Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pink Ribbon Run 5k

Ohhh Tuesday of Taper Week... I am surviving...

As I said yesterday it was a great weekend
here's the 5k recap I promised y'all.

This was the Pink Ribbon Run 5k, put on by the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester (BCCR). The race had been put on for over 10 years now. I ran this race in 2010 &2011 and it became one of my favorites. It's an all women's race (there is a walk that men/women can both do) where over 3000 people came for both events (a little over 1000 did the run). Out of all the races I missed last year due to my broken foot, this was the hardest to not be there for.

Needless to say I was happy to be able to be there this year, supporting a great cause and spending the morning with thousands of women dressed in pink. This year was a new location though, where it used to be out by Lake Ontario Beach park, the race had outgrown it and needed to be moved to Genesee Valley Park. I was happy to hear the race is growing every year, but wasn't so happy about the move to different park. The new course meant TONS of hairpin turns, so I wasn't planning on breaking any records. Good news is, you don't go into a 5k the weekend before a marathon planning to throw down some all-out speed.
Let's play a game of red light/green light. This was how the race went.
Speed up slow down stop for sharp turn...repeat.

Warmed up for the race with Hollie & Heather, chatting and fighting with the cold and wind. Finally it was time to start. My legs felt decent (much better than the day before when I bailed halfway through my run), but my lungs were not liking the speed thing mixed with the cold wind thing.

Heather, myself and Hollie at the start...
2 seconds later Hollie and I stripped some layers down...
isn't a race without stripping at the start line. Okay, Moving on.

I settled into a quick but not "guns-blazing" pace. Then I had a freak out moment for a good solid 2 minutes..."I have to do this for 26.2 miles next weekend..."
And then I realized "hahaha oh yeah, I don't have to run this fast next weekend. whew"
We will file that under "taper freak out moment".

Mile 2 was my slowest, as it pretty much always is for 5k's and cruised in last mile with a negative split. Finished strong, didn't have anyone in sight for last little while which made it harder to push. Finished in 19:48, sub-20 so no complaints. Hollie finished 5th and I was 6th..she was 40 seconds ahead of me so it wasn't like I had a chance at that one. I found her quick at finish and we turned to go watch for Heather thinking we had more time, and BAM there she was...throwing down a 20 second PR for herself! 

We hung out by the finish for a little while, and was approached by a young girl asking us if we were in high school like she was. I'm 25...and that's flattering and all but..NO.

Me, Heather & Hollie

After waiting for awards, the 3 of us hit Starbucks and had fun running/girl chat.
Fabulous ladies these runners are I tell ya.

Official Stats
Time 19:48 (6:23 avg. pace)
Overall Place 6th/1040
AG Place 2nd

Overall I was happy with my time, I didn't race all out since I'm "tapering" so I know it could have been faster on a better course and had I been actually pushing the pace to race. More than anything it made me excited to get into some speed work this summer. After the marathon this coming weekend, my focus will be on Musselman 70.3 triathlon in July. But I definitely plan on running some shorter races this summer so it's time to get back to the track! I'd really like to see my time for the 5k go sub-19. My PR right now is a little over 19 and I feel like if I get my workouts in and train properly sub-19 will be mine soon enough. I remember 2 years ago desperately chasing sub 20, and it gave me awesome motivation to keep working so I know that if I keep sub-19 in sight I'll work hard to get it!

T-minus 4.5 days until Cleveland Marathon.
Let Taper madness continue.


  1. i'd chalk that up as a win for a 5k! not only are you in your taper but you've been training distance-congrats lady! can't wait to hear how the marathon goes :)

  2. It's so funny to read recaps at races you are actually at. Moving on, you did really well for all that is going on right now and I'm really confident if you worked towards 5ks (and not all the other badass things you are currently doing) then you'd see a sub 19. It was obviously a great time hanging out with you!

  3. Congrats on a great race! Your taper freakout moment made me laugh. Happens to me all the time!!

    1. Taper freak out moments are frequent for me. Never gets better, but at least I can laugh about them...AFTER they happen!

  4. Congrats on an awesome race! I can't even imagine running that fast! You're amazing!

    1. Thanks Mindy! It wasn't about how fast, it was about crossing the finish line for a great cause!

  5. Nice job - Jealous of your time and you weren't even going all out! My goal is to break 20 min one of these days... I had a rough race Sunday though. I totally didn't expect to hear your name called during awards - I was like... that sounds familiar. Nice racing with you :)

    -Laura R

    1. You can TOTALLY break 20 (just try not to run a marathon right before lol...)Either way though, you will get there! You're doing awesome things with all your long races and trail races and it WILL pay off in the shorter races too!


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