Thursday, May 9, 2013


As a runner/athlete I have tried MANY different forms of fuel over the years.
You name it, I have probably tried it.
Gels, blocks, beans, juices, all of it. 
Some worked, and some didn't.

I can't say I didn't have success with some of these, 
but I can say I didn't have CONSISTENT success. 

I would find something that worked well,
but sometimes gave me horrible side effects.
(We have ALL seen that uber embarassing photo of the runner who...
had some digestive issues in a race.)
2 years ago I actually ran my first marathon with no fuel
(except on course water/electrolyte fluid) 
because I was so afraid of bad side effects of the gels I had been using.

I also found some fuels that didn't have the side effects, 
but didn't give me the boost I was looking for with my energy.

This left me looking for something more natural,
 that could give me the boost; without the 'issues'.

Here's where ENERGYbits come in.
I was given the chance to try these, and was beyond excited!

Quick Facts about ENERGYbits
-All Natural made from 100% Spirulina Algae 
-They're grown & harvested: not made in a lab and over processed
-It's NOT a supplement its FOOD.
-There is only ONE ingredient (algae), can't say that about gels, blocks and beans!
-Highest concentration of protein in one little serving
-Improve mental & physical energy/endurance
-Over 40 nutrients (and only one calorie) per 'bit' 
Look at all those nutrients!!! 
Over the last few weeks I have used ENERGYbits multiple times 
I wanted to make sure I really tested them before I did a review.
I used them before short runs and long, and even during some races.
I also used them in some non-athletic situations to see if they made any difference.
I'll be the first one to say I was skeptical at first.
How can something with so few calories really make that much of a difference?

Some things I noticed while trying bits...
-Increase in energy level: without side effects or a crash later

-You can chew OR swallow them.
 If you chew them your mouth will turn green until you drink some water.
I preferred to swallow them like pills to avoid green mouth, 
and because it's just easier.
Swallowing without chewing also avoids the taste, 
algae is an acquired taste for sure.

-I mixed them in my Greek yogurt a few times 
 (like your mom hiding medicine in your applesauce...only WAY better)
Great way to start the morning, with a little boost, 
or for protein recovery after a workout!

-I need to find an efficient way to take them DURING a workout. 
Very easy before hand, just pour them in your hand and swallow with a bunch of water, kind of hard to handle a bunch of them while running though (maybe that is just my lack of coordination?)
Convenient tin shown with actual bits.
-The handy little tin, fits just about anywhere. 
Super easy to throw in my purse, or gym bag or wherever!

-Drink lot's of water with bits, for many reasons 
but this is good because it helps you stay hydrated and get the energy you need!

I've told you before how much I have going on in my life. 
Working 2 jobs, 
training for marathons and a Half-Ironman,
Studying for my Series 7 exam (for my main job),
Planning our wedding 
Trying to live my life!!
ENERGYbits have helped me in so many ways: 
from pre/post workout fuel,
to helping me stay focused while studying
(I'm horrible at focusing!!)
and even just a good boost in the morning before a long day.
With so much going on,
it's nice to have a fuel/nutrient source I can count on!

-Energy without side effects or a crash
-Beyond healthy, low calorie & high in nutrients...can't beat it.
-Tin is small and fits just about anywhere.
-Kick in quickly: this can be key when you need them right before a workout, 
or when fatigue sets in quick.
-Eat them however you want, swallow like a pill, mix in with food, chew like candy!
-Smaller company with great customer service out of Boston, MA
-100% organic and all natural!

-A little difficult to eat mid-run (again, this might just be me!)
-Green mouth if you chew..but this can be solved easily by drinking water right after, 
or just swallow them without chewing!
-Price is a little more per serving than I'd spend on some other fuels, 
but I think it's worth it for something that is all natural and more healthy than traditional fuels.

Large Bag with Travel TinBits are sold in bulk: a bag of 1000 to be exact.
Price: $115.00 per bag
YES that sounds like a lot, but let's break that down....
$115/1000= roughly $0.11/bit
Recommended serving before activity is 30 bits.
30 bits x $0.11/bit = $3.30

Here's the thing though, how much are you paying for protein bars or other fuels? Bars,Gels and blocks can be anywhere from $1-4 each. So why not spend a little over $3 and get something NATURAL that has more nutrients than most of those other choices?

Wanna know something amazing?
If you use the code BOSTONSTRONG in coupon box at checkout...
ENERGYbits will give you a 10% discount ($11.50/bag!)
BUT there is MORE...when you do that...

ENERGYbits will donate $26.20 
to the ONE FUND for Boston.
This is their way of helping athletes
From ENERGYbits website

Wanna know how serious I am about these little things?
ENERGYbits will be my fuel
 for the Cleveland Marathon on May 19th.
I've told you the last few days, taper has started to get to me.
with so much going on and taper madness setting in, 
it's nice to know that I have my fuel decided
and it's something natural that I can count on.
Now just need to order some more and get them here before next weekend!

Have you ever tried ENERGYbits?

How much, on average do you spend per serving 
of your favorite fuel?

Disclaimer: I was given ENERGYbits to try for free, but all opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Wow...I'm surprised you liked them. I was sent a sample to try and they made me sick to my stomach just smelling them. I tried them once and agree, they were very hard to take mid-run...I dropped a few and then I almost chocked trying to swallow pills mid-run. I really couldn't get beyond the smell though...not to mention the was like sucking down seaweed! Glad you found something that works for you though!

    1. I was VERY nervous about smell/taste but since I just swallowed them quick (literally throw a few in and swallow with gatorade/water quick) and I was okay. I don't think I'll ever chew them. As for the midrun stuff I am working on it. But the biggest thing for me is taking a bunch of them BEFORE and that helped the most.

      My Fiance got some algae stuff one time and it was a liquid-ish thing and it smelled way worse. I like that the bits are small and compressed so you don't get it nearly as bad.

      I wasn't sure if they would work for me, but they seem to sit well in my stomach which is the biggest thing. And I love that there is only 1 ingredient.

  2. I can't tell if my comment went through so I'll just comment again. I really like the taste of algae (but I also like the taste of seaweed too).

    I'm glad you have found something works well for you thus far. Hopefully it will keep working well.

    I haven't done a lot of long runs and don't exactly have an exact gel, or fuel I take during runs. I really want to get better at it but I don't even know where to start. It will be something I'd work on if I start to marathon train. ;)

  3. I've tried energy bits..they really help! I only swallowed them and did it before a run...but they really gave me energy! My issue was the mid-run thing too. That's when I tried Huma's all natural and made with chia seeds. I LOVE it!

  4. I had to swallow them whole. I couldn't bear to chew them.

    1. No chewing them for me. Swallowed like pills or mixed in my yogurt and swallowed. No chewing, no green teeth!

  5. have me intrigued, because I am experimenting a lot with fuel these days...and I've noticed that natural ingredients are treating me better. But I always thought i needed the quick carbs like Gu and also, of course, caffeine. How can it just be protein? Intrigued, but $100 to just 'try it' is a big risk! I usually spend I guess less than $1/Gu, and I use Gu's on my longer workouts and races, so only 3-5 per week. But don't ask me how much I spend on Coconut water...


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