Friday, June 7, 2013

Workouts in Rewind from the week

Happy Friday!

Workouts & things going on this week so far:

Monday: Worked both jobs and did a 4 mile run outside at 9PM (I'm learning to like that time!)

Tuesday: Went to doctor found out about my skin issue and what I can do to help it. At night, John and I went down to Conesus Lake and road the 18.5 miles around on our bikes, then did 15 minutes of open water swimming before having dinner with my friends who live there. I did a 4 mile run when we got home to round out the day :)

Wednesday: National Running day! I did a short and sweet post about running your own life . Saw in an email that my favorite company +Saucony was going to be at MedVed Running Store for a demo and group run so of course I HAD to go. Chatted with Jeff, the Saucony Rep and other runners that were there. Most people tried Kinvara's or Mirages to do the run in, I ran in the Kinvara's I already own (think of it is BYOS: bring your own Saucony's). Had a nice 5 mile run with the group through Pittsford and on the railway trail. I was happy to be mingling with people who run and to be talking to the Saucony Rep. He even showed me the A6 racing flats that don't come out until next year! I'll get the 5's in the mean time but you can bet the 6's are on my radar!

Magic Hat and people in Saucony's, yeah I'm okay with that! Would have been better if it was Guinness, but Magic Hat did the job that night.

Thursday: Worked/Packed the office all day, while it was pouring rain and flooding outside. Was originally planning on doing the McMullen Mile race, but I couldn't justify spending $20 for a one mile race that I knew I couldn't do at full speed right now. So I opted for a home workout so I could do laundry and other things at the same time. 20 minute warm-up on the bike, 30 minutes running on the treadmill and 15 minutes of body-weight exercises.
Wore my new ZeeBee Threads tank top that I won over on Annette's page, btw if you haven't checked out her blog, you need to. I really like this tank top, it's super soft and comfortable for any workout! It is the Bamboo Performance racer back tank, you can bet this wont be the only one that I own. Like I said, my workout last night was bike/run/strength training and I had it on for all 3 and had no chaffing or bunching or sweat issues!
Apparently I didn't want to match last, black, pink and purple! At least I was wearing matching socks, that really doesn't happen often!
Friday: oh hey, that's today! Seriously where did this week go? Today is busy with work and getting ready to be gone. I am headed to PA for the weekend with John's family which will be fun, we come back Sunday night. I will be home Monday and then leave for the rest of the week to Iowa for work (expect a post next week on how I prepared for this trip, hunting down gyms etc.!). Therefore I have a lot of laundry and packing that needs to be done for both trips! I am planning a longer run later today as well as some cycling and strength-training. I am not sure if I will be able to do anything tomorrow so I wanna get some extra in today!

What are your plans for the weekend?

What did you do on National Running Day?


  1. I wish I had been able to my areas running shenanigans for national running day. You are right though, this week has just been a big old blur. I can't really say I did too much productive...I mean went to work...came home...slept. I guess it counts.

    Are you running in the 5 racing flats now?

    1. Not yet, I need to order them. I need to get rid of my smelly old Nike flats. I'm pumped for the A5 flats from Saucony though, I'll be able to wear them 5k-13.1 distances (and maybe wineglass, we will see) which should shave some time off for sure. My kinvara's aren't heavy but the flats are even lighter

  2. I did get a little run in on National Running day. It was the perfect way to celebrate. I love Saucony's. that run looks so fun!

    1. It definitely was fun, and no better way to celebrate NRD than by running! Hope the new little one is doing well!

  3. Good for you for packing early! I'd be scrambling around last minute trying to throw things in a suitcase. Of course, I would be scouting out restaurants, bakeries, and gyms though first! Priorities. Lol.

    I don't mean to ne a cliché blogger, but you are so FREAKING cute. Your smile is contagious! lol I sound so creepy. Ahh well!

    1. Lets be clear... Laundry is not quite done, and I leave tonight and haven't packed yet! But I WILL TRY and pack for my business trip on Sunday when we come back even though I don't leave until Tuesday morning!

      And you are not a creepy blogger...hahah!! I think that all the time with you and Elmo, so cute! :) Hope that doctors appointment went well!!!

  4. Oh my gosh 5 million gold stars to you for running at 9pm! I am seriously impressed by this. I have such a hard time running in the afternoon, much less at night.

  5. Running at 9 pm? I can't even fathom that since I'm dead to the world at that time. Give me 4 a.m. any day!

  6. I love evening runs..i really do :) sometime so nice about ending my day on a good note :)

  7. I ran to catch my plane on Wednesday!

    No plans this weekend...just going with the flow :)

    Hope you're having a good day!


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