Friday, April 12, 2013

Changing the Routine

Well, I have a gigantic confession to make.
I SUCK at mornings.
I love the snooze button. I love my bed, I love cuddling up
I am horrible about getting up.
I'd like to say I am being a drama queen, but It's nothing but the truth.
After telling you about my crazy life and everything going on right now, I really got to thinking about my schedule and the best way to make time for everything. I chatted with Hollie about it, because, well I tell her a lot of things...and she's awesome about running every morning.

For the record I didn't always use to be bad at mornings, I actually used to be pretty good at them. My problem is that for the last few years my schedule has been constantly changing. Having a steady schedule and routine can be really helpful for exercise and life in general. So I'd go through spurts of getting up almost every morning and starting the day with a workout, other times I'd go weeks of lunchtime workouts, it all just depended on work. The good news is, I THINK I am finally able to get a schedule down (at least during the week) and I know I would be better off if I started my day earlier and got a workout in. 

If I could start getting my butt out of bed in the morning, even do a short workout (break up my miles for the day) it would free up time after work for more studying/getting things done so that I don't have to stay up as late to accomplish the same things. 

Besides the fact that working out in the morning is good for scheduling, it's great for the mind/body too. Working out in the morning boosts metabolism, helps improve mood and it can make you more alert. Lord knows I could use a little more alertness during the day.

I actually got up yesterday morning and worked out before work...and again today *gasp!*

instant human...just add coffee!
Yesterday I got up and hit the gym and hit the spin bike for a sweaty 45 minutes, then got ready for job #1 and went on my way. I was planning on getting a run in between my 2 jobs, but unfortunately I had to spend a little extra time in the office which meant not enough time to run and shower (and I can't really wait tables all sweaty, looking and smelling like I just might suffer). So I didn't end up getting my run in yesterday but I went to bed feeling better than I would have if I didn't get a workout in at all (since I did get 15.6 miles in on the bike). So we can call yesterday a half-win.

This morning I realllyyyyyy struggled to get out of bed. It's hard to get out of bed when its chilly out and you have a fiance next to you under the covers keeping you warm. Finally I got my butt up and hit the treadmill for a measly 3 miles. I would have liked more but I dragged my feet so much getting out of bed that I just didn't have time. I also am working both jobs today (again) and I know there won't be time between to get more miles in. C'est la vie.

My goal is to do a morning workout 3/5 days next week (I am not counting weekends in this whole thing because every weekend is different with work and races, and life in general). Can you help hold me accountable for this?? Please please please. Find a way to make my phone blow up and kick me out of bed, or something of the sort. John's been trying to help, but it's hard because I think it better suits him if I stay in bed with him in the morning (let's be real here). So this is really going to be a test of my willpower to make this happen. I know it will be a really good thing for me, the first few weeks will be the hardest. This week I did 2 days, next 3, and might stick to 3 for a while then go to 4 (let's hold off on 5, no one likes an overachiever).

What time of day do you usually work out?
Any tips for getting up in the morning?


  1. I need to get up early and use my treadmill... However I to LOVE snooze button until the last possible moment. My days are crazy hectic and never know how the lunch hour or evening will be so 9/10 there isn't time to fit in a workout or I am zapped of energy...

    I think what would help me is if I had a friend who was getting up early to workout knowing that they were up busting butt on the treadmill I would be more apt to get out of my warm bed and jump on the one in my house.

  2. I have been really cutting myself off at night to wake up early. I turn my phone on alarm only at 9pm and get off the computer most of the time and just lay in bed no matter what. Like I said though, I don't have anyone/thing preventing me from that right now.

    This rain and snow has made it awful for getting up though...all I want to do is lay in bed. I think the initial getting out of bed is the worst but then once you are actually out of bed it's not bad.

    I'm seriously glad we can always chat and we are always chatting LOL.

  3. I'm a total morning freak. I'm up at 4:30 to run/workout and I don't need an alarm. Sick, huh? I blame my dad for my ways. Growing up he wouldn't let us sleep in past 8 a.m. on the weekends or during the summer. It's never left me...

  4. Great goal to aim for 3 maybe 4... I cannot get out of bed every morning. It makes the mornings that I do get up early easier knowing that I have one or two when I can sleep in. :) Well, "sleeping in" is relative with a 3 yo in the house, but you know what I mean.

  5. I wake up super early but don't workout till early evening :)

    I've always been an early riser by nature. Both parents are like that too :)


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