Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cleveland Marathon Weekend in Pictures

Marathon is almost here, less than 11 hours from now I'll be at the start line...cray cray.

Instead of a boring wordy recap of things going on since we left for Cleveland yesterday....

Photo Recap with a few blurbs :)

ready to hit the road!

Of course these made the trip with the 5 of us...
if you remember it was the official fuel of our Seneca 7 team!

Finally can see the city skyline ahead...
The last 4 miles of the marathon are straight and this is all we will see....oh boy!

The large beer list at the Winking Lizard from dinner Friday,
I went with Guinness because I know it sits just fine in my stomach before a race.

We watched this cool car try and go down one way street

Then realized it was the CRUELLA DEVILLE car!!

Salmon, garlic bread and mac&cheese :)
Food Guinness was the best.

Walking home from Dinner...

Our hotel is right next to Progressive Field,where the Cleveland Indians won Friday night!

Fireworks outside our hotel window....
We always seem to get lucky and able to see fireworks from out hotels,
this happened when we went to Niagara Falls too.

Ran to Cleveland Browns Stadium this morning to check out start/finish areas

 We watched some of the final people straggle in from the 5k.

IX center for the expo

got my bib #1486!! 

Westside Public Market

Inside public market, lots of vendors and yummy foods, I would go here all the time if I lived in Cleveland.

Katie and I decided to get crepes while the boys mosied around.
We each got 2, 1 sweet and 1 savory.
For my  sweet I got one with PB, banana, and dark chocolate!
Savory was Ham, asparagus and brie....

After the market we went to the movies to sit and relax...
Movie was pretty good, Chris Pine was handsome as always.

Relaxing in the hotel this afternoon with my Aspaeris Pivot Shorts, and my Zensah  compression sleeves:
weather checking, playlist making and watching the Preakness. 

Classy Dinner of fabulous loaded Quesedilla (Tomatoes, chicken, squash, peppers and a bunch of other stuff)
And my glass of red wine to help me sleep!

Overall it's been a good weekend so far, 
my nerves are getting to me.....but that's normal.
I've had overwhelming support from family and friends and hope I can make everyone proud!

It definitely helped doing video chat with my parents and my sister and the baby.... So freaking cute.
And we also face time with our friends Corey, Marie and their 2 year old daughter....having a 2 year old dance for you while you catch up with friends is a good way to help you relax!

Also got an email tonight from our friend Amy with this...
Add caption

 Beyond true! 

Time to have fun tomorrow!
Good luck to all who are racing!


  1. Good luck!!! I love crepes. I had my first one while I was at a teaching conference in Philly and immediately fell in love. The view from your hotel is gorgeous and what a lucky girl to see fireworks! Awesome! I really hope the marathon goes well for you <3 Strong legs and mind wishes to you!!!

  2. Good luck!!! Looking forward to reading your race recap and hearing how it goes!


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