Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bike rides & babies

Happy Thursday!
Officially over the hump for the week...maybe?
I feel like the 2nd half of the week is always busier for me!

Tuesday night went for a bike ride around Conesus Lake,
which is in my hometown. 
I have run around this lake many times for training, 
but it's a great ride too, mild rolling hills & great views!
18.5 miles in the 70 degree sunshine, I was happy girl.
Start/Finish at one of the parks on the water
Post ride happy girl!

I was happy girl after the ride,
then went to stay at my parents for the night.
Then my dad was looking at my bike,
and pointed out I had a flat.
Must have happened at the end because I didn't notice.
I figured I needed to just change the tube,
until I found a sharp rock had punctured my tire too.
I was less than pleased to see this.
New tube and new tire....$$$
Oh well, at least it didn't happen during a race.
 Made some dinner at my parents that night:
Spinach salad with Sauteed garlic zuchini, mandarin oranges and feta :)
No dressing necessary!

I had the day off yesterday, 
no work
no emails
no phone calls
no blogging
no scheduling...
Was up early and on the road by 7 with my mom...

All for a VERY good reason.
[Just a heads up, there are going to be LOTS of baby pictures today]

I spent my day with this little man:
My nephew Alden Alexander <3 
 My mom and I drove to Elmira for the day
 to hang out with my sister and her little man.
Hung out at the house, went to lunch and relaxed some more!

Kept myself occupied playing Risk while he slept on me....
My little peanut :)

I spent the day snuggling with him,
playing tummy time with him,
changing him,
helping feed him...
and taking lots of pictures of him.
Pure innocence 

Okay, I know I know, lots of baby pictures.
I love my little nephew,
my sister is lucky to get all her time with him, 
(and I am lucky I get to sleep more than she does).


Well 5 is down to 4, which means....
I FINALLY have my space for my stuff!!!
Last night I got home, and spackled some holes.
No Hollie, not hoes, HOLES (in the wall).

(btw. that conversation totally made my morning.)
I am redoing one of the rooms in the house.
It needed some SERIOUS cleaning.
John was also seriously impressed with my spackeling skills.
No more swiss cheese walls!
Can't wait to paint & decorate this weekend!
Once I get the room painted and redone this weekend, 
Laura-cave/office/guest room will be all ready!!! :)

Today started off right...
Therapy & Starbucks.
(really doesn't get much better.)

Working all day
then home to run,
then dinner with John, our friend and her daughter:)
And tonight...
IRONMAN 3 premier with the boys!

It's going to be a good day :)
Oh & today Alden is 1 month!
Happy day to my little nephew!

What have you been up to last few days??

Have you ever punctured your road bike tire so bad that you needed to replace it (and not just the tube)?

And for road bike riders...Do you think it's worth it to go to a higher priced tire (that claim to be more durable)?


  1. Sounds like you had a awesome day off and was much needed with as busy as you have been! Your nephew is super cute!

    1. It was a great day all around.. rest and my handsome little man!

  2. Even though you had a lot of important stuff happening today(meeting your nephew, going for a ride,etc) i still can't get my eyes off that salad. That looks yummy.
    p.s. I just came back from the pool so that was the wrong time to read a blog that has food pictures :)

    1. I love making salads with random stuff on them. OH boy... every time I swim I get more of an appetite than any other workout!

  3. Aren't nephews the best! I got to babysit mine for a bit last night (he's 2.5 months) and it was awesome!!

    1. It's amazing, I still can't wrap my head around the fact that my sister has a baby...but I love it!

  4. Awww your little nephew is soooo cute!!! I would have loved snuggling with him all day too!

  5. What a cutie! New baby smell is the best. And I'm not talking about their poopy diapers either! ;)

  6. My boyfriend notices my flats ... not me. He always changes them lol

    Love how you had your day off! Your nephew is TOOO CUTE!

  7. That salad looks delicious! I'm definitely going to have to make it!


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