Monday, June 3, 2013

Good, Bad, Yummy 5/1-5/2

Why is it that Monday always comes so soon?

This weekend was definitely a mix of good, bad and yummy. Since I haven't done one of those posts in a while, no time like the present. 

The Good
Saturday morning had a nice easy run with Jen, great to catch up on each others lives, talk about training, and get some miles in. All-around win.

Drove to Keuka Lake for packet pickup Saturday. It was really sentimental being over there, because that is where John and I will be getting married next year. Then headed to Seneca Lake to stay at his parents house for the night.

Finding out my friend Hollie won a half marathon over the weekend, getting to break the tape and have a bike escort....never ceases to amaze me.

Sunday morning, I FINISHED MY FIRST TRIATHLON...with a smile on my face:) I promise I will do a recap, but I want to take a few days to really let it all sink in. 

My nephew turned 2 months old yesterday! :)

The Bad
On the car ride to Keuka Saturday I noticed little bumps all over the palms of my hands and on my fingers.....It still hasn't gone away even after a weekend of taking Benadryl and putting Cortisone cream on them as suggested by MD. Looks like I'll be calling my dermatologist today. From what I gather it's some form of eczema, or a possible allergic reaction. It isn't contagious or anything, but it's itchy and my hands feel like leather. BOO.

We had a little health scare from a family member this weekend, luckily everything is okay and she was released with a clean bill of health. It definitely made for a Saturday night of being on edge though.

The Yummy
I had Seneca Farms homemade ice cream Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, if you ever make it to Penn Yan, NY make sure you go's amazing.

Last night I went and got FroYo, another fabulous treat. Yes this was a "sweet" weekend, but I'm okay with that sometimes!

How was your weekend?

How did workouts or races go?

Ice cream or FroYo, which do you prefer?


  1. Homemade ice cream. Yummm. Congrats on your first triathlon! I've never done one but maybe someday I will... I have the swimming and the running. I just have to learn the biking.

  2. First of all. I am loving the photo of you running. You just look so happy and excited. I am glad the first tri went so well and you truly deserve that! Congrats on such a seriously baller debut. Baller...haha...

    Anyways you should eat all the ice cream and desserts and only blog about it. Duh.

  3. I agree with Hollie, the photo of you during the Tri makes me smile just looking at how happy you are during the race! Congrats on the race, btw! I can't wait to read the full recap!

  4. Yay, congrats again on your first tri!

  5. can't wait to hear about the tri! 2 weeks ago I got a random rash on my hand and it took a couple days to go away. Still no clue what it was! ~Katie

  6. Congrats on your first tri!!! You look amazing and so strong in that picture!!! Hope the rash on your hands goes away soon!

  7. Congrats on the tri!! The smile means you got that bug ;) Awesome!!
    Sorry about the rash. Was it as hot there as it was here in Philly? I finished my first 65-mile bike charity ride in 92 degrees of heat cramps!!


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