Monday, June 24, 2013

Good, Bad & Yummy 6/21-6/23

Another weekend come and gone like the wind. 

I'll be honest, this weekend wasn't fabulous BUT it ended better than it started so I will take it. General frustrations and emotions got the best of me a few times, which just made everything else seem that much harder. No point in sugar coating it all, but like I said....I snapped out of it and ended the weekend on a much better note.

Friday: Work, Lunch with Mom, more work, and errands. 4 mile run fueled by frustration.
Saturday: Airport 5k, 40 mile ride, dinner with John's family.
Sunday: out the door by 4:30 AM to head to 'Cuse to cheer at Ironman 70.3 Syracuse, time with John relaxing when I got home

The Good
*Great to see my mom for lunch on Friday, much needed!

*Did well at the Airport 5k, closer to my PR! Recap later this week.

*I got a 40 mile ride in, super hot but I did it.
(Also tested out my new +Saucony tri-top and it was perfect fit and comfy!)
*On said 40 mile ride, it was my first time clipping in~ no falls(yet).

*I got LUCKY and didn't lose anything out of my bike pack...after realizing around mile 14 that I had left it open....with my car key, money, license, spare tube, and bike tools. 

*Dinner and quality time with John's family was a lot of fun Saturday night. Good food, good company and good conversations :)

*Cheering at IM 70.3 Cuse was serious inspiration/motivation boost (more on this tomorrow)

*Got to spend the day with good friends yesterday who I don't see often. Was spend the day with Debbie while her hubby, and our other friends were racing. 

*Yesterday was 41 years since Title IX was passed. As some who benefited from this as a HS and college athlete, this makes me happy to see women's sports getting more recognition!

*We bought a juicer! I'm excited to have one in the house now so I can do it more often!

The Bad
*My emotions and frustrations got the best of me this weekend...multiple times. I felt like a toddler having meltdowns. 

*Almost got taken out by a construction truck on my ride Saturday (extremely close), this triggered one of the above meltdowns: It wasn't pretty.

*This heat has been brutal, dehydration, exhaustion and sunburn are all in effect. 

*I think my Garmin Forerunner 405 is on it's last leg. The strap is partially broken, and it barely holds a charge anymore :(

The Yummy
*Friday night I roasted a TON of veggies for the weekend.

*Friday night treat for myself? Adult version of cookies and milk.

*I wish I had taken a photo of Saturday's meal with John's family: BBQ Chicken, shrimp, pasta salad, salad, quinoa, with chocolate covered strawberries and Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Cake for dessert!

*Extreme heat called for ice cream this weekend: multiple times.

*Our first batch of juice from our new juicer was a success, yummy and healthy!

What did you do this weekend?

When was the last time you really let your emotions get the best of you? (We all do it, that is life!)

Do you have a juicer? Any recipes I MUST try?


  1. Emotions have been getting the best of me for the last week and a half.. I am so tired of sitting doing nothing and then scared that I won't be able to get back to working out or running ever. Frustrated tired and sore meltdowns don't take much for waterworks to start.

    Your veggies look really really good! What all was in there and how long did you cook them?

    Bike ride sounds fun glad you didn't lose anything and glad the truck didn't totally take you out. I would have been upset if same thing happened to me.

    Yay for lunch with your mom! Those kind of lunches are always nice.

    1. You'll get back, but YES injuries are emotional and frustrating. Have you been to doctor lately for any updates on the fracture?

      Veggies were yellow and green squash, and cut up bell peppers....I used Wegmans Basting Oil (Oil with thyme, parsley and garlic) and a tad bit of Mrs. Dash. 450 degrees for about 35 minutes, you can play around with time and temp based on how crunchy you like them.

    2. My dr. appt is July 2 so just a few more days and hope that its healed and I can start walking on it again.

      I will have to try those veggies soon!

  2. I've never tried a green juice or anything but I keep wanting to try one at the local whole foods in my area. I think I'm just afraid I hate it and waste money on it, I guess. Or afraid I love it and spend way too much money on them afterwards haha! I DEFINITELY have a meltdown at least once a day since things are rather hard for me to handle emotionally, so if you EVER need to vent feel free to e-mail me. I definitely know how it is to keep frustration bottled up until you explode and with how much complaining I do, I offer 100% availability for a bitch session. I hope things only get better for you, though! At least you didn't lose all of your things on the bike ride! I would be terrified!

