Thursday, June 27, 2013

Boston, Triathlon Training and Life in General.

My mind has been going a million miles a minute lately (unfortunately my feet haven't been following), so today is just a few things spilling out of my head. 

Related to Boston Marathon
The memorial was removed from Copley Square this week, all of the items are going to be cleaned and archived. Runners World also reported "a Remembrance Committee will be formed to help establish a permanent memorial or some type of event or structure to honor victims and survivors". Some runners were upset that the memorial was removed before the One Run For Boston running relay reached Boston, but they are still running for a great cause and that is what counts. I think that removing the memorial doesn't mean forgetting, it means moving forward in honor of all those affected.
Image from Runner's World Article
For those of you who don't know, Monday is going to be a big day for many. The Boston Athletic Association will be announcing the September registration dates/procedures for the 2014 Boston Marathon. Seeing as the interest in running the race has drastically increased, registration dates/procedures are going to be key for those (like myself) who will be trying to register. I plan on stalking watching the B.A.A website on Monday while waiting for the information to be released.

Related to my Training
Last week was a big training week for me, and I got through it pretty well (a few naps were necessary). This week I actually backed off a little Monday-Wednesday, I listened to my body and that's what it told me to do. I'm not in pain, I am not even crazy sore, but I am tired. I know that training for a half-iron distance triathlon is supposed to be tiring, but with less than 3 weeks to go I WILL NOT risk burning out or getting injured. The good thing is though, I backed off of my running and cycling for 3 days but actually swam all 3 days. It's my weakest of the 3 events, so I know that I need to be doing it the most. This weekend I have another long ride planned, on top of a few "dress rehearsals"--wearing my +Saucony Tri-top and shorts on the bike, in the pool and on a run. Hopefully my new racing flats come in soon so I can break them in before Musselman.

On Life in General
Working between 2 offices right now has been, interesting to say the least...but FINALLY we have a set move date so that both of the people I work for will be in the same office. Although this eliminates driving between 2 offices, it also eliminates that extra caffeine I would pick up on the way.

Studying has been going awesome, well as awesome as studying can be. I'm really getting comfortable with my Series 7 information and have been doing well on the practice questions(Kaplan has been AMAZING help, FYI). Also studying for my ACE CPT has been a little much on top of everything else going on, but the good thing about that information helps me with training and keeps me interested. So my 7 studying relates to all the work I do each day, and the ACE CPT relates to all of my training and workouts; so at least I can tie this overwhelming amount of information into my daily grind!

There are lots of exciting things going on with our families right now. My Soon-to-be-sister-in-law is a few days past due with her second child, can't wait to meet our new little nephew! Next week John and I will be going to Cape Vincent in the 1000 Islands to vacation with my family for a few days; (read: I will be holding my 3 month old nephew the ENTIRE time). AAAANNNDDDD just because I haven't shared any photos of my sister's little one you go....
I'm not bias, he really is just THAT cute. Little Alden turns 3 months on Tuesday!

What are your thoughts of the removal of Boston Marathon Memorial?

Are you waiting to register for a fall Marathon until you know what registration dates are for Boston? 
(in attempt to try and qualify before it opens)

What are some random things going on in your life right now?


  1. I was a little sad they removed the memorial so soon but I can definitely understand the reasons for doing so. Good for you on listening to your body and giving it the rest it needs! You're going to do great! Hope you have an awesome vacation! Your nephew is precious!!!

  2. So cute.

    I agree and think it was a wise call to back off a little bit. The last thing you need right now (or ever) is to become injured and this is the smartest time to back off. I hope you are able to get some quality workouts in the rest of the week!

    1. At least I now know why I have been tired and sluggish and eating everything in sight all week.

  3. I can't wait to hear the announcement on Monday. I didn't qualify this year and my fall marathon might get scraped because my asthma won't be cleared up in time for me to get enough training in. But I did specifically register for a fall marathon hoping to requalify. The good news is my fiance easily qualified so we already plan on being in Boston!
    Good for you stepping back from training and not over doing it. I've done that many many times.

    1. I think Erie will be good for you to qualify, it is early enough that I think it will be before registration opens! You're going to do awesome, channel all that positive wedding vibes into training too! We already booked our hotel for Boston, so um yeahhhhh fingers crossed!

  4. No the last marathon I would run is Boston just cuz I'm super slow. I'm excited by the prospect of maybe running ANY marathon and, once you have kids, you try to lessen the travel time so it would likely by mid-Atlantic/northeast. I'm having blog drama right now and it is stressing me out for no good reason! #firstworldproblems, as they say, but thanks for asking :)
    Enjoy your fam time! I know I was a super baby hog until I had my own...ok I'm still a baby hog ;)

    1. FYI you are not super slow, you are awesome. Not to be mean and correct you or anything :):)

      Boo to blog drama, what's going on?

      And I totally got to be a baby hog last night, John's sister finally went into labor....another little one in the family! so exciting!

  5. I definitely think they should have waited until the relay finished before removing the memorial. Why couldn't they just wait a couple of more days, seems dumb?

    I know you're nervous about the reg. process for Boston, but seriously, you're going to be fine. Not even a question. :)

    1. It does seem weird they didn't wait until the relay was over, especially considering the relay was for that specific reason.

      Thanks for the confidence in me Kristy!

  6. Good for you for listening to your body. I know it's hard to do sometimes but better to rest for a couple of days than to be out for weeks/months with an injury! I work for Kaplan, so that comment cracked me up :P

  7. There must be something going around... I said no excuses yesterday for doing my long run. But, I got ready, went out the door, ran .5 miles and turned around. Just wasn't feeling it. But next weeks a whole new week... hopefully things go better.

    I would be so excited if registration for Boston opens after the Rochester Marathon. I've just assumed I'll miss registration for this year.

  8. What cute stuff! It's funny...I go way back in triathlon and so last year was the very first year I ever wore an actual tri suit. Prior to that? Always a bathing suit. It actually was just fine, but now that I've worn a tri suit, I know what I was missing! Triathlon shorts

  9. Really awesome post as I am a trainee.I use triathlon shorts in the time of triathlon and feel very comfort.


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