all the other things on my to-do list. Have to make me a priority! Thanks for reminding me :)

    1. ANytime! I need to force myself to do this sometimes, it's not selfish to take care of yourself, it's necessary!

  4. I plan on doing a duathlon one of these days!

    My first race of the season is next weekend! Doing a 5K :)

    I've been taking mental breaks .. it's been good...real good!

    1. Good luck in the 5k! No doubt you'll do awesome since you are in such great shape training for your competition! Can't wait to hear how both go!

  5. First, I know you are going to have a kickbutt Du and a kickbutt Half. I cannot wait to see how they both go and will be texting you immediately.

    I can certainly relate to the stress. I know for a fact I don't handle that well in the slightest. I've made a very intense to do list for before I leave and I'm even stressed about that.

    I think that knot in your hamstring will go away with just time and foam rolling and prodding at it. Does it hurt when running or just tight?

    1. If I was talented enough to have my phone during the du, I'd be texting you telling you how I hate my life. But I can't do that, so Ill text you after telling you I survived and how slow I was.

      I'm sure you have a wicked to do list before you leave. #1 on that list...spend the weekend with me before you go!

      Hammy is okay when running, a little tight. It's when I stop or stretch it certain ways that it cramps up bad and hurts.


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