    1. My parents have a juicer and they love it so it helped that we knew what we were getting into. They are kind of a pain to clean and it's time consuming doing the prep but I think it is worth it.

      Meltdowns are hard, but they happen. Thanks for offering support, I may take you up on're such a sweetheart! And I totally don't look at your venting as serious have a LOT going on and a lot that would certainly frustrate and upset anyone! I'm always here to chat Lauren!

  3. I'm glad it was an overall productive weekend. I am so proud of you for getting that 40 mile bike ride in despite all the crazy circumstances...I'm looking at you heat and creepy construction clueless person.

    I've been having emotional meltdowns like no tomorrow. I'm happy...I'm sad...I'm up...I'm down. I think it correlates to the weather, but either way I'm glad to have you to chat too.

  4. My garmin is on the fritz too! It barely holds a charge. Not sure if it would even last a marathon at this point and constantly changes screens while running. It's been through a lot so I'm not surprised but still sad to have to replace it :(

    1. My Garmin was beeping low battery in Cleveland (that was the first time I noticed it not working well). Not that I broke speed barriers by any means at the marathon...but It was saying low battery when I still had 3-4 miles to should be able to last longer than 3 hours! It died shortly after the finish....I mean that's less than an hour and half of use.... sad.

      Do you have a 405 as well?

      I really dislike the thought of looking for a new one, I love this thing!

  5. I have a juicer but I haven't used it in a few weeks. I guess I need to put it away instead of on the counter if I'm not gonna use it often. I do like the freshly squeezed juice, I kept buying them at Earth Fare and when I found the juicer at a garage sale, I had to get it. I'll still get my money's worth (not like it was pricey anyway), but it's not something I use every day.

    I've also been crazy emotionally lately. Maybe there's something in this heat that's just making us go berserk with emotions?

    Glad you got the long bike ride in!

    1. I will by NO means use this juicer every day... it's a lot of work so I'm going to do what my parents do and make larger batches like 2 times a week. Do all the prep work at once to cut down on time.... cleaning the juicer is a pain!

      I think you're right, the heat is totally playing mind games on all of us! I hope this isn't a sign that I am going to be a literal hot mess train wreck all summer!

  6. So glad you were ok on the bike girl! Scary! Congrats on clipping in! I've definitely had days where I'm super emotional. It just happens and I try to deal with it. Hope the rest of the week is so much better for you! And..I love your adult version of cookies and milk! ;-)

  7. Recently, I had one of those days. I had a good ugly cry and felt a lot better.

    Yay for productive weekends!!

    1. always takes an ugly cry to make it better, ALWAYS! You should have seen me when I almost got hit by that truck. I was sobbing before I even got to side of road to stop. Looking back it's kind of funny (not the almost getting hit!) I was just so frustrated and emotional and it all came out at once on the side of the road LOL.

  8. meltdowns can come out of nowhere. In my blog post about dirt cheap #3 I left out the part where I had a meltdown. My boyfriend and I were walking the course, and then decided to start running. But two steps in I tripped and fell... I was so frustrated. Not from falling, but about a bunch of other stuff that was going on... that was just the last straw! Thankfully no one else was around. Meltdowns happen and they suck, and they're embarrassing, but they're needed.

    No juicer for me yet - I want one. We just have a blender.

  9. Um, didn't realize they have a 70.3 in Syracuse - not far from me, if I wanted to do a 'branded' one...
    And as for leaving the bike pouch open - well spazz here - been there, done that...

    1. It's a SUPER hilly course in 'Cuse, it was a great race to watch but man there are some hills. When I did my little run while everyone was on the bike I was running on the run course and holy cow hills and no shade from the sun! The bike course is one of the hardest IM 70.3 branded ones I believe!

  10. I had ice cream this weekend too! I also went riding...40K. Felt so good!

    I can't seem to get my running mojo going. Don't know why. My legs are just saying no.

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