Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Day I Became Aunt Laura

Yesterday was a life-changing day....I became an aunt...
12:01 AM missed call-MOM
12:01 AM missed call-MOM
12:03 AM missed call-MOM
12:04 AM missed call-MOM
12:05 AM missed call-MOM

12:05 AM mom finally calls John's phone...

"There is only one reason I would be calling you in the middle of the night.....Her water broke"

This is one of those moments I have been waiting for, but was so unprepared when it finally came.
I was walking in circles trying to get ready while still being half asleep.
I had only been asleep for ONE hour.
This is the point where I am thinking....Dear God this kid really better be coming.

The plan was to drive to my parents house (35 minutes) and ride with them to the hospital (another 1.5 hours), The entire ride to my parents house I was wide awake and excited. Clear skies, stars were out, and a Tim McGraw song came on.

"'Cause' someday when you're looking back on your life
At the memories, this is gonna be one of those nights"

I was tired but yet so awake the whole ride to the hospital. The 3 of us talking about random things trying to pass the time, but we were all in great moods.

Finally arrived at the hospital around 2:30, she still hadn't had the baby
(We told her to cross her legs until we could get there....)

We were told it could still be a while, so we grabbed a TON of coffee for all of us waiting. (Myself, my parents, my brother in law, his sister and her fiance, and brother in law's parents)

Of course mine is the Extra Large.....

The waiting continued as the night turned into early morning.

Finally around 6, my brother in law came out and told us she was at 10 cm and ready to go.

Baby boy decided to play a belated April Fools joke....

He was Breach.

They came and told us they were taking her to surgery. 

As much as I know this is common, it was still very nerve-wrecking, we were all on edge.

Finally we got this image sent to us (from my brother in law)
Look closely....FEET IN THE AIR!!!!
The hugs and tears started as we waited for more news.
My sister was in recovery from surgery and we had the chance to 
watch my newborn nephew get his first bath while he hung out in the nursery.
We knew it was going to be a while before we could see him with my sister
So off to breakfast we went, of course we got more caffeine too...
At this point were pushing 24+ hours of being up (minus my one hour sleep)

When we got back to the hospital, it was time to meet that little man...
Alden Alexander Hugg
7lb 6oz
20.75" long
Practically perfect in every way :)
My sister and her wonderful miracle baby. 4 years, 4 rounds of IVF treatments, and she finally has a baby to call her own:)
I was overwhelmed holding that little man, I can't believe my nephew is finally here! There are so many things I can't wait to do with him and watch him grow up, beyond excited! Before I left I had some very serious conversations with him....

You are a Bills fan, you were born that way & will be raised that way. SHOUT!
You will love Syracuse Basketball, & help us beat Michigan on Saturday.
Aunt Laura will always spoil you.
If you want to learn ways to make your mommy mad, let me know!
You are the most loved little peanut in the world.
You have runner in your blood, embrace it.
You can be whatever you want to be in this world, and I will always help you.
You are the miracle baby in this family, we love you so much.

The rest of yesterday was kind of a blur. The ride home, then the drive from my parents to work. I was at work for maybe an hour and couldn't focus. By the time I got home, showered and sat down I realized I had been up for roughly 32 hours (minus 1 hour of sleep in the middle).
I was tired and getting cranky, little to no energy for workouts or anything else of the sort.
Hell, I couldn't even focus on making food, I almost burned myself!
I let myself take a nap, and then got up and relaxed for a while, and went to bed early.

Today I feel better, but not great. I can't go without sleep like I used to be able to in college.
Hopefully can get a workout in after work, but if I am not feeling well I won't do it.
Sometimes you need to let the body catch up.
When I was planning this week out, I knew I had to take it easy and refresh myself this week.
Adding 32 hour sleep deprivation in there that was unplanned,
rest and refreshing is what I need more than ever.
Don't get me wrong, I am beyond excited about my nephew, and his being born.
I was more than happy to be at the hospital for hours and spending time with my family.
I don't regret any of it, at all...not one second.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

What is your favorite part about having a niece/nephew?
Do you remember the day they were born?

How does your body respond to no sleep?
(for instance: I lose focus, get nauseous and light headed)


  1. Oh my gosh congratulations! This is very exciting and I love the phone call recap. Family is far more important than any workout. You have the rest of your life for those.

  2. Yay congrats on becoming an Aunt he is super cute!!!!!!! Yes sleep deprivation is much harder when not in college or school! So glad you got there before she had the baby.

  3. Ah, that's awesome! I love your enthusiasm for being an aunt. Congrats to everyone.

    Sleep dep is hard...I honestly still have nightmares sometimes that I am back in those early baby days in the midst of it, and my kids are 12 and 8 now! If you want to give your sister the best gift ever, give her a night off of getting up in the middle of the night 6 weeks or so down the road!

  4. Wahooo! How exciting--CONGRATULATIONS. I can't wait to be a mom and aunt. Got a ways to wait though... hopefully ;)

    Take and ENJOY the rest. You deserve it lady.

  5. Congrats all around!!!

    I don't have nieces or nephews but I do remember when my little sibling were born! So exciting!

  6. Congrats to everyone! Just be happy you get to sleep now. ;o) I was sooo tired after having my first - and then he didn't let me sleep through the night until he was 4 LOL.

  7. Aww newborn babies are so cute.. what a story, congrats!!


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