Friday, May 3, 2013

The Runners 'normal'

There was that one time I informed you that no one who works in the resturant bizzzz get's excited about Friday...

I'd like to retract that statement, at least for myself. 

I've cut back my hours at the restaurant lately, 
between the office, training, studying, and life....
there just wasn't enough time. 
Much easier to justify now that my 'job' at the office, 
turned into a money maker career.
What does this mean?
I don't have to spend every Friday working 16-20 hours. 
The 27 Stages Of Getting Addicted To A Television Show

I occasionally work a Friday if they need me to,
if I don't have something going on that weekend.
But lets be real, its flippin' race season.
Nobody has time for extra work during race season.

Somehow I managed to finagle getting tonight off, 
even though I don't have a race or anything this weekend. 
hold the mother flippin' phone...
No work (except during the day today), 
and no traveling or racing??

A normal weekend??!!?!?!
And then it hit me...
What do normal people do on a weekend?
mow the lawn?
clean the house?
maybe go grab dinner?
grocery shop?
watch cartoons?


Here's what my normal weekend is going to look like
roughly 40+ miles of running in 3 days
add in a bike ride or 2 [assuming I get my tire fixed today]
Swimming laps at least once 
Remodeling/painting the guestroom/my office (so excited!)
Drinks with friends tonight who are in town from VT(yes!)
Spending roughly 2 combined hours stretching/foam rolling
Runner shopping (it's like grocery shopping, but more carbs & epsom salts)
Possibly going to Imagine RIT with the H2B, his sister, her man and our nephew
Going to watch a kiddo's triathlon to cheer on friends daughter
Most likely work on some wedding planning...

I guess this is normal?

Okay, I get it...
normal for me...
is not so normal.

I'm actually really excited for this weekend.
No time schedule on when I need to do things.
Can do what I want, when I want.
Can bum in crappy clothes while painting/remodeling
(and not feel guilty)
Can enjoy a drink tonight with friends, instead of serving drinks.
Can spend time with my man :)
I think this is what the doctor ordered.

Oh, by the way...
Last night we went and saw the premier of
with this leading stud:

I thought it was a great movie, 
actually my favorite of the IM movies.
Lots of action, and fighting, 
and RDJ looking fierce.

What do you deem a "normal" weekend?

As runners, do we have our own sense of 'normal'?

Anyone racing or running long this weekend?


  1. Yay for you having a schedule free weekend!!!! Hope you enjoy it!!! I work most of the weekend this weekend wasn't on the schedule to work but I am to nice or a push over or something because I am working for a friend on Saturday and then covering for another person Sunday morning.

  2. I feel this way too about this weekend. No racing, no commitments, just homework and running however much I feel like. It's really nice to have those random weekends although sometimes I do kind of miss the constant on-the-go feeling. Runner problems... there are so many ways our view of "normal" is skewed by running. Not in a bad way at all necessarily, just different. Enjoy your weekend of freedom!

  3. Sounds like an optimal weekend to me really. I'm glad you took some Friday's off, ain't nobody got time for that. I think for you and I that is a normal weekend...I don't what people do that don't have any time consuming hobbies you know?

    Next weekend is going to be awesome. I can't wait.

    1. I feel like people who don't have time consuming healthy hobbies are the ones that have very unhealthy ones.

      Beyond ready for next weekend!

  4. Enjoy your weekend girl! You deserve it! My boys LOVE Iron Man and are dying to see the 3rd movie! Do you think it is appropriate for a 5 and 7 year old???

    1. I don't think it's any worse than the first 2 violence wise. Lots of fighting, action and things blowing up.

  5. Have a fabulous weekend! I love those weekends where there is nothing planned other than those things that just come up! We all need a little break sometimes to just be and go with the flow!

    Have fun!

  6. Sounds like a normal weekend to me. ;o) Hope you enjoyed it! I haven't had "normal" in four weeks due to running three races and working two races. I can't wait for next weekend and normal LOL.


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