Monday, May 13, 2013

Good, Bad & Yummy 5/10-5/12

I can't believe it's Monday already, weekends are going by way to fast these days. Actually every day is going by way too fast. After a long fun filled weekend, I head into final week of taper for the Cleveland Marathon. Bring on the list making, stressing, eating, emotions, and everything else in between.

Weekend Workouts
I held the bed down so it wouldn't blow away.
5.21 easy miles (8:51 pace)
2.72 easy miles (w/u & c/d for race)
5k race (19:48)
30 minute recumbent bike (8.1 miles)

This past weekend was a very good one though, definitely a good way to head into home stretch of taper. Friday was kind of a blah day, ended up working half day and laying in bed on a heating pad useless to the world for the rest of the day(ladies, we've all been there.). Thank goodness for Starbucks, heating pads, and fiance's who take you to get FroYo at 9:30 at night. True story.

Saturday I was excited because Hollie was coming to stay with me for the weekend. Got up early, moseying around doing things (still not feeling the best) while I waited for her. When she got to my house, we got ready and ran together for some nice easy miles.

After the run we had a fun day of adventures: Breakfast at Jines(Because the Lox omelette is to die for)Target (because we wanted to, and everyone needs something at Target), Starbucks (because it was cold out, so we needed hot caffeine), Lilac Festival (because it's the best people watching spot in Rochester right now), High Falls (because I've tried to show Hollie all the sights I can in Rochester every time she visits me), and dinner at TRATA (because a tall cold Guinness and yummy food, and even better Guinness cake is the best pre-5k race meal you can eat).

Shenanagins at Lilac Festival with Hollie

Me, Heather & Hollie Post-race
Sunday was another fun filled day.Hollie and I got up early and ran the BCCR Pink Ribbon Run 5k, Heather met us there too which was great to finally meet her in person! I'll do a recap of the race tomorrow :) After the race Hollie, Heather and I went to Starbucks to chat and unwind.

Sunday afternoon was spent stretching, relaxing and laying on the heating pad for a while. Then it was time for Les Mis, something I have been waiting a long time to see! I got to enjoy the show with John, his brother and his girlfriend, our friend and her son, and John's sister and her man. Wonderful way to spend a Sunday night.

Here's an Oldie but Goodie for you...Happy Mother's day Mama :)
I'll always be your baby :)
[ 1990 maybe?]

The Good
At least my crappy-female time came this weekend and not next!
I got to spend a lot of QT with Hollie this weekend!
Got to meet and spend time with Heather :)
Fun filled weekend all around.
A Sub-20 5k again, hopefully under 19 this summer.
Les Mis was amazing, and the guy who played Javert was WAY better than Russell Crowe's rendition in the movie version.

The Bad
Being a girl truly sucks sometimes. END.OF.STORY.
Hollie moves to VA beach next weekend. MEGA.BAD.
Instead of 10 planned miles on Sat. I did 5, not feeling great. Hate bailing on runs.
Taper Madness is setting in. 
Didn't get to see my mom, or John's for Mother's Day. 

The Yummy
Lots of Starbucks all weekend, always Yummy.
Breakfast at Jines- Lox omelette was amazing as always.
Dinner at TRATA:
Heaven in a glass. AKA Guinness.
Duck Quesadilla --Chocolate Guinness cake

Afternoon Sandwich Sunday
Wegmans hand made cheese bread, TJ's lowfat cheddar cheese, spinach, arugala, and tomatoes.
Bring on taper-eating.

 How was your weekend?

What did you do for Mother's Day?


  1. I've found that taper does weird things to my body so I end up feeling like I'm in a lot of pain when it's really just taper messing with me. Hopefully the 5 miles is a sign that next weekend you'll be fully rested and ready to go! Sub-20 is awesome! I'm dying to get back to that place again. That cake looks absolutely to die for. Maybe i need to take a trip to rochester to have some.

  2. True story, your text made me stop everything at work and mosey into the blogging world...or just your blog. ha ha. I think I need to make a trip back to Rochester to try that cake again!

    Honestly, I know this taper will do you wonders and you are going to kick major butt in your marathon. You'll also be able to get your swim on. ;)

    I am really sad that I'm moving (only because I'll pretty much miss our Rochester adventures) but I do know we will obviously keep in contact and vacations will be planned.

    1. VACATION. Must plan soon so I have something to look forward to!

  3. You had a great weekend! Excited to read your recap tomorrow! For Mother's Day, my family took me out for lunch with the in-laws. Fun!

  4. I didn't know there was such thing as 'taper madness'; I'm glad to have a name for it!!
    So you're making that guiness look good, but I'm a yuengling girl myself...
    Glad you listened to your body and have a great week heading into the marathon!! But - your body still does sub-20-5K's so I don't really feel that bad for you.
    And btw - is Cleveland marathon a flat one?? I'm looking for a good first one for a newbie!! :)

    1. Taper madness is a nice term for it to be honest,sometimes I refer to it as hades. LOL.

      This is my first time doing cleveland marathon, but it's supposed to be flat, but I hear the second half is super boring. SO I will let you know what I think afterwards.

  5. I am so happy I got to meet you this weekend! I had a great time with you and Hollie, and hopefully there will be more adventures in the future. (*ahem ahem, WINEGLASS, c'mon Hollie, *ahem ahem)

    Beating the taper crazies is sometimes harder than the marathon itself, but you are going to rock Cleveland. I know it!

    1. Hollie seriously needs to come for wineglass... She could totally win the half and then watch you and I rock the full. Yeah sounds like a plan to me!

      So awesome meeting you, we will have to catch up again in Buffalo!

  6. Phew...that's a lot of Starbucks! ;)

    Can you please send me the Guinness cake and the Sunday sandwich asap? :)

    1. I'd send you some but I ate it all #taperproblems LOL :)

  7. Congrats on another sub-20!! You make it sound so easy. :) Such a fun weekend- and I can't believe the marathon is just about here!

    1. Sub-20 is no joke, this much I know. It took me MANY MANY tries to get there!

  8. Good luck at the marathon. Can't wait to read about it!


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