Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's up Wednesday 5/8

Thank goodness it's Wednesday...only a few more days till the weekend! 
This weekend is going to be so much fun!
[shenanagins with Hollie]

What's up with Marathon training?
Crappy Good old taper time.
Did you see my Acronym for TAPER yesterday? 
Well you should because Emily Blunt made a guest appearance.
Physically I feel...OK right now.
Calves are sore, but I'm stretching them a lot, 
and basically living in compression socks.
That is actually one of my goals right now, stretch more.
I'm horrible about it... I was super proud last night though...
I stretched on the stairs after my run last night forever for 10-15 minutes, AND stretched for 20 minutes later on. My muscles are thanking me for it today.
What else is going on with marathon training? WEATHER CHECKING.
I'm still outside the 10 day weather report but doesn't mean I can't stalk Cleveland.
Still 2 days out from marathon day (May 19th) showing up.
Personally, if it is going to be anything over 65-70 I want a little mist or rain.
I'm not acclimating to the heat well this year, so I really don't want a hot race day.
What's up with Triathlon training?
Short story: I've been slacking on it, but I AM getting in the pool today.
Mentally I just need the marathon to be done,
so I can put 100% focus on tri-stuff.

What's up with my nutrition?
I've been obsessed with salads lately.
And nachos with fresh salsa.
Hell, I have even been adding fresh salsa to my salads.

What's up with Work?
Still doing both jobs but have been doing much less at the restaurant.
2 days of doubles this week. BOO.
As for my Series 7 studying, its going well.
I'm really getting the hang of it and that makes me happy.
There is a TON of material but I've been working hard at it. 
I'll be registering for my exam and hopefully be taking it by the end of the summer.
Good news is I passed my background check 
No drug background, no DUI's, no felony charges and no misdemeanor convictions.
Biggest thing they look for is fraud background
(Lie about it, and you'll get barred by the N.Y.S.E. funny how that works?ha.)

What's up with my ACE education?
This has had to take a back seat to my studying for Series 7 stuff, BUT I have been reading the material and working through it just not as much as I would like right now.

What's up with Wedding plans?
We are pretty sure we found the reception venue we want.
I love love love it :) 
Just waiting to see finalized pricing.
Small world, also found out someone I know well works there, and has major pull.
He has a TON of connections which can help us get more of what we want, 
without breaking the bank!
This is what the place will look like in the fall (our wedding is Fall of next year)
It's on Keuka Lake. The Ceremony will also be on the lake, but at Garrett Chapel.
What's up with my adorable nephew?
His head is what's up.
This little man is already amazingly strong.
Pretty sure he has been doing Pee-wee-90x 

What's up with your life right now?
Anything new and exciting?


  1. AHHH. That is awesome to hear that you know someone with connections there. I hope you get a really good price.

    I've actually been really obsessed with salads lately as well. Maybe it's something in the upstate NY water. Yours look amazing. I was seriously drooling last night when you posted it.

  2. You're doing great Laura! Tapering sucks but it's important. Hang in there! I love how you recap all the little bits of your life in this post! :-)

  3. I HATE tapering, but know I should and I am the worst about stretching so I am glad to see you are doing so well with it.
    Your nephew is so amazingly adorable.

  4. Ahh on one of my good friends from high school went to Keuka college! Her pictures were always so nice there so i bet that is a GORGEOUS venue! :) My ceremony and reception with be by a lake too so I'm excited :)

    1. Wedding planning is so much more exciting when you actually start to picture it isn't it??

  5. Your marathon is on my 5 year marathon-anniversary, and is the actual marathon I ran, that started it all. It'll always hold a special place in my heart. I was going to run it this year, but decided to do the Flying Pig instead, since I'd never ran it before. It was still in OH and in May.

    Lots of luck to you!

    1. Thanks, hopefully I have a good day so it can hold a place in my heart too :) Because if I have a bad race, that place totally gets under my skin for a long time. I hold grudges lol

  6. Ooh, I love the Finger Lakes area. What a great place to have a wedding!!! Beautiful!

    1. I feel like I often take for granted the beautiful area that I grew up in which is why I am excited to have the wedding in the finger lakes!


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