Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Plans & Goals 2013

Happy Summer Solstice
Apparently mother nature actually got that memo because it's going to be a scorcher this weekend, bring on the sweat and workout tan lines!

This is so true! Don't focus on getting "bikini ready" or for something specific--make it a lifestyle!
Now that it is officially summer, I wanted to actually sit down and look at what my goals are. I have discussed these with some of you already and have had some good advice on getting through it all and coming out alive and uninjured.

First and foremost, goal is to survive Musselman 70.3 which is in.... oh, ya know...23 days.

I've been training pretty hard, particularly getting more consistent with being in the pool (which is my definite weakness, as we all know). I'm excited for a long bike ride in this weekend, which should be interesting in the heat but it will be good prep in case Musselman is a hot day. I made a big modification to my bike this week...I'm no longer a non-clipper. Erkkkkk, yes I broke down and bought the new shoes, and put clipped pedals on my bike. (Fully expect to see some bruises and bumps on me by the end of the weekend!). As the home stretch towards 70.3 is approaching  I do feel more confident. The power of hard work and positive thinking has been doing wonders for me.

My running goals for the summer are kind of broken up into sections. For the last few weeks, and for the next 3 until Musselman my goal is to build my base back up. I've been having some solid weeks, no crazy mileage but some good consistent running and I am happy with how my body is holding up with everything going on. Once Musselman is over--things are a chchhchhangin, full speed ahead 12 weeks of intense marathon training. My mileage will increase pretty significantly, which is why my base-building the last few weeks has been critical. I have a whole separate post on my plans for during that time, but I'll wait until it's closer. All I can say is...Sub 3:20 or bust!

A side summer running goal is speed: but in the form of using races as workouts. Last weekends 5k, along with 1 tomorrow and a few more throughout the summer will all be speed workouts for me. Races are a great way to be social, get a workout in, and push yourself more than you would solo. One Wineglass is over in the fall, I might put my focus on busting my 2 year old 5k PR that has been taunting me, but we will see!

Strength/Core training: I need to be better about doing these more, including more stretching. I have been making a conscious effort to make the time for it and I know it will pay off in the long run. Even if it's 10 minutes a day, that's 10 more minutes of happy stretched and toned muscles!

Aside from training, summer means a busy time but a fun one!
Wedding planning
Visiting my parent's cottage in the 1000 Islands
Spending time at John's parents on Seneca Lake
Family time with our nephews (2, soon to be 3 of them!)
Possibly a little camping trip with my man
Moving my office (Yay, no more commuting between 2 offices!)
Studying for Series 7
Studying for CPT
Visiting Hollie at some point!

What are your summer training goals?

Any fun summer plans?

Have you ever used races as workouts?


  1. Visiting Hollie is my favorite part of this post...nevermind the rest LOL...just saying.

    First, I didn't put two and two together how quickly the next marathon (wineglass?) would come up after muscle man but I know you'll do great at it (as well as your 5k this weekend).

    I'm glad those new shoes are working well for the biking.

    I've been decent about getting core work in lately...which is shocking but I try and dedicate 15 minutes every other day or so. Stretching...not so much...

  2. I don't use races as workouts so much as I use 5Ks as tempo runs for 10K or half training. I did that a lot with my last 10K and it seemed to really help. I guess I just considered those "B" races bc I trained right up to them (sometimes the day before), etc, instead of taking 1-2 days off or running easy right before them for a day or so. It's very hard to do a race and not go all out at it, though- especially for someone like me who's competitive but still has to work for it (you could easily do a 5K as a tempo run or workout here, and win the 5K. Just by knowing your speed, I can safely say you could. I would get caught up in the quest for a medal and couldn't do it).

    I like your goals though... I think you will be fine at the tri and can't wait to read about it. 3:20 is a really lofty marathon goal but I bet you can do it with your strong base and using the 5Ks as speedwork/workouts basically!

    1. Don't get me wrong-- It's very hard for me to go into a race without "gutting it out" but when I say I run the 5ks as workouts, it's basically saying I'm not shooting for a PR: it's more about the speed and push than the actual time. Usually it results in some PR's or fast times, but I won't beat myself up as much as if it was a goal race. I'm not surprised it has helped you get faster in the past, it's a great way to get speed in a fun way!

      3:20 is lofty, and it scares the crap out of me....but the good news is I am only a minute away from that right now. Part of me wants to set a bigger goal but for now I'll stick to the 3:20 which is more likely to be achieved this fall seeing as I am already close enough to it! Plan is base now, higher mileage come the second half of July, and some solid workouts and longer tempos come late summer! It's gonna be work but I think I can do it!

  3. I don't know a lot about marathon training but it seems like you have things pretty much in the bag. I think it's a good thing you're doing a tri before your next marathon because you're working so many different muscles and pretty much improving your fitness overall. I think you might be surprised with how much you'll be ready to start putting in longer miles thanks to all the cross-training right now. I know when I started doing Pilates, I saw a MAJOR improvement in my running because it worked my core (burned so good) and also got me to stretch. Do you have any Pilates classes at your gym? Even taking one once a week could mayyyybe help you out with stretching because it will seem like less of a "I hate to do this" thing. Yay for camping! I haven't camped since I was a girl scout.

    1. I really need to do pilates more. I have a few DVD's of it I really like but have been lazy about doing them. I know my gym has classes for them but I'm super self conscious with yoga/pilates classes because I am so uncoordinated! Maybe Ill start doing my DVD's again and work my way up to taking classes!

  4. Yea I would take the time off between musselman and the marathon ;) But that's just my lackluster training plan. What training plan are you using for the half? This summer is all about my half - which is at the end, sept 8th. Glad you got the clips! Wonder how fast you're going to get those running shoes on in T2!!

    1. My training for the half has been a mixture of a few different plans I found, and just kind of my own mish-mash. Probably not the smartest plan LOL.

      my T2 is going to be insane...because I know I am going to be thinking "just let me run, just let me run!"

      You are going to do awesome in your half! You have experience in Tri's and that is huge!

  5. My summer plans are all about getting up and running again for marathon training.

    1. You'll get it, no doubt! Have you picked a fall marathon yet?

  6. My summer goal is to run more trail miles. My body likes them better, and the hills are great for speed training.

    I'm sure you'll reach your sub-3:20 goal!

    1. Trail running makes you super strong as a runner, and I have heard that it's better on the body too! Hope the hand...and the foot....are healing up nicely!


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