Monday, April 22, 2013

Good, Bad, Yummy 4/19-4/21

This weekend was...INSANE.
It was a great weekend, but the entire thing was on a strict time schedule 
which didn't leave much room for error (no room for error in some cases).
And the only way to describe how I feel today, TIRED.

Worked all day
Errands/packing for the weekend
Played a Game all night with J's friends for one friends Birthday

10 mile Run with Hollie & Jen
Wedding Venue tour on Keuka Lake
Seneca 7 Packet pickup/pre-race briefing 
Pasta dinner with our relay team/goofing around all night

Seneca 7 Relay (Full recap of this to come tomorrow)

The Good
*Not working Friday night was a nice breath of fresh air.

*I actually got to relax Friday night and have a beer.

*They caught that monster of a terrorist. In a boat. (The jokes are endless.)

*Friday night I was sent this picture of my nephew in my mom's glasses. Priceless.

*Running with Hollie and Jen was great, nothing like running with 2 women who are insanely talented but the most down to earth people to spend time with...I wish we could run together more often.

*The Wedding Venue John and I toured Saturday was...amazing. I think we found a winner!

*Saturday night pasta dinner with out relay team was great. I knew all but 2 on the team, and by the end of the weekend I felt like I knew everyone for years. 

*Having an adorable nephew makes for great pre-race texts.
I got this text Sunday morning as a "good luck picture" of my Nephew from my sister.
*Seneca 7 falls under good category simply because I don't have an amazing category (I might have to make one). The race was one of the most fun things I have done in a long time, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend all weekend in close quarters with. We had a VERY fast team, which was incredibly took 7 runners (and 1 amazing chauffeur) 8 hours and 32 minutes to run 77.7 miles (6:34 average pace). 6th place out of 208 teams, BAM! I will write much more about all this tomorrow in a full recap, there is too much I don't want to leave out! 

The Bad
*I didn't get my run in as planned Friday afternoon, but I'm okay with it. But since it is a missed workout, we will file that under bad.
*The game we played Friday night for J's friends Birthday was... LONG. Let's just say it took 5+ hours and could have gone longer. It was fun but...yeah. 

*It snowed/hailed Saturday morning, who made Mother Nature mad?

*There were a few times yesterday things got stressful (we were going so fast, there were times it got difficult to get from checkpoint to checkpoint), it meant some sacrificing. We worked great as a team though which made us successful, but there were definitely some things on the course that made it hard! Stretching, warm-up/cool-down and proper fueling became challenging as the race went on and legs got closer together.

*My hamstring has a giant knot in it, that decided to show up halfway through the day yesterday (running fast, and multiple times and cramming in a van between probably didn't help)

*My stomach is NOT happy with me from this weekend (mainly yesterday), it was so confused as to what was going on. (run, ride in car, eat, cheer, repeat 3 times)

The Yummy
*Friday had some seriously yummy food bar stuff from Wegmans for dinner. 

*Double chocolate stout while playing the game Friday night...AMAZING.

*Sunday's relay was fueled by Bananas, brownies, cookies, and cheeseballs. It was amazing
For the record we had lots of healthy things too...but I will say, I DID eat 5 cheeseballs right before running a sub 20 5k on my second leg.
1lb. GONE after 77.7 miles and 7 runners.

 How was your weekend?
Any races/relays or fun things that you did?
What was your Good, Bad & Yummy for the weekend?


  1. Sounds like a super busy but fun weekend. your nephew is super cute :)

  2. I had such a good weekend with you and Jen! It was certainly my highlight and I can't wait for a few weekends from now.

    As far as your hamstring knot goes, I had a terrible one from the Shamrock that literally took about 2 weeks of deep foam rolling to go away. I made Tim do it because I couldn't get that deep into my hamstring. I cried nearly everytime but eventually went away. Hope yours does too!

    1. Um, My foam roller is going to be with me EVERYWHERE until this damn thing goes away.

      I can't wait until our whole weekend of shenanagins.

  3. Proof that you can eat some yummy foods and NOT have it "ruin" your performance. Drives me crazy when people say they "can't" eat something. Anyways, it does sound like a really awesome weekend filled with running friends! Hard to beat that :)

  4. What a fun weekend. It's on my race bucket list to do a relay race. I was signed up for Ragnar a couple years ago but had an Army conflict rain on that parade.
    I am EXHAUSTED from this weekend. Bachelorette party for my best friend.. going on a 3 day bender. =/

    1. Bachelorette parties are fun!Can be just as tiring if not more tiring than running! Keep a relay on your bucket list, you are young and have plenty of time!

  5. Okay, just reading about your weekend made me tired, I hope next weekend is more relaxing for you.

    1. Dear lord I wish it was, but I don't think I can count a duathlon saturday and a half marathon sunday as more relaxing. But racing is what I love! I knew that there was going to be a period of time where I didn't have much of a break (next few weeks) but I'll make it work!

  6. I've been seeing cheese balls everywhere! Do they taste like cheesies?


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