Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tri-ing & Mixing Things Up

My week of Marathon recovery is over, and it feels good to be getting back into the swing of things this week. By the swing of things I mean preparing for my first triathlon which is, oh lets just say 4 days away. But I guess that is besides the point since I have so many things coming up to prepare for. 

 Last week I shared that I might change up my triathlon schedule. Well, I made the decision to keep this weekend's Triathlon at Keuka Lake on the schedule, BUT I did drop down to the sprint distance from the Olympic. I think it was a really smart move on my part. It's not that I am not recovered (In fact I think I recovered from this marathon better than any of the others I have done), it's not that I don't think I am physically capable of the Olympic distance, it's simply that mentally I needed to step back a little. This will be my first triathlon, and I want to go into it comfortable and confident and the sprint gives me the best chance of that right now. Well, and having a confident sprint tri might help me not freak out as much that my first 70.3 tri is in less than 7 weeks. (ha.)

I should probably work on this, someone told me they won't let me wear arm floaties in the water, or ride a bike with training wheels, what do they want from me!!! Okay, maybe that's overkill but still.
It's nice that now the marathon is over I can focus more on getting more swim/bike workouts in than I was before being running specific for the marathon. Although, my running will still be pretty dominant as I am working on a secret plan which I will be sharing later this week or early next. Less than 7 weeks to finalize prep for Musselman 70.3, and if I stick to the plan I can make it happen. I made up a plan for the next few weeks to make sure I get to the pool more and get some longer bike rides in. Do I think I am going into 70.3 as best prepared possible, NO but I also don't think I am going in completely unprepared.

Anyways, like I said I have been getting back into things now that recovery week is over :) It feels really good to be sweating again. 

Last few day's workouts:
Sunday: 25 miles riding around on bike as support on marathon course (as much as this wasn't for speed, actually it was a LOT of stop and go it was a good workout. I got more confident stopping and starting quicker and making sharper turns on a whim [being on the marathon course with tons of people and many other cyclists all who were stopping and starting constantly just like me], it was time on my bike and I love that.)

Monday: Went out for a "naked run" [no ipod and no Garmin], wore a regular sport watch for timing and made sure to stay on main roads I knew so I could map distance when I got home. I had no clue how far I was going to go, considered just doing my 4 mile loop, instead played it by year and ended up running 6.22 at a hair over 8' pace. I was content with that, it felt smooth and steady.

Tuesday: Last night I really wanted to mix things up, a little run/bike/weights. 

I really like coming up with workouts and mixing things up. This wasn't anything crazy hard but it was definitely a workout that got me sweaty! I didn't feel like going to the gym so I went in the basement at home where we have a treadmill, a recumbent bike and a plethora of random workout stuff.

"Mini-workouts" (10 minutes total: NO EXCUSES!)
4 minute Kettle bell workout: 1 minute of each- Swings, Russian Twists, Side bends, & Tricep Extensions.
3 minute combo moves workout: 1 minute squats with lateral arm raises, 30 seconds left side lunge with bicep curl, 30 seconds right side lunge with bicep curl, 30 seconds left forward lunge with overhead press, 30 seconds right forward lunge with overhead press
2 minute bum workout: 30 seconds right leg donkey kick backs, 30 seconds left leg donkey kickbacks, 1 minute pelvic bridges
1 minute plank (anyway you want)

 In all  it was 76 minutes worth of a workout and I was sweaty and felt really good at the end. 

Another way I am mixing things up right now: 
I am going streaking!
I'm going to make my minimum mileage 2 miles/day instead of 1. BRING IT ON :) 
Nothing huge, but a nice little streak to start off the summer!

And on another note, my sister sent me this photo last night, Alden looked like he was doing the "Party Rock Anthem" dance after his bath. He's just too darn cute, I can't believe he will be 2 months old soon!

I love circuit workouts, what are your thoughts?

Wanna go 'streaking' with me?

Any tips for a first time triathlete?


  1. I started doing circuit workouts since all of my surgeries and I really like them! They definitely keep you occupied and it always surprises me how long I've been working out at the end. Plus, it's always good to mix things up so you work different muscles! At least rest week is over and you're back to doing your normal things (aside from training for a Tri). Go girl! I wish I could go streaking! ;-)

  2. I HATE having to think - but I love changing things up - so as long as someone ELSE sets up the circuit/plan, I can do it. But I don't do it often.
    You are going to love the tri!! I hope!! The best advice I got as a newbie was to just drink/fuel as much as possible on the bike so you don't waste time in transition.
    And don't try to fight the heavy swimmers at the front - what are you going to win, 1 minute on your time? You'll catch 'em on the run! Swimming is my best discipline. I totally passed my husband even though his wave was five minutes ahead of mine, and of course it was easy for him to make up that time [and then some] on the bike & run.

  3. Why did I think you've already done tris? I guess because you did a duathlon? I'm excited for you... I've only done one sprint tri, and the open water swim was a struggle for me, but I'm trying to muster up the guts to go for another one this summer!

  4. good luck on your tri! i have only done du's cause i just never feel like swimming LOL.

    and I LOVE circuits. They are my favorite ways to mix it up in the gym. I love HIIT style classes at the gym or i make up my own on a whim

  5. I think that your training cycle is only going to improve from mixing it up. The workout you posted looks so badass, I'm sweaty just looking at it bahaha.

    I really do think moving to the sprint was a great idea and you are not only going to excel but do amazing at it.

  6. I want to do my first tri this summer, I just don't know how to make myself not hate the swimming. Any tips? I dread every single swim workout.

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