Friday, May 17, 2013

The End is Near

I can't believe it's Friday already...
Taper is FINALLY almost over!

In case you missed my 2 dedication posts to the taper....

Yesterday was a good day, got a lot accomplished at work and then had time to run a few errands before heading to Syracuse. Spent the evening at dinner with Hollie and her dad at Empire Brewing Company Restaurant in downtown Syracuse. Let me tell you, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree, it's 100% obvious where Hollie got her awesomeness. We had a yummy meal (served with their Black Magic Stout, which will be one of my favorite beers besides Guinness from now on), and talked lots of running (her dad is a runner too).
Dessert was The Black Magic Stout (yes the beer I drank) sundae! It was beer ice cream, with pretzels,chocolate and whipped cream and lots of yumminess. I could feel my ass getting bigger with each bite, but it was 100% worth it.

It was a bittersweet evening though. It was great to kick off marathon weekend spending time with them, but it was sad knowing this was her last night in NY. Word's cant describe how much I am going to miss this girl. I have had lot of "friends" over the years, but can truly call Hollie one of my best friends. So the good thing is, even though she is moving I KNOW we will keep in touch and see each other often.

I don't know where I would have been without this girl the last few months...

I'd also like to point out that Hollie took advantage of my taper emotions and made me cry.
She gave me a package and told me to open it when she wasn't around (probably good or we BOTH would have been sobbing idiots crying women.) gift card for marathon music, starbucks mug (she knows my addiction), and lots of protein and fuel for recovery...all with a note...yeah that note made me cry.
Hollie--I will get you back for that. KARMA :)
Today is a day of packing, traveling, 
and preparing myself for the weekend to come.

262 miles from my house to the hotel in Cleveland (is that a sign?)

13.1 miles from our hotel to the expo (weird, I know)

and Sunday 26.2 miles from start to finish

and of course the 262 miles home.

Finally packed and ready to roll.... 
Less than 2 days from now I will have finished Marathon #5!!!
:):) Another state down!

I'll update my twitter constantly. 
Mainly to try and stay sane and vent on the road trip.
5 people....1 car....
bring on the madness!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Good luck to all who are racing!


  1. Have a great weekend can't wait to hear your race recap!

    Your ice cream sudnae looked pretty darn good!

  2. It's so soooooon! Aww, I hate to love gifts which make me cry. They're so cute but heartbreaking at the same time. I'm sure you'll make time to see each other now and then. Plus, blogging is a big help with keeping in touch :o). I haven't tried those Quest PB Cups yet, so I am jealous. I need to find them somewheeeere. Friend and daddy dates <3 Lol

  3. I can't wait to hear about your marathon! Good luck this weekend, I know you're going to rock it. I'd consider the ice cream fuel to make you faster :)

  4. Good Luck!! Looks like a fun course. Can't wait to hear how it goes - you got this!


